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27 Best and Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia You Must Visit


Indonesia Beaches – Here are the lists of the best beaches in Indonesia for you to explore and visit (reviews with photos). The luxury of being a tourist is to experience adventures and explorations. Indonesia should be one of the top destinations on your list because it’s known to have beautiful sceneries and landscapes.

Visiting a tropical country, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance visiting the beaches. Indonesia is pretty well known to have breathtaking and magnificent beaches. There are a lot of good and beautiful beaches in Indonesia. It is spread from Sabang until Merauke. That beaches has its own characteristic and really exotic. Let’s see the full review below from Serbi Serbi.

List of the Best and Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

1. Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

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Have you visited Nusa Penida in Bali? If it yes, you will known the good beach called Kelingking beach. This beach is called Kelingking because the shape of the land is similar with the smallest finger in hand as a pinkie finger for promise that in Indonesian is Kelingking.

One of the special and unique in this beach is we can see a cliff formed a T-rex. To reach and taking a picture with the T-rex cliff in kelingking beach, we should go to the restaurant on the top of the hill. The scenery of kelingking beach on the top is really amazing.

2. Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

In Sumba East Nusa Tenggara, there is a wonderful beach combine with the best hotel in the world called Nihiwatu Beach. The beach is nice and one important thing about this beach is the hotel. Once you come to Sumba and find nihiwatu, you will amazed of the beautifulness of the hotel.

Nihiwatu hotel has been awarded by Travel & Leisure Magazine based in USA as the best hotel in the world. What makes it the best in the world? Nihiwatu comes with the luxury that combine with local culture so the Travel+Leisure team magazine has choosen Nihiwatu that is different from the other hotel in the world.

This beach doesn’t only offer its natural beauty, but also a set of facilities that will make you want to stay longer than ever. It has luxurious hotels, surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, and many more. All the good things this beach has to offer make it as the best places to visit in Indonesia.

3. Pink Beach Komodo National Park and Lombok

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Do you believe that there is a pink beach in Indonesia? Actually the pink beach in Indonesia is real and they are located in two different places. The first one is in Komodo National Park and the second one is located in Lombok. In addition to enjoy the beauty of the beach, this pink beach in Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia dive sites. We can do diving here.

You can sun bath on the magical-like pink sand or join the various water sports. The beach has been crowned as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. That reason itself makes this beach as the best beaches in the world.

This beach is the most popular in Asia. Pink beach happened because there is a microorganism called foraminifera wich produce the red pigment in the coral. This pigment is reflected by sun in the afternoon and produced pink colour.

So, it is better to go to to pink beach on dry season between May until october because the sun that set will reflected brightly in dry season to produced pink colour. Both of these pink beaches are inhabited. In Komodo National Park, we must be careful to enjoy in that area because there sometimes Dragon komodo is appear.

4. Ngurtafur or Ngurtavur Beach, Maluku

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One of the best and beautiful beaches in Indonesia is in Maluku. It is called Ngurtafur or Ngurtavur Beach. You can plan the holiday destinations to this beautiful beach. This beach is different from another beach because Ngurtafur Beach seems like cut by the other sea. This is the unique thing from Ngurtafur.

It is happened when there is kind of border made naturally from white sands come along 2 kilometers to the edge of Warbal Island with the sea width approximately 7 meters. We can enjoy walking in the middle of the sea that actually we are only walking on the white sands that divided the beach in the left and right.

5. Madwaer Beach, Maluku

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Madwaer Beach is the furthest beach that can be reached from the city center of Maluku. The road to reach the beach is not too good and so rocky. But at last, when we arrive at the beach we will be paid of the wonderful of madwaer beach.

Even this beach is not famous enough but Madwaer beach has good view of the sea, clean blue sea and also white sands. There is a private beach in Madwaer if you want to walk to the end of island. You can also enjoy the fresh lobster in that private beach directly from the fishermen. That lobster is really delicious.

6. Segara Anakan Beach, Sempu Island, Malang

Segara Anakan Beach is located in Sempu Island, Malang. Some people said that Sagara Anakan is the beach without ocean. This is because Segara Anakan Beach is border by the high cliff around the beach with Hindia ocean, so this beach looks like a lake that has green colour beach.

There is a hollow between the border of cliff because of erosion, there are the seawater come from and formed a beach Segara Anakan. Segara Anakan is one of Indonesia attractions. The white sand is clean and fells soft to step.

7. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach is located about 40 kilometers south of Denpasar. It has breathtaking scenery and keeps on making tourists stay longer just to enjoy it. The beautiful white sand and clear blue water makes the perfect combination of this stunning experience. If you’re a tourist visiting Indonesia, never miss the chance to visit Bali and head straight to this beach.

Nusa Dua Beach is known to be one of most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Nusa Dua Beach offers a lot of exciting experience, starting with the resorts, hotels and shopping. Nusa Dua was meant to be a destination of all-inclusive that can provide everything you need.

8. Plengkung Beach

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Plengkung Beach also known as G-Land is a paradise for surfers. It is located in Banyuwangi Regency of East Java, the southeastern part of Java Island. It not only offers its natural beauty at its best but also the long curving coast line. It’s definitely the best surf spots in Indonesia, if not the best one already.

This beach has been labeled “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” due to its outstanding rolls of waves that can reach up to 6m high. The rolls of waves are legendary as they consist of 7 rolls and they break after 1-2 kilometers. Plengkung Beach is also marked as one of the best places to visit in Asia because of its various kinds of activities and strategic location.

9. Derawan Beach

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Derawan Beach, while this is not exactly a beach because Derawan consist of islands in the province of East Kalimantan, part of Berau Regency. This beach offers you one of the best experiences like you’ve never seen because it has coastal ecosystems that you can see and explore. And you can spot many turtles wandering about its spotless water.

Derawan Beach also offers you a lot of resorts and lodges by the coastline of the islands. For a diverse experience in beach, you will most likely to want a chance to visit Derawan Beach and its islands, for it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

10. Tanjung Bira Beach

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Tanjung Bira Beach will feast and spoil you with its white sands. The beauty of this beach is undoubted because it’s clean, neat and very well managed. Added with its flour-like sand, it’s the perfect and comfortable beach to visit.

The charm of the white sand is the main characteristic and the natural panorama along with the beautiful water, coral hill and coconut trees makes Tanjung Bira a paradise. It’s located in the southern part of Sulawesi Island. You can spend time swimming, diving, snorkeling or just relax and enjoy the wind blowing and scenery this white sand beach has to offer.

11. Kanawa Beach

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Kanawa Beach is a perfect getaway with white sand and incredible underwater life. It offers you the best experience both above and below the surface. Being one of the most amazing Indonesia beach destinations, Kanawa islands and beach offer you a stunning experience as you don’t need to dive to see the lives of lion fish, barracuda, sea turtles, napoleon fish and reef sharks.

It’s basically a new world once you decide to snorkel in the shallow water of the beach. Never miss out the chance to experience a new world while traveling. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of stunning scenery and unique experience, Kanawa Beach is the right destination.

12. Geleang Island Beach, Karimunjawa, Central Java

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Geleang Island that is located in Karimunjava Central Java has a crystal clear beach. It is one of best Indonesian Islands to visit. Geleang island has a coastline that streches with the graduation of white sand, blue sky and crystal clear beach.

How can’t we love this beauty of the beach in Karimunjawa. We can go swimming, do snorkeling and also having seafood culinary enjoying a very fresh grill fish in the beach.

13. Kuta Beach

Among all the best beaches in Bali, Kuta Beach is the most popular one. It gains popularity simply due to its enchanting panorama. More importantly, the beach has easy access to the capital city of Bali. Visitors who come to Bali through Ngurah Rai International Airport will be able to access this beach by walking for about 15 minutes away.

Due to its magnificent natural beauty, Kuta Beach is considered as one of the beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Every day, this beach is packed with tourist from any countries across the world. The amount of tourists visiting this tourist attraction is duplicated during weekends. If you prefer enjoying the beach without any crowded tourists, consider visiting this place outside weekends.

The beautiful panorama offered by Kuta Bali is highly recommended for photography. The sunrise view from this beach is priceless. Even though the beauty of its scenery is exceptional, unfortunately the water is not suitable for swimming. Several surfing courses are available along the beachfront since this place is also part of the best places to surf in Bali.

14. Liang Beach Ambon

Liang beach is one of good beach in Ambon. Loacted in Liang Village, Central Maluku this beautiful beach having good white sands. Some of the facilities are not complete yet, butLiang Beach is always been a foreigner target investors.

Liang beach is not as crowd as Bali or Lombok because people rarely known this beautiful place. In weekend or special holiday, this beach is really crowded. It is better to go to Liang Beach on April – May or September – November because the weather is good.

15. Padang Padang Beach, Bali

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One of Indonesia surf spots is in Padang Padang Beach, Bali. Padang-Padang beach also is the top 10 best beaches in Indonesia. There is a regular event of surf champion and there are so many surfer here because they want to train and share the surf skills with another surfer.

So, if you are a surfing holic you will love Padang Padang Beach for sure. This place also popular when there was “Eat Pray Love” movie starring Julia Robert took this place as their shoot location.

16. Mawun Beach, Lombok

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Mawun beach in Lombok is one of the beautiful places in Indonesia to visit. Not only beautiful, this beach is presented the authenticity value but also the cleanliness. One of the special in this place is the view that is similar with line that separated sky and the beach.

There are two mountains that are flanked the straits that is fill by seawater. The mountains fill with the green tree and very beautiful scenery. Almost of beaches in Lombok presented good blue sea like Mawun Beach.

17. Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Bangka Belitung

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Tanjung Tinggi Beach is located in Bangka Belitung. This beach has been promoted by Laskar Pelangi movie. After being a shooting location, this beach is coming into popular travel destination. Tanjung Tinggi Beach has good beach areas that make a visitor admire this place.

This beach has some giants stone as one of the attraction. We can take a picture while sitting in the giant stone. The white sand and blue sea is one of charming in this place. We will never regret visiting Tanjung Tinggi Beach because of this tremendous vitamin sea.

18. Sawarna Beach, Banten

Some of the tourist said that Sawarna Beach is the hidden paradise that located in Java Island. this is really a charming beach. You can bring your family here to have an interesting vacation in Sawarna. Located in the inland of Banten, Sawarna beach has been promoted as the most 7 beautiful beach in Indonesia by On The Spot.

Sawarna is the name of village in Lebak Banten that directly opposite with the south beach. This beach is one of the surfing place by the tourist. There are some interesting place that we can visit in Sawarna Beach. Some of them are Ciantir Beach, Lalay Cave, and Manuk Island.

19. Indrayanti Beach, Yogyakarta

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Some people visited Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta as top things to do in Indonesia but actually there is something unique than visiting Borobudur temple, it is Indrayanti Beach. This beach at first are called Pulang Syawal Beach, because it is hard to remember the name of this beach, so the citizen aggreed to change the name into Indrayanti beach.

Indrayanti is the name of restaurant in that beach. The owner of that restaurant are husband and wife called Mr Indra and Mrs Yanti. So, this beach is called Indrayanti based on the agreement of citizen to make tourist easy to remember the name of the beach. Some people believed that it is the romantic beach in Yogyakarta. This white sand beach presented the beautifulness of God creation.

20. Tarimbang Beach, East Nusa Tenggara

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If you want to plan a vacation to the East side of Indonesia, you should try to have a trip to Tarimbang Beach, East Nusa Tenggara. This God creation is really have a good beach color combination. The colour combination that is really beautiful is blue, turqouise and green. This is happened based on the deep of the sea. so, this is why you should tried to visit East Nusa Tenggara to know the beauty of Tarimbang Beach.

21. Oyama Beach, Central Sulawesi

Once you heard about Oyama Beach you will guess the beach in Japan. No, you are totally wrong. Oyama Beach is located in Central Sulawesi. Yes, the name of the beach seems like the name of people in Japan. It is because there are a Japan tourist who came built a house and villas there, so the citizen called Oyama Beach until now. This beach is really exotic with blue sea and white sand.

22. Green Bowl Beach, Bali

The name of this beach is really unique. Why is it called Green Bowl Beach? It is because of during the low tide, the beach seems look like a sunken bowl coloured green so the citizen called it the green bowl beach also the tourists.

It is not easy to get the beauty of green bowl because we need to go down form about 328 stairs to see this amazing beach. So, it is better not to bring kids to Green Bowl Beach because they must be exhausted passing a lot of stairs to go there.

23. Suwehan Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

After knowing the natural design of God in Nusa Penida which is called Kelingking Beach, actually there is another good beach in Nusa Penida. It is called Suwehan Beach. Suwehan Beach is located in hidden place and far below the cliff.

We can go trekking to this beach because the journey should be passed through Bentar Temple and we should go down stairs to see that awesome beach. We can also do snorkling while swimming in this beach.

24. Gusung Sanggalau, Derawan

This colour of the beach is turqouise. Derawan is dedicated to be CNN world’s 100 best beaches. Indonesia must be proud of it. One of the beaches in Derawan is look like having an endless stretches white sand.

If you are a photo holic and traveller, you should go to Gusung Sanggalau to see the incredible God’s creature and capture the moment in the middle of clean blue sky and white sands.

This beach is really good to see because we can walk in the white sands and look like walking in the middle of the sea because we can feel the seawater from our right and left side.

25. Senggigi Beach, Lombok

No one doubts Lombok as the best islands in Indonesia. Thanks to Senggigi Beach, Lombok can take this reputation proudly. This beach is only 20 minute away from the airport. It offers white sandy beach with pristine water. In front of the beach, you will find various hotels and restaurants to make your day better.

Senggigi beach in Lombok is one of the best place for honeymoon in Indonesia. There is Senggigi Hotel that is suitable for new couples to get their best honeymoon. While having a beautiful beach in Senggigi, as a new couples we can enjoy the honeymoon in Senggigi beach.

The beach offers various water activities from snorkeling, swimming, surfing and fishing. If you wish for romantic dinner during honeymoon, come to beachside restaurant and order the delicious seafood dishes. All the ingredients are fresh from the sea.

26. Lagoi Beach, Bintan Islands

Located in Bintan, Riau Province, Lagoi Beach presented the majestic of beauty of the sea. there are coconut trees lined by the beach with the white sandy beach. There are some beach resorts in this area to accompany your vacation in Lagoi Beach.

The resorts are having an international standard to pamper your journey. Similar with anotehr beaches, we can have good seafood culinary in Lagoi Beach.

27. Tailana Beach, Tailana Island, Banyak Islands, Aceh

Tailana Beach is located in Tailana Island. Tailana Island is still part of Banyak Islands in Aceh. Actually this beach is isolated location but some of tourists are visiting Tailana to see the amazing beach in Tailana Island.

This island and the beach is really a type of place that you may have seen in the magazine, setting in drama movie or maybe can be your dream beach ever. So, this is mayve can be your vacation ideas to visit.

Now that some of the best beaches have been unveiled, it surely has boosted up your interest to visit them. There’s no denying that Indonesia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. The beaches are extremely fascinating, and definitely not the ones you want to miss as a tourist, traveler or if you’re just simply taking a holiday.

The beaches will surely give you amazing experiences out of their own uniqueness and diverse ecosystems. Never hesitate to visit these wonderful and heavenly beaches as they will, without a doubt. It gives you an adventure of a lifetime. The diverse species of life isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen. That’s what makes the best beaches in Indonesia different and unique because of the diversity in almost every aspect.


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