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21 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia for Honeymoon


Indonesia Honeymoon Destinations – Are you a newlywed or husband and wife to be who are planning to find the best places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon? If it yes, you can find some of the places in Indonesia as a review here. Indonesia as we know is one of the country that has a lot of beautiful island scenery.

Who does not know Bali? Some of the foreigner didn’t know that Bali is one of the beautiful island in Indonesia, some of them only know that Bali is different from Indonesia. They know Bali but didn’t know where Indonesia is. Bali is one of the best place for honeymoon in Indonesia.

There are several places to visit in Indonesia for couples beside Bali. There are some places to go in Indonesia, so some of the travel agents offer some honeymoon packages for newlywed couples. The following is a list of interesting honeymoon destinations prepared by Serbiserbi.

List of the Best Places to Visit in Indonesia for Honeymoon

1. Pulo Cinta Eco Resort, Gorontalo

This resort is located in the East side of Indonesia which is Sulawesi Island, Gorontalo. We will be amazed of the concept that the resort management presented for us because the resort design is really unique that shaping “heart” that formed for one room to another. We can see the google earth to know the “heart” shape of this resort.

2. Ora Beach Eco Resort, Maluku

If you are planning to go for honeymoon trip to Maluku, you can try Ora Beach Eco Resort. Some of people said that this resort is an “Indonesian Maldives or Hawaii”. So can you imagine how beautiful this beach for honeymoon destination? Even it’s not a cheap honeymoon destination but we can have more pleasure to get satisfaction and unforgettable memory in your honeymoon.

3. Kampung Sampireun Resort, Garut

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This is one of the affordable honeymoon spots in Indonesia especially West Java for about Rp. 2 or 3 millions. Having characteristic as a cold weather, Kampung Sampireun in Garut is suitable for newlywed couple as your first or second honeymoon choice.

You can enjoy the landscape of lake in Kampung Sampireun and also you can enjoy trying to use the boat in the middle of lake while eating dinner (terms and condition apply). One of the special food or compliment in Garut that we can find in Kampung Sampireun or around Garut is dodol. Dodol is kind of snack that made from sugar, coconut milk and rice flour with brown colour and chewy.

4. Nikoi Island

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Some good resorts for honeymoon is located in Nikoi Island. Nikoi island is located in Riau, Sumatera Province. This is suitable for honeymoon because Nikoi Island is not kind of a hotel, it is resort in private island that has a quiet atmosphere.

This is top 10 places in Indonesia for honeymoon. The natural charm that is presented by Nikoi Island can make your honeymoon trip will be one of the romantic places ever, that’s why this island is included to top 10 honeymoon destination in Indonesia. We can feel the intimate atmosphere for honeymoon in this island because the resort has only have 15 rooms in it.

5. Nihiwatu Resort Sumba

Nihiwatu Resort in West Sumba is dedicated as the best hotel in the world by the travel magazine. West Sumba is in East Nusa Tenggara. Why this resort is dedicated as world’s best hotel? Some of the travel magazine team in USA were having a survey and travel through the world to find the best hotel.

They found the hotel that combine the luxury and local wisdom and So, they decided to give Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Indonesia as the world’s best hotel. Indonesia must be proud of it and Nihiwatu Resort deserved to get the awards. Sumba also called one of the places to surf in Indonesia because there are some surfer who are trying do surfing in this island.

6. Maratua Island

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Maratua Island is located in Derawan Archipelago. maratua Island has a very beautiful beach and white sand in it. the blue sea that make Maratua Island completely beautiful is one of the priceless thing for honeymoon.

One of the special thing in Maratua Island is we can see the green turtle nesting here. While have a honeymoon in this island, we can do diving activity here. We can stay in Maratua Resort that facing directly to the beautiful blue sea there.

7. Ubud, Bali

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Bali is one of the best island in Indonesia. One of the famous city in Bali is Ubud. There are a lot of couple having honeymoon in Ubud, Bali. There are a lot of villas with beautiful landscape facing the forest that can make your honeymoon special.

There are also some private pool in some villas to get the intimacy of your honeymoon. There is also some massage package for couples for abour 60 minutes to relax your body. You will find any regret if you try to have a honeymoon trip in Ubud, Bali.

8. Moyo Island

Indonesia has a lot of beatiful islands to visit as a travel destination. The beauty of Indonesia panorama is as wonderful as other city has. One of the beautiful islands is Mojo Island in West Nusa Tenggara. This place is close to Sumba Island and having good beach similar with Sumba island.

If you are an adventurer couple, this place is suitable for your honeymoon destination. There is a National Park that collect the conservation and protected animals such as birds, bats, wild pig, mongkey and also deer.

9. Lembang, Bandung

Known as culinary heaven, Bandung is one of the best cities in Indonesia. There are a lot of interesting place for new couples to have a honeymoon. One of the place is Lembang. Located in North Bandung, Lembang present a good hotel, resort or villa to stay for honeymoon.

Lembang has a cold weather that really suitable for newlywed to get close with each other in their honeymoon. While having a honeymoon trip, you can feel the very fresh air because there are a lot of forest and also good tourism spot in Lembang such as Tangkuban Parahu, Floating Market, The Ranch and many more.

10. Umang Island, Banten

The couple usually plan a honeymoon in a good and beautiful place that far enough from their location. If you are a busy person but wanted to plan a short honeymoon, you can try Umang Island in Banten.

The special thing to choose as a honeymoon destination is Umang island has a quiet sea flow that can make us feel relax and enjoy staying at this island. We can try to eat seafood menu as a dinner which has the best taste in the island.

11. Gili Trawangan, Lombok

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Gili trawangan in Lombok represented a very beautiful island with good sand and beah in Indonesia. This is one of Indonesia top attractions place for honeymoon. There are three part of Gili in Lombok, but the most popular one is Gili Trawangan.

Gili trawangan still had a powdery white natural sand around the island, that’s make Gili trawangan special from the others. There are some villas, hotel, boutique bungalows that we can choose as a honeymoon package in Gili Trawangan.

There is a unique characteristic when we are having a trip in Gili Trawangan. They are still not allow people ride a motorized transportation like motorcycle and car. So, if we want to have a honeymoon in Gili Trawangan we should enjoy our honeymoon tour by feet or kind of horse ride called cidomos.

12. Sengigi Beach, Lombok

Having the same island in Lombok, Senggigi beach is presented good view of beautiful sea. There is a hidden hotel in Senggigi beach that can be one of ideas to have honeymoon place in Lombok. The name of the hotel is Kila Senggigi Beach. The hotel design is so calm filling by wood floor and bamboo. You deserved to have Senggigi Beach as your honeymoon destination.

13. Macan Island, Thousand Island, Jakarta

There are several good and atrractive islands in Thousand Island in North Jakarta. One of them that suitable for honeymoon place is Macan island. Once you visited Macan island, you will feel like having a very private room beside the ocean. Almost of the material for the room are made by wood and bamboo. There are curtain that make the room completely romantic for honeymoon.

14. Bintan Island

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Bintan island is located in Riau. There are several interesting places in Bintan Island that we can visited. This is one of the white sand beach in Indonesia that has beautiful landscape.

Bintan island can be your honeymoon choice if you want to have an extra ordinary honeymoon beside Bali or Lombok. We can go to mangroove forest in Bintan Island and see the beautiful white sand island in Bintan.

15. Jimbaran, Bali

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Besides Ubud, Jimbaran in Bali is one of frequent islands to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon. There are some special dinner menu about seafood and enjoy it near the beach at night that can make it as a romantic place. Jimbaran is known as a place with luxury hotels. So, if you want to have an elegant honeymoon place, Jimbaran is the answer.

16. Karimunjawa / Karimunjava

Karimunjawa or Karimunjava is one of the popular travel place in Indonesia. We can have a honeymoon trip in this island with special adventure that usually arrange by the travel agent. If you are the real traveller, doing an adventure together with your couplesis one of the romantic things to do in Indonesia.

There are some good islands to visit in Karimunjava like Menjangan Island, Cemara Island, Tengah Island, Gosong island and many more.

17. Kota Batu, East Java

Similar with Bandung, Batu has a lot of attractive and beautiful places to visit while having a honeymoon. There are a lantern festival and transportation museum that we can visit to make our good honeymoon moment in Batu.

One of the special thing if you have a honeymoon trip in Kota Batu, Malang East Java is you can go to green apple garden to see and pick the apple directly. There are some products made by apple that is only presented in Kota Batu.

18. Puncak Bogor

Puncak is a good place for honeymoon in Bogor. There are a lot of villas and hotel with different facilities there. Puncak weather is cold, so we should prepare a jacket or sweater to warmth our body. There are a lot oh hotels and villas in Puncak.

There are so many local people offered a villa for tourist who pass Puncak Bogor. We can enjoy the roasted corn or visit Safari Park and Cimory yoghurt factory in Puncak. It will be interesting to visit all of the Puncak icon there.

19. Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Some of the foreigner tourist called Raja Ampat as 15 most beautiful paradise to visit in Asia. It is because of the beautiful scenery that Raja Ampat has. This place is already called an international tourism spots in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat also called the best diving destinations in Indonesia. That clean and blue sea is the best spot for diving. If you are brave enough, you can do diving with your couple. So that’s why if we are having a honeymoon in this place, we should spend a lot of money.

20. Yogyakarta

Know as an education city, Yogyakarta has some goos view and place for honeymoon trip. There are some famous icon of Yogjakarta that the newlywed can visit such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Parangtritis Beach and many more.

As one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta offers many insights to the history of the nation. Some of these places are also the best Yogyakarta tourist attractions. You can go to Yogyakarta Palace and see yourself the living place of the royal family of Yogyakarta that still exist and still has a high status today.

The ancient Vredeburg Fort, a Dutch colonial fort that is located just in front of the old President’s Palace can give you some picture of the colonialism era. If you are also into shopping, Malioboro is an area in Yogyakarta where you can find many street stalls offering various handicrafts.

The culinary icon of Yogya are gudeg and bakpia. The citizen in Yogya are really generus and friendly so that’s why we will be welcoming warmly if we have a honeymoon in Yogyakarta.

21. Amatoa Resort, Tanjung Bira

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Tanjung Bira is located in South Sulawesi. There are some resort that you can choose for your honeymoon trip. One of them are Amatoa Resort. You can spend your beautiful honeymoon in Amatoa Resort for about 1,7 until 2 millions rupiah.

This resort is so amazing as a honeymoon spot. Most of the customer that stayed in Amatoa Resort are foreigners because some of foreigners love to spend their holiday in the hidden place of Indonesia like Tanjung Bira. The situation of the resort is really calm and quite and if we booked suit room we can have a private pool in it.

Those are the best places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon that can be a reference for your honeymoon planning. Indonesia has a lot of very good destination for vacation with family or also honeymoon. Don’t ever hesitated planning your honeymoon in Indonesia becaues there are a lot of hidden paradise that we should known here. Where will you go after married? Decide it now.


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