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67 Best Things to Do in Bali for Fun Vacation


Things to Do in Bali – There are many best things to do in Bali rather than just surfing in the beaches. Aside from being popular island with a lot of beautiful beaches, Bali also offers more than just wonderful scenery to enjoy. This island is so rich in term of culture which makes it definitely Indonesia tourist attractions.

Many places in Bali are worth visiting due to the attraction, rich culture, fabulous activity, and wonderful view they have. You can visit Bali together with your family and friends to get merrier experience. Try various things for fun vacation once you go to this island as in the list that has been prepared by Serbi Serbi.

List of the Best Things to Do in Bali for Fun Vacation

1. Staying in the Best Place to Relax

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Since this place provides the tourist with many Bali attractions, you may need to spend a few days there to experience various activities. In order to enjoy your vacation in Bali, first of all you need to get proper accommodation including the staying place.

Find the best place to stay in Bali which gives you better service and facilities. Most staying places in Bali offer the visitor with very cozy place, good service completed by beautiful scenery of beach or green field. It is time for you to choose whether you want to stay in Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua, or other areas in Bali.

You can stay at the best hotels, villas, or resorts in Bali. It would be even better if the staying place offers facility for spa. It is because having spa treatment could be one of the best things to do in Bali when it rains, while you cannot spend time outside.

2. Enjoying Sunset and Beach Activities at Kuta Beach

After you get the best staying place which can accommodate you while in Bali, now you need to list what to do in Bali. You could start from Kuta as one of the most popular place visited by tourist. Among things to do in Kuta, do not skip to visit Kuta Beach.

In this place, you will be able to enjoy golden sunset of Bali. It is one of the best coasts to see beautiful sunset of this island. You could also take a walk along Kuta Beach or try many activities including horseback riding, relaxing, surfing, or swimming. The clear and blue water there is irresistible to try such things and other beach activities.

3. Swing Adventure in Zen Hideaway Ubud

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There are tons of things to do in Bali, especially if you want a little bit of adventure and adrenaline rush. You can always come to Zen Hideaway Swing Ubud where you can play the swing while enjoying the view.

What’s special about this swing is that it is like a giant swing where you will fly over the vertically drop slope, descending to rapid river down below. If you are looking for a rush of adrenaline, this is definitely one of the activities you should do. So, what to do in Bali? Figure it out and go to Ubud to ride the swing!

4. Swimming in Natural Pool of Angel’s Billabong

If you are bored swimming on the regular swimming pool, then you should check out the Angel’s Billabong which is located in Nusa Penida. One of the most Bali activities you can do is to swim in a natural swimming pool which is located in between the rocks and coastal cliff, next to Pasih Uug Beach.

It is a like a natural nook that was formed from abrasion of the sea water for hundreds of years, creating a natural pool. It is connected to the sea and yet the color can be different. What are the cool things to see? Well, it is the Tosca green water on the pool next to the blue color of the ocean.

5. You Should Come to Devil’s Tears/Waterblow

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One of the best explorations that you can do while visiting Bali is going to Devil’s Tear Waterblow. It is located in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. It is basically a rocky cliff with different caves underneath. When the waves come rushing in, it will create great and fresh sensation of a water blow.

The rocky cliff itself has some holes on the surface, so when the sea current is quite strong, it creates a water blow through the holes and also at the points where the waves hit the cliff. It is definitely one of the best top 10 you should do in Bali.

6. Staying at Hideout Bali, an Eco Stay in Karangasem

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If you are bored with the regular accommodation of staying in regular hotels, then why do not stayv in Hideout Bali? It is a part of eco-tourism for travelers who want to experience unique sensation. The accommodation is located in the woods of Gung Agung.

The bamboo houses are scattered on the area, providing access for those wanting to feel how it is like to stay inside the bamboo house. Not to mention that the houses are built among rice fields and close to a beautiful river. If you want to feel the Balinese village life, you have come to the right place. Are you ready to travel to the area?

7. Swimming with the Manta Ray in Nusa Penida

What’s so special about Manta Point in Nusa Penida? Well, if you want to have a unique experience where you can swim with the Manta Ray, then you should go there. It is one of the popular points of interest, a part of Bali tourism. Nusa Penida itself is a big island, around 20 kilometers from Bali.

The Manta Point is a stunning place with steep hills and natural view. You will need a speedboat to come to this Manta’s feeding ground and cleaning station. What to see there? Aside from the Manta Ray, you will be pampered with the coral reef, tropical fish, and the stunning underwater view.

8. Swimming with the Sharks at Bali Shark Conservation

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Do you want to enjoy a fun and exciting activity while visiting Pulau Serangan? Why not visiting the Bali Shark conservation and swim with the sharks? Seriously, your heart may pace strongly but you will find out that sharks aren’t all evil. This conservation protects the sharks and makes a comfortable living habitat for them.

The shark itself isn’t the man-eater type. They usually stay away from people. So, if you carefully enter the water and not making any hasty movement, they will feel comfortable swimming around you. You can even pet them and touch them once they sense that you aren’t dangerous to them. This conservation is one of the places to see when you are in Bali.

9. Rafting and Natural Exploration at Telaga Waja

Do you feel like going on a white water rafting in the middle of a natural setting? Then you should go to Telaga Waja River and set out on an adventurous water trip! If you don’t want to take part in the white water rafting adventure, you can always have a sightseeing activity in the green setting.

But most people take the rafting activity because they know that there are a lot of things to see and enjoy, such as the exotic river condition, the green and relaxing atmosphere, and many more. Not to mention that the team is professional with affordable price that will make you hard to resist the offer.

10. Flying like Iron Man at Flyboard Tanjung Benoa

Where to go if we want to feel the flying sensation like Iron Man, you may ask? No need to worry, you can always come to Tanjung Benoa in Bali, and experience the fun. The flyboard is basically like a wakeboard or snowboard that has high pressure water power underneath, allowing the board to move upward.

It depends on your body control, whether you want to soar high like the Iron Man or you want to dive down like the dolphins. Naturally, you will learn about operating the board, which is actually harder than you think. If you don’t want to miss the fun, you should make a trip to Tanjung Benoa, for sure.

11. Underwater Sea Scooter at Equator Beach Club

How does sea underwater exploration sound to you? If you visit Nusa Lembongan, you can come to Equator Beach Club where you can have the underwater exploration with the sea scooter. You will get under the water with the scooter, while the sealed helmet you are wearing will allow you to breathe normally.

Spend 15 minutes and you will be granted with the best marine view, with the marine life and the tropical fish. Afterwards, feel free enjoying other water activities and sports, such as banana boat, canoeing, beach activity, or island activity. If you want to have a guide to accompany you, you can have it.

12. Balinese Cooking Class Session and Excitement

If you are interested in Balinese cooking, there are some places to go. Basically, Balinese cooking sessions and classes have become very popular these days because tourists, whether they are local or international, want to know the secret ingredients to the tasty Balinese dish. Depending on your preference and sessions, each class will have its own appeal.

Some classes may be short; straight to the point in showing you how to cook the dish (the ingredients have been prepared). Some, however, may take you to the fish or farm market. What to see there? Well, there are the fresh items as well as the knowledge on how to choose the fresh ingredients, and such thing alike. The latter one may be costlier and longer, but most people claim that they gain more knowledge and info from this kind of class.

13. Seeing Abandoned Planes in Pandawa, Bali

Holiday season is approaching. September until January is already high season. Of course, many tourism destinations have been full of visitors. However, you still want a unique family vacation, right? If you are in Asia, Bali must be familiar. This beautiful Island in Indonesia is one of the most favorite tourism destinations in the world. There are a lot of things to visit and enjoy.

Seeing abandoned planes in Pandawa, Bali is one of the most recommended things to do in this island. Abandoned planes are still mysterious sights and make you keep on asking about how and why they are left that way. Bali’s vacation all inclusive packages usually offer this tourism. So, it is time to go and enjoy all things in Bali.

14. Do You Dare Trying Challenging Bunge Jumping in Bali?

When it comes to the vacation to certain tourism destinations, there are a lot of things to consider beside accommodation. Make sure about interesting activities you can do there. If you visit Bali, there are endless interesting and challenging activities every day. One of them is Bunge Jumping.

This adrenaline-trigger sport is held in many tourist places that provide Bunge Jumping facility in Bali, like Blangsinga, Seminyak, and Kuta. This is an extreme yet addicting activity. Enjoying sunset while plunging from top of tower with the height of 45 m will be an incredible and memorable moment in Bali. Do you dare to try?

15. Enjoying Marine Walk in Nusa Lembongan, Bali

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Have you ever imagined walking on the ocean floor, enjoying the beauty of Sea Park with colorful reefs, playing with fishes and feeding them from your hands? These activities are not only dreams if you visit Nusa Lembongan, Bali. Stay in Nusa Lembongan for a couple of days and get many valuable experiences.

These experiences will give you different sensation from your previous holiday and vacation. It doesn’t stop here. There is a number of other stuff to do such as snorkeling or kayaking. These activities can be enjoyed at really affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Have you planned everything to visit this place?

16. Enjoying Beautiful Sunrise in Bali

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If you come to Bali, there won’t be a day without beautiful sunrise. Some beaches become perfect spot to see dramatic sunrise. Even some of them are really full of tourists who are going to see beautiful sunrise. One of them is Mesari Beach in Seminyak. Because of its popularity as sunrise spots, the developer of this beach provides a plenty of comfortable bean bags for tourists.

Sunrise shouldn’t be missed if you spend holidays in Bali. The next day, find different beautiful places for seeing sunrise. Some other tourist spots are Kuta Beach and Uluwatu Temple. All exotic places in Bali will make you always miss them and invite you to come back.

17. Enjoying Tasty Seafood in Jimbaran Beach, Bali

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Jimbaran Beach, Bali is one of the most recommended spot to visit when you come to Bali. This beach offers everything, including beautiful sunset, white sand, and tasty seafood. This wonderful place becomes one of culinary center, especially for seafood.

Seafood lovers shouldn’t miss this beach because it will give different amazing sensation you will never forget. Enjoy sunset while eating a variety of seafood. It will be the best moment ever! Bali is wonderful for its beautiful nature and culture richness. Jimbaran becomes a part in Bali that serves many people with all joy, including beauty, comfort, and happy tummy.

18. Watching Kecak Dance in Uluwatu

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Watching Kecak dance in Uluwatu is one of recommended activity when you visit The Island of God, Bali. This dance represents the original and natural beauty of Bali. It will be a special moment that may give you different sensation of a vacation. Many reviews will put this activity as one of the best things to do in Indonesia.

Watching Kecak Dance performed by men dancers in circular formation while seeing sunsets appear slowly is a unique experience. Evening when sunset appears is the most romantic moment to watch this dance. However, you have to consider a time where it becomes too full. Of course, it will be uncomfortable and it may hide the meaning and real beauty of this dance due to too crowded situation.

19. Going to Gili Trawangan, Lombok by Fast Boat

There are a plenty of interesting places in Indonesia. You are surely familiar with Bali. One of advantages when you visit Bali is it is near to Lombok, the other island nearby that also offers incredible beauty. One of popular destinations in Lombok Island is Gili Trawangan, a place that offers exotic panorama.

From Bali, you can visit Gili Trawangan by fast boat. In the island, there are a lot of fast boat rentals that offer fast route to Gili Trawangan at an affordable rate. If you will go there with big family, you don’t have to worry because the boat offered can load up to 60 people. Well, so many things to do in Gili Trawangan that you can try there.

20. Tasting Delicious Typical Bali Culinary

Bali Island is famous for its cultural richness, beautiful nature, and of course typical culinary. When you visit Bali Island, don’t miss its famous culinary that must spoil your tongue and tummy. Most of Bali’s typical culinary tend to spicy. For spicy food lovers, you must try most of them.

Ayam Betutu (Spicy grilled chicken seasoned with many traditional spices) is one of famous foods you must try. The sensation of spicy, savory, and sweet at the same time will be addicting. Another food you must try is Sate Lilit (meat of mackerel fish that is crisscrossed onto the bamboo stick). This is a unique tasty food that is also rich of traditional spices.

21. Enjoy the Sensation of Swimming in the Best Two-Graded Swimming Pool in Hanging Garden Ubud

If you love to enjoy a premium vacation, Bali Island offers you anything you want. Spending night in a luxurious and beautiful hotel with amazing facility is very easy in Bali. Hanging Garden Ubud Hotel is one of the best premium hotels in Bali Island that offers unique and beautiful scenery as well as the best two-graded swimming pool.

Maybe, you cannot enjoy this sensational moment in other hotels. You must love swimming while looking at the wonderful view under and around you. It doesn’t stop here. The swimming pools are designed very artistic, perfect for photo spots. Located in Buahan Village, Payangan, this hotel is close to some interesting tourist places.

22. Spending Night in Munduk Moding Plantation, Buleleng, Bali

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If you are looking for different sensation of vacation, Munduk Moding Plantation in Buleleng, Bali can be a perfect place. This place offers more natural and quieter atmosphere. It shows an amazing view of swimming pool that looks as if blend with clouds. This resort is located in coffee plantation area in Buleleng.

Not only beautiful and exotic panorama, you can also enjoy spa service, delicious food and of course interesting activity like free plantation walk and tours. This place is another side of Bali where you can avoid crowds. If you have been boring with beach, it is time for another sight. The hilly view around will refresh your mind during your valuable holiday time.

23. Menjangan Island as Untouched Diving Spot

If you are craving for less crowded and cheap Bali diving spot, Menjangan Island can be the perfect haven for you. Compared to other well-known diving spots, the water bodies around this island do not much human touch or crazy boom of tourism.

As the consequence, it has some untouched charm of marine life full of colorful fish and health reefs and corals. The undersea view will look very stunning if you dive or simply snorkel when it rains. It will feel like you are diving through magical world the other diving spot does not come with on first-hand.

24. Dolphin Watching in Lovina Beach

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If you are looking for a tranquil respite with no adventurous activities on offer, Lovina Beach can be the destination you need to visit in Bali. Situated far north of Bali, this beach has not witnessed the natural damage like the one that happens in southern Bali beaches.

Besides the tranquility, you will have another sight in the form of dolphin you cannot find elsewhere in this island. Yes, dolphin watching becomes the main attraction of Lovina Beach that cannot be done in other beaches. Just note to not visit this beach on rainy season when rainy day is quite frequent.

25. Yoga Class and Meditation Course in Bali and Around

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Yoga class and meditation is probably one of many activities and sights you can sign up for on what to visit in Bali. The practice of yoga and meditation in Bali is actually derived from the one taught in India since it came from Hinduism.

However, what makes the one in Bali different from its counterpart is that it’s acculturated with traditional Balinese teachings. You can find many yoga classes in many areas of Bali, even in the big cities like Denpasar and Kuta. But for better searches, you can go to Kuta where the center of peaceful life is prized.

26. Beji Guwang Sukawati Hidden Canyon as Hidden Piece of Natural Wonder

If you happen to be in Bali and want a bit of less beaten tourist attraction, you can try Beji Guwang Sukawati Hidden Canyon on where to visit list for the vacation. It is situated in Gianyar which is actually quite far from the hustle and bustle of cities and nightlife.

Thanks to its hard to locate location, this place has not seen much tourism. It implicates on the preserved nature of the area. This cave is filled with stunning underground lakes, breathtaking waterfalls cascading the rock, and mesmerizing hundred years rock formations. Well, they are the main attractions of this hidden canyon.

27. Passing Archway on Sacred Bunut Bolong Tree

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If you are the type of traveler who values traditional culture and its beliefs, then you can visit arched Pohon Bunut Bolong, or holed Bunut tree in English. Yes, this place is probably new to the ears of many travelers’ since it never came up to theirs.

However, it is quite famous to many locals who visit the place with family. Besides, it is also one of the most sacred places in Bali, so take note on several things before visiting. In that case, you should behave yourself and dress up in polite manners to pay respect to local culture.

28. The Best Surfing Spots in Bali for All

If you are hardcore surfers whose mission is to conquer all surfing spots in the world, then you should definitely visit Bali. This island province situated in Indonesia has so many good surfing spots of all levels of difficulty, ranged from the ones for beginners to the hardcore ones that you need to spend at least 4 days here.

There are many Bali surf spots that you can visit. If you bring your kids with you, Suluban or Kuta can be the good choice for them as they can learn how to surf on the first-hand with certified instructors. If you want to conquer the hardest of them all, just visit Uluwatu with its world famous reputation as its temple and vicious waves.

29. Hidden Waterfalls for Romantic Honeymoon

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Bali does have so much to offer for all markets, including lovebirds who want to have an escape. In the matter of that, the selection of waterfalls in Bali can be the good choice for couples to enjoy their honeymoon. If you do, then you can visit several of the best waterfalls in Bali.

First thing first, you can visit Sekumpul Falls in Singaraja or Aling-Aling in Sambangan, Sukasada, Buleleng, which has been deemed as the most beautiful fall in Bali. However, you have to endure yourself from hard trek you need to pass. Besides, you can also see the miniature of Niagara Falls in Munduk Falls.

30. Mount Batur and Agung for Mountain Lovers in Bali

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Mountain lovers will definitely love Mount Batur and Agung as things you can do in Bali. Yes, these mounts are the only mounts in Bali. However, there are so many things these mounts have. It can be considered to be the places on what can I do in Bali list.

Mount Batur, the highest, offers direct view of mesmerizing Lake Batur located on its slope and Kintamani village. Mount Agung is currently off limits due to eruption that occurs recently, but this mount has breathtaking scenery of surrounding villages. One thing for sure, July is the best month to visit them.

31. Bali Treetop for Family Oriented Tourist Attraction

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Bali Treetop is definitely the place you need to visit with family if you are in Tabanan, Bali and happen to have a thing for eco-tourism. This place offers family centered outdoor activities that cater to all people of all ages as well.

In this place, you and your family will be brought to enjoy outdoor activities, such as zip lining and bridge crossing, while gush about the preserved nature here. This place also attracts many families in December when New Year is approaching. Well, they can enjoy eco-centered barbeque party and New Year’s Eve together with other fellow tourists.

32. Taro Elephant Safari Park Ubud as Sumatran Elephant Conservation in Bali

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Taro Elephant Safari Park Ubud can be one the perfect tourist destinations you can consider for your itinerary in Bali. This attraction is actually designed to be the conservation for Sumatran Elephant outside of Sumatra as the real habitat of them.

However, all elephants here are taken care of so well. It attracts a lot of visitors to see endangered yet healthy Sumatran Elephants outside of their habitat. In addition, this is also one of the best spots to have a ride on elephant and enjoy the conservation and anything else this safari park does have to offer to all.

33. Tsavo Lion Restaurant for Dining Alongside Wildlife

Bali has many great places with interesting attraction. You can enjoy various tourism, including culinary or food. One of recommended place is Tsavo Lion Restaurant. You may have tons of questions about its name because Tsavo Lion is wild animal from Africa.

When you enter this restaurant, you will feel like stepping into new world. The restaurant uses wildlife and Africa as theme. It is brilliant idea to implement in Bali because lion and Africa are the strange theme in Indonesia. If you want new and good experience, this place cannot be missed. Besides strong and bold theme, the menus are interesting and delicious as well.

34. Submarine Tourism in Bali

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What do you have in mind when people say submarine? It is advanced ship with capability to move around under water. Submarine plays important part in war, but you will find it in tourism destination. In Bali, tourists will enjoy to explore underwater environment via submarine. Instead of diving or snorkeling, submarine has more benefits. It has big capacity to bring more people.

You can feel enjoyable and relaxing when seeing the sea creatures and beautiful coral. You do not have to create tiresome list about the devices or gears. Just follow the guideline then submarine will bring you to the deep under water in Bali.

35. Enjoying Waterboom Bali and New Kuta Green Park

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Amusement park is a place to enjoy with family. You will find such place in Bali, for example Waterboom Bali and New Kuta Green Park. The first place has big swimming pool and the other attractions. You can go from the top spot then finish at pool. Kuta is famous with beach and modern nightlife. You can enjoy Green Park for relaxing body and mind.

When visiting both places, it is better to go with friends rather than alone, though it is not obligatory. Exploring one spot in Bali is enough for one day. You have two main attraction spots and there is more to come. Choose hotel or inn to stay at night before having exciting day tomorrow.

36. Visiting Interesting Museums in Bali

Well, tourists visit Bali because of many attraction places. There are beaches, villages, traditional markets, corals, forests, mountains, cultures, and museums. The latter is more interesting because Bali has many museums to fulfill your curiosity. Museum tour may not be as exhausted as doing physical sport on beach.

Whoever, it is about mind and soul adventures to explore the rich culture and life in Bali. People go travel because their mind is crowded and in high tension. It is good to look for tranquility and look back in time to know past and historical event. This is the method to feel more human. Bali provides several recommended museums to fulfill tourists’ desire.

37. Shopping for Souvenirs in Bali

Tourists buy souvenir as token for their journey. When visiting Bali, you cannot miss to get unique item with interesting design. There are several places to buy souvenir in Bali. In general, you will see traditional market near to tourism location. When you are in Ubud, there is the art market with so much nice stuff to buy.

Mall and shopping centers with modern style are also eligible as the source of souvenir. Sukawati is the most popular market when looking for various goods with affordable price. Many reviews about Bali will put Sukawati as the top place to visit. Another way to get souvenir is local artwork.

38. Visiting Celuk Village as Silver Craft Center

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If you want to find silver jewelry in Bali, Celuk Village is one of the top spots to visit. You are surely familiar with Sukawati as market for souvenirs in Bali. One of goods you can find is silver jewelry, such as ring, bracelet, etc. All of items come from Celuk Village as craft center for silver and gold.

This place was traditional village with rich culture. It emerges into new tourist destination with specialty in silver and gold craft. Tourists may order special item or customized model based on their preference. Celuk Village is recommended location to visit as holiday destination in Bali.

39. Enjoying Devdan Show in Bali

Culture and traditional dance are the top attraction in Bali. You can enjoy watching Devdan show with attractive choreography, costumes, and other effects to create attractive performance. If you visit Bali, Devdan Show has to be on the top list. The story is about two children who separate from tour and find treasure chest full of culture.

Well, parents should bring children when watching it at Nusa Dua theatre. The show is available four times a week. In general, this show is not just about Bali culture. You can call this show as one for all because there are Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Papua, and other culture mixed in single performance.

40. ATV Riding in Ubud

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Ubud is popular tourist spot in Bali with traditional and culture attraction. The main area is village with fresh and nature surrounded by forest. ATV Riding is one of tourist attraction because the area is very challenging. If you want the easy riding, it is better to visit in dry season.

For more challenge, visit this place at wet or raining season, but safety is still the top priority for tourists. ATV is available for any ages from children to adult. You may see people with their babies while exploring simple track. With ATV riding, you can take adventure to see the deep forest in Ubud.

41. River Tubing for Exciting Adventure in Bali

River Tubing is activity that starts to gain more popularity. Basically, you use tube to explore river. Bali provides River Tubing for various tourists. You can try the most difficult track, but it is not recommended for beginner. For children and kids, river tubing is friendlier and there is person to supervise this activity.

One condition is prohibited for a baby. You cannot expect to bring baby in this tubing, unless with special condition. All of them are available in Bali. The river is common in Bali due to geographical counter. There are big and small with various currents. Well, that is reason to put Bali as the top destinations in Asia.

42. Paragliding as the Best Indonesian Tourism

Indonesia has many attractive places to visit and Bali is at the top of them. When in Bali, you have many choices to enjoy, ranging from the beach, sport, culture, or traditional show. For paraglide, Bali also has good spot to do paragliding.

Wind and high spot are what you need to enjoy paragliding. Bali has all of them in one place. Tourists do not have to bring their own gear because the rental is available to support what they need. Indonesia tourist attractions involve many aspects and parties to support the tourists for enjoying themselves.

43. Canoeing In Bali

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Kayaking and canoeing are the sport activity that uses small boat and single paddle. You can do canoeing in Bali while enjoying beautiful Indonesia beaches. Bali is the top destination with many beautiful beaches. Only few of them provide canoeing due to current and wave level.

Besides the beaches, rivers and lakes are the top places for doing this sport. Bali has rivers for canoeing with subtle current. If you want extreme sport, river tubing is good choice. Canoeing seems easy, but you have to do it properly. There is person to help, manage, and supervise this sport for safety and security.

44. Seaweed Cultivation in Nusa Lembongan

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Seaweed is popular for many purposes. You can eat dry seaweed for dish. Another function is for industrial or factory to create certain products. In Nusa Lembongan, tourists and visitors can see seaweed cultivation directly. It is part of Bali attractions. You will understand how to cultivate this thing including area that’s suitable to do it.

Enjoying seaweed while taking holiday will bring two goals in one place. You will feel exciting and full of knowledge. Before visiting Nusa lembongan, it is necessary to find the best place to stay in this Island. Learning about seaweed cannot be done in one day because it takes more days.

45. Letting Turtle Hatchling to the Sea

Turtle spends night on beach for laying their eggs. When time comes, hatchlings will appear from sand and start to reach the sea. It is life and death situation for them. For ecological reason, many places are dedicated to support turtle and their hatchling.

Tourist may join to help the hatchling for reaching the sea safely. It is part of tourism attraction. When you decide to visit Bali, Kuta are the top destination. Releasing turtle hatchling is one of the things to do in Kuta.

46. Relaxing Body with Spa for Beauty and Health

One reason to visit Bali is warm culture and exotic beach. That is not enough when you want to relax from busy day work. In Bali, you will find many spa with various accommodations. There is luxury spa from prominent hotel and resort.

Well, Bali points of interest are spa with traditional method and atmosphere. You can enjoy fresh air, next to the nature while enjoying spa. You will get special treatment with traditional remedy to get rid of fatigue then increase the health and beauty side of body. All of them are available on Bali.

47. Bathing Holy Water in Tirta Empul Tampak Siring

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Bali tourism has various attractions and one of them is Tirta Empul. It is bathing area in Tirta Empul temple that’s famous for holy spring water. This place is for purification in Hinduism rite, but tourists can take a bath as long as they follow the regulation. The location is near to tampak Siring. It is old temple from 10th century.

You can get this place easily from Ubud and see the main entrance with stone doorway. This place is famous with presidential and executive homestay. Visiting Tirta Empul is alternative activity after enjoying white sand beaches in Bali. Visiting temple, especially Tirta Empul, helps you to understand local culture.

48. Visiting Temple and Shrine in Bali

Pure refers to temple and shrine in Bali. One of the top tourist attractions in Bali is shrine, commonly for Hinduism. Religion and culture can be separated each other when you see Bali directly. You will find several shrines that are still being used until today. When visiting it in certain day, you may see culture event related to shrine and temple.

Actually, small shrine is easy to be found in local house. Visiting it also leads to another place. You will find beautiful landscape around this place because most of shrine and temple are in high place location. Bali honeymoon also includes this location to attract more tourists. Besides shrine, waterfalls in Bali are good places to visit due to the same nature of landscape for fresh and pure scenery.

49. Birdwatching in Petulu

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Ubud is the best places to visit in Bali which is famous for local wildlife habitat including birds. To watch the beautiful birds of Bali, visit the Petulu village. It’s a local village that specifically preserves the birds’ habitat. The result is a beautiful vision of birds that fly over the villages.

The best time to see this natural tourist attraction is around 5 to 6 pm. It’s when you can see over than 20.000 herons flying in the sky and watching over people. Another great part is you can watch this view while having your favorite drink in your hand. What a perfect way to end the day.

50. Terraced Rice Field in Jatiluwih and Tegalalang

Rice field is easy to find in Indonesia, including Bali. Most of villages have rice fields to cultivate the rice. Regular field may not be usual, but you have to visit Jatiluwih and Tegalalang. There is terraced rice field with different contour. This kind of field is common when the surface area is not plain. Visiting this location is also the part of things to do in Bali.

You will see beautiful design when the rice is planted in each terrace. Some of the best resorts in Bali also offer the tour to visit Jatiluwih and Tegalalang for tourists. The tour includes accommodation, hotel, and local guide to see this place directly. Well, it is good choice to try new experience in Bali.

51. Visiting Unique Café in Bali

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Café plays the role in tourism industry. Bali has many cafés with attractive and unique theme. Some tourists want to experience different sensation when visiting Bali. Visiting regular café may be trivial because people can find it easily at hometown. On the other hand, unique café is the reason to stay longer in Bali.

This is another attraction for people to get new excitement, even from café. Unique aspects come from beverages, theme, room arrangement, food, and entertainment performance. You can invite friends to relax while enjoying the drink and food. When creating list for the stuff to do in Bali, visiting unique café should be on the top list at all.

52. Exploring Hidden Beaches with White Sand Coast

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Bali has various beaches from regular to white and coastal type. You can find Kuta as the best beaches in Bali with white coast. It is familiar, but you should try to visit hidden beach that’s far from human touch. Tourism grows significantly in Bali that leads to new tourist spots, including beaches.

Karangasem or Nusa Penida may be your choice, though it is not completely hidden. You may ask local guide when you intend to look for pure and fresh nature beach that’s far from human involvement. This kind of beach brings new experience while spending holidays in Bali. Make sure you have prepared everything when deciding to visit hidden beach.

53. Camel Riding in Nusa Dua Beach

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If you thought that camel riding could only be found in Middle East, then you need to have your book checked again since you can also find that in the wonderful Nusa Dua, Bali, of all places. Yes, it is quite shocking to find that such different attraction can also be found there.

What most of you do not know is that such attraction is actually the draw card of Nusa Dua. There, you will be brought to ride on a camel while sightseeing on the beach. What can be so good than having sightseeing on a new way, right?

54. Camping on the Shore of Lake Buyan

If you are craving less touristy natural attraction in Bali you can camp on, Lake Buyan in Bali is the perfect and special option for that. It is actually one series of lake in Bali Twin Lakes, with the other one being Lake Tamblingan.

Situated in Bedugul and surrounded by picturesque village and rainforest, this lake can be the romantic spot for couples to have getaway from earsplitting nightlife of Bali. You can either erect your own tent on the shore of the lake which gives you thorough view of the lake or simply rely on homestay in nearby village.

55. Staying the Night under Starry Night on Bubble Hotel

Those who are in a hunt for interesting attraction in Bali can go to Bubble Hotel Bali. Yes, it is actually a hotel and accommodation of all attractions here. However, it offers something different from the other hotels you can name.

If you have a dream of staying in luxurious hotel without anything above you but starry sky, you can have your dream come true here. This hotel has been quite popular to worldwide tourists that it never lacks anyone who comes to have a night here. Do not worry about getting rained since you are protected by invisible bubble.

56. Diving for Temples and Buddha Statue Sightseeing

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Bali is one of Indonesia islands with many best dive sites. Those of hardcore divers and famous historical tourists will find something enchanting in Nusa Penida, Bali. Perhaps some of you have been quite curious on this matter since how two different niches can combine. In that case, it actually refers to the series of temples and the statue of Buddha under the sea.

Yes, the only way of seeing this magnificent attraction is to dive to the seabed. Even though the getting there is most difficult, it is worth the scenery you see. What can beat the experience of diving to see the healthy marine life along with ancient artifacts?

57. Sailing on Phinisi in Plataran Menjangan

If you happen to be in western Bali for more tranquil and private trip, you can put the private sailing in Plataran Menjangan. As the name states, you will be taken to have trip around the island to see untouched sea of western Bali unlike others.

Yes, it is actually just like a cruise trip you can find elsewhere. However, it actually has something different to offer to tourists. In that case, it is sailing on amazing phinisi instead of cruise ship or ferry like the usual ones. What is better than sailing on unique and traditional Indonesian cruise ship?

58. Atuh Beach Viewing from Batu Molenteng Tree House

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Going southeastward of Bali, you will find rather isolated yet charming Nusa Penida Island. In this island, you will find many attractions that see fewer visitors of all places in Bali. One of those attractions is Batu Molenteng tree house, which is actually a hotel.

However, you will get to do a free sightseeing from this place as you can see the blue Atuh beach and the horizon at the end of the sight. If you want to have more up close sightseeing, you can join tours to see the beach accompanied by locals and visit the surrounding village nearby.

59. Balinese Coffee and Its Distinctiveness

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Coffee lovers will definitely need to put Bali on their itinerary should they be in a coffee hunt all over the world. Yes, Indonesia has been known to be the third biggest producer of coffee in the world. As the consequence, Indonesia is rich of the varieties of coffee.

One of those varieties is Balinese coffee which is actually processed through metabolism of badger like animal. Even though it may seem quite nasty, such process does give the coffee distinctive taste on the coffee itself. Another thing is that it is cheap and good to be enjoyed when it rains.

60. Kayaking on Lake Bedugul to Ulun Danu Temple

If you are looking for rather adventurous activities in Bali, then you will need to visit Bedugul Lake and Ulun Danu temple in the middle of it. What is so challenging about the trip? It only involves temple visit. Well, the adventure is brought to the trip in the form of kayak.

Yes, you will need to kayak your way to the middle of the lake to get to the temple. On the island, you will see the view of picturesque Ulun Danu temple and Gunung Batur in the background, made more magical on rainy day with raindrops falling down.

61. Visiting Bali Zoo and Bali Bird Park for Animals Sightseeing

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Animal and bird lovers, for that matter, will find their perfect haven in Bali Zoo and Bali Bird Park to be added to the “what to visit” list of sights. Situated far away from the brass cities, it offers natural getaway for all animals and birds that used to reside on the island.

In these places, you will find many animal and bird species living on the imitation of their real habitat. But, it does not compromise their life since the animals and birds are taken care of so well. It is nice to see animals and birds live healthily.

62. Bali Hai Cruise for Luxurious Trip

Bali is the heaven for luxurious tourism niche since many trips are designed to meet such niche, with Bali Hai cruise being one of them. This trip is suited to those who want nothing but luxurious vacation to sightsee around Bali.

In this trip, you will be brought to go around Lembongan island on luxurious catamaran as the where to visit itinerary. No need to ask about the facilities and services provided here since convenience and comfort are their number one priority. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy the sea breeze winding through your whole body.

63. Cycling on Ubud and Around

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Those who have been in Ubud, Bali, with their family, will definitely recommend you to go cycling around Ubud. Compared to other attractions in Ubud, this one is actually the new one that was established by those who craved for eco-friendly tourism in the place.

In this trip, you will be accompanied by English speaking locals to visit the attractions on bike. Besides visiting the main attractions you can find there, you will also be brought to visit local villages and observe how locals in Ubud still hold their culture and beliefs on pedestal along with the appreciation to environment.

64. Watching Monkey at Ubud Monkey Forest

The next place which provides fun things to do in Bali is Ubud. One of things to do in Ubud is going to the Monkey Forest. Visit the forest, see monkeys there, and let them climb all over you. This place is one of famous tourist attraction in Bali. Feel very cool air and enjoy bright warm sun shine.

You will find that monkeys are also adorable. If you carry any plastic bag or foods while walking through the forest, the monkey may jump on you and snatch your food. However, if you want to give them food, throw a bunch of bananas on the ground and they will not touch you.

65. Trekking in Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Still in Ubud, the place recommended for you to visit is Campuhan Ridge Walk. If you want to try free things to do in Bali, you may go to this area. This nature trek is easy and free which is popular among visitors. While walking along this trek, you will be able to enjoy beautiful green view and fresh air in Campuhan Ridge Walk.

It spans around nine kilometers by passing over the Valley of Wos River. This activity is good refreshment for your mind and body as well while admiring wonderful scenery around.

66. Having a Romantic Dinner in Bali for Couples

Talking about things to do in Bali for couples, you may want to try some romantic dinner in this exotic island. Since Bali is blessed with amazing views and natural landscape, many places there offers the couples with various romantic dinner.

Celebrate your anniversary or just have simple romantic experience. The option of place for dinner itself is wide spread. Whether you choose to have romantic dinner in Canggu, Ubud, or Benoa, dinner in Bali will never disappoint you. You could even build unforgettable memory by having dinner on a cruise from Benoa.

67. Having Romantic Tours in Bali

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Other romantic things to do in Bali are supposed to be for honeymooners. They can try to have some romantic tours in this island. There are several things to do in Bali for honeymooners through romantic tours. Go to sea of gold in Belok Village after fifteen minutes driving from Bedugul to Kintamani.

There you will find the fields of Marigold flowers along the roadside which makes you amazed. Having some photo shot there would be also fun to do as honeymooners. Besides, there is Tirta Gagga Water Palace to be visited in Karangasem. It is perfect spot for honeymooners to capture memories there.

When it comes to night, you could have a pool party as one of things to do in Bali at night. Many villas are available here with private pools which is perfect for a party with friends. Moreover, you could just spend night time by trying some street foods or local foods which are worth trying for dinner. By having various Bali activities, your vacation will be fabulous time you ever had.


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