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37 Best Things to Do & Activity to Have Fun in Indonesia


Things to Do in Indonesia – Here is a list of the best things to do and activity to have fun in Indonesia. When you seek Asia tourist destination especially in south east area,you may try to visit Indonesia. This country already known upon its people’s hospitality and their full of smile. Indonesia also known as archipelago state because its has about 17.500 island that spread in all over the country.

Each island has their own uniqueness, whether its land characteristic, the flora, the animal, the people that devided into many ethnic and also its culture. Therefore, Indonesia become one of wonderful tourist destination.

There are so many interesting things to do in Indonesia when you explore it further. You can visit Indonesia to have fun through a lot of activities from shopping to diving, from sun bathing to culinary tour. So, lets begin the adventure with Serbiserbi.

List of the Best Things to Do and Activity to Have Fun in Indonesia

1. Explore the Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Bali is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. This island is very well known among foreigner from all over country in the world. The paradise island offering so many tourist destination and activities to spoil your adventure spirit. First,of course you have to go to its wonderful beaches.

There are about 40 beaches or more in Bali waiting for your trip. If you are beach lover, you will not run out fun activities in those beautiful beach, lets talk about it one by one:

  • Sunbathing : Well, if your skin just little bit pale and you want to attract some hot womanor man with your tan skin, sunbath is just the perfect way that you can do in the beach. But, do not forget bring your sunscreen lotion because you do not want to burn your skin, right ?
  • Surfing : For water sport maniac, surfing is the thing that you must do in Bali. If you are professional surfer, you can test your skill and bring your adrenaline to handle the great waves of Kuta beach for example. If you are an amateur, do not be afraid because there is professional surfer trainer that offer their services to teach you surfing technique. Almost all beaches at Bali have great waves to surf, so it very reasonable that we call Bali as best places to surf in Indonesia.
  • Relaxing with massage : When you are exhausted after doing surfing or maybe you just want to relax while sunbath, you can call masseur that go around in the beach area. Very nice right ?
  • Doing hair braid : Its suit for you that suddenly want to make over your look, you can call hair braid service while you walk along the beach.

2. Best Experiences in Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Lombok is located near Bali, and it has beautiful aura as Bali. Tourist can reach Lombok from Bali by airplane, fast boat or ferry and by bus, choose as your desire. Unlike Bali, Lombok area consist of some archipelago cluster that called Gili by local people. The most famous Gili is Gili Trawangan that offer wonderful underwater sea view. There are some activites which you can do at Gili Trawangan :

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  • Scuba Diving : Enjoying under the sea life always become adventurous experience for almost everyone. Gili Trawangan blue sea water inhabited by numerous beautiful sea creatures that you can interact with.
  • Snorkeling : When you are not fan of scuba dive but you still want to see beautiful sea fish, you can do snorkeling. You can still enjoy underwater view by swim at the sea surface with face down to the water and use snorkel to breath.
  • Bike cycling : if you are not in the mood to swim, do not worry because you can rent bike and go around the gili, enjoying fresh air and the view. Local authority do not allow motor transportation in the Gili, so its air really fresh, free from pollution.
  • Riding Horse Cart : If you are too tired to ride a bike, you can always stop the coachman and ride horse cart while you enjoying the view and relaxing your foot.

3. Watch Traditional Indonesian Dance

Beside the beaches, Indonesia also known as its unique traditional dance, such as Kecak, Pendet, Barong, Saman, Tor-Tor Tujuh, Jaipong, and Gandrung. You can watch live dance performance in the art studio which held it or if you are lucky enough you can see it at some traditional ceremony that held by local people to celebrate something.

Within the live performance, the dancer often invite the audience to dance with them. Maybe if you have enough self confidence and ability to do some little dance, you can participate in the show, its gonna be fun of course.

4. Watch and Learn Angklung Play at Saung Angklung Udjo, Bandung, West Java

The attractiveness of Bandung is not only about the culinary, it is also about the tradition and culture. Most ethnic that lived at Bandung are Sundanese which have so many attractive tradition, one of them is traditional music use traditional musical instrument called Angklung.

This musical instrument is made by bamboo that have particular shaped to produce particular tone. When we play the Angklung set together, the lovely sound of Angklung harmony can produce beautiful song. Because its easy to play, everyone can play angklung from kids to adult.

In Bandung, there are one spot that develop this musical instrument called Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU). In this place, we can see any kind of Angklung, watch the making of Angklung, watch the Angklung musical live performance and we also can learn to play its instrument. It is becomes unique things to do especially for foreigner tourist who have music passion because they rarely see Angklung in their country.

5. Having Fun at Trans Studio Bandung

Aside from natural tourist attractions, you can also visit modern tourist attractions. Amusement park like Trans Studio Bandung is highly recommended if you visit Bandung. Enjoying the ride of this tourist destination is part of things to do in Bandung. The best part of this amusement park is the easy access to the place. Several transportation modes will accommodate your trip here.

When it comes for amusement park, most visitors always worried the weather condition. Heavy rain might ruin your trip to amusement park. Fortunately, Trans Studio Bandung is an indoor amusement park. It means that you will not have to be worried over heavy rain outside. Enjoying the rides it has to offer, is definitely fun things to do in Indonesia. Since the place is child friendly, you can bring along your child with you here as well.

6. Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park

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Indonesia has thousands of islands. Visiting each island to see what it has to offer seems like something impossible. However, by visiting the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, you will be able to enjoy all if its cultural attractions in one stop. This tourist attraction is located in the capital city of Jakarta. You will have many things to do in Jakarta if you visit this place.

Makes no mistake, Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park is not like any other park. The size of this tourist attraction is enormous. Its size is necessary to accommodate all of its cultural riches of the country. This park is highly recommended for those of you who bring your children along.

Put visiting the park on the list of things to do in Indonesia with kids. Aside from being educative, it is also entertaining. Both you and your children will be able to enjoy the place at the same time.

7. Visiting Old Town (Kota Tua) Jakarta

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Old town or Kota Tua is an area where all historical building of Jakarta still stand out gracefully. The building is kept to preserve ancient heritage of Jakarta, so the next generation can learn more about the history. All building is used as museum, cafe and also photography shot location.

All around the area, we can find many street foods vendors that sell Jakarta traditional foods and beverages such as Gado-gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce), Doger ice, Soto, fried bean sprout, laksa and many other foods. Beside street foods, there are a lot of fun activities that we can do here, such as :

  • Take photo with street performances : at the center field of old town there are at least 10 to 20 street performances with various character like Dutch lady, soldiers, anime character, cartoon character, magician and they all always ready to take photo with us.
  • Ride a traditional bike : If we want to walk around the town with an old days atmosphere, we can rent traditional bike and go have fun with it.
  • Visiting museums : we also able to enjoy more historical value by visit museums that scattered around the old town. There are wayang (puppet) museum, painting museum, historical object museum, and money museum. We can see best kept secrets Indonesia all in those museums.
  • Make face sketch by street artist : In the old town, we also can find a street artist who can sketch our face beautifully. So, are you interesting to make the skecth ? There is no harm to do it, right ?

8. Strolling at Monumen Nasional (Monas)

Another historical place in Jakarta is Monumen Nasional (Monas) that located at the center of the city near President’s office. Monas is a national monument of Indonesia that build on the year between 1961 till 1975, it was established to remembering all Indonesian heroes within earning Indonesia’s independence.

Monas has 132 meter or 433 feet high with the flame statue at the top that made from pure gold. Inside the monument, lower floor, we can find national history museum that contain national history from Kingdom of Sriwijaya until independence era in the diorama shaped.

After visiting lower floor, we can buy ticket to go to upper floor and see independence room. The room is an amphiteather room, in the center we can see the original Indonesia’s independence manuscript sealed in the glass box. We also can hear the original voice of President Soekarno (first Indonesia President) read the manuscript.

Its like we use time capsule, go to the day when President Soekarno announce Indonesia Independence on August 17th 1945 at Pegangsaan Timur Street. For next trip, we can go to the top of Monas use elevator inside the monument. At the top of Monas, we can see every corner of Jakarta city while take a picture or selfie from above.

9. Go Shopping at Malioboro, Yogyakarta

If you come to Indonesia, you should not miss to visit Yogyakarta. This special province is packed with shopping tourist attractions. One of them is Malioboro. It is the most favorite place to shop at Yogyakarta. Malioboro actually a street name located at center of city.

Alongside the road, lined up the street vendors with their various selling product from any kind of batik clothes, handmade craft, and also numerous street foods. The best thing about go shopping at Malioboro is the cheap prices for all product and we can do bargaining process with the seller if we want the cheaper price.

10. Explore Kapuas River, West Kalimantan

Borneo or Kalimantan is the third largest island in the world that located northen Java island. This island divided into three country areas which are Indonesia (73%), Malaysia (26%) and Brunnei Darusalam (1%).
This island also known as one hundred rivers island because it has many river, Kapuas river is the longest river (1143 kilometers long) located at West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Kalimantan has many amazing tourism object, so it can be one of Indonesian island to visit.

  • River cruise at Kapuas : We can enjoy the beauty of Kapuas river by tourism boat that available at Kapuas square park, Rahadi Oesman street and Serasan Cafe, all located at Pontianak city, west Kalimatan. The boat route pass through Kapuas square park, Sultan Syarif Abburrahman AlKadri Jami Mosque, first Kapuas bridge and Serasan cafe. During the cruise, we can enjoy Kapuas river view and watch the life or activities of side river people all at once.
  • Down the Kapuas river by canoe : If you like more challenging thing to explore Kapuas river, you can try canoe ride. We can rent canoe that available at Imam Bonjol street Pontianak, near first Kapuas Bridge. The canoe rental payment is only 10 thousand rupiah per hour, including one paddle and life safe vest. Tourist allowed to ride a canoe around the first Kapuas bridge river flow.

11. Rock Climbing at Bukit Kelam (Kelam Hill)

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Kelam hill has become tourism icon of Sintang, West Kalimantan province. This hill actually is a monolith rock rise about 900 Mdpl height, it is look very strong and sturdy. We can climb this rock through the stairs that provide while enjoying the fresh air of Kalimantan jungle and explore many flora and rare tree that may we never see in any other place. On the top, we can see exotism of Sintang city plus Kalimantan jungle overlay.

12. Shopping at Floating Market

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Forget about mainstream shop at the ground, because we will enjoy buy and sell transaction in floating market, located at Barito river South Kalimantan. This market has been around since 400 years ago and still become most attractive tourist destination and has its function as livelihood the citizens in the area.

This market become one of places to visit in Indonesia because its uniqueness within transaction between seller and buyer. The seller must ride the traditional wood boat, bring their selling product to the buyer. Its the same rule for the buyer, they also ride the boat and approach to the seller in order to buy the product. Another unique thing is sometimes the barter system still use in here if there is an agreement between two side.

13. Exploring the Exotism of Raja Ampat, West Papua

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Papua is the eastern island of Indonesia and Raja Ampat located at West Papua province. Same as Lombok, Raja Ampat also consist of four archipelago big cluster which are Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta island. Raja Ampat very well known cause its has the most beautiful sea biotas, therefore it becomes best dive spots Indonesia beside Bunaken sea park at Maluku.

Dive to See Wonderful Sea Biotas

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Raja Ampat sea biotas are very special because almost 75% coral species in the world can be found in here. In addition, we also can find about 1.511 fish species include about 27 rare fish species, 5 rare turtle species, 13 rare sea mammal species and 57 mantis prawn spesies. The divers from all over the world love to explore its sea because the water is very clear and remain unpolluted.

Watching “Sea Ghost” at Waigeo Island

Sea ghost actually is an unique nature phenomenon that happen in the deep sea water. We can see shaped like ghost in the sea that formed from some light from underwater or from the reflection of sunset light. We can go around “the ghost” for about 10 to 18 minutes by boat. But, we can not see this phenomenon in January, because it only happens at the end of the year.

Enjoying Suling Tambur: Traditional Flute Orchestra

Not only the sea, the culture in Raja Ampat is worth to see. For example, the performance of traditional flute orchestra called Suling Tambur. Usually, this performance held on religious festival or in the Indonesia Independence day celebration and as a part of welcome ceremony for very important guest like Presidents or Governor.

Trip to Pre-historical Era: Tomolo Cave

If you are a fan of the Flintstone cartoon movie, you must visit this pre-historical cave called Tomolo. You will be amazed by the pre-historical painting in the wall of the cave. Mostly shaped like big giant human palm and also very big animals like elephant and tiger.

Catching Sea worms or insonem

At the Ayau Island, we can enjoy sea local vegetation in the beach that scattered all over the island. Beside that, we also can see local people especially women and child catch the sea worms or insonem as their meal. We can participate into the activity and taste the unique foods made from insonem.

14. Doing Things at Lake Toba

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Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia located at North Sumatra. In the middle of the lake, there is an island named Samosir that formed because of volcano eruption 75 thousand years ago along with the lake.
Samosir Island can be said as the centre of tourist destination beside Lake Toba itself. There are many amazing tourist destination that you must see in Samosir Island, and of course there is many interesting activities that you can do in here, such as :

  • Swims at Crystal Clear Waterfalls : inside Samosir Island we can find some crystal clear waterfalls that spread all over the area. We can swim to the water and feel the misty air from the forest surround.
  • Visiting Traditional House of Batak : Sopo is the named of traditional Batak house that have special shape and its decoration. It has roofs curve upwards like buffalo horns and stand above the ground. The house decoration reflects the culture of Batak ethnic such as Songket fabric or cooking utensils that usually use by local people.
  • Participate in Local Traditional Batak Dance : Local people at Samosir Island usually held welcome ceremony for the tourist by doing traditional Batak Dance, called Tor-Tor. The dancers always bring the tourists to dance along with them to show togetherness between local people and the tourist.

15. Eating Durian at Medan, North Sumatra

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One of typical fruit at Medan, North Sumatra is Durian. Most foreigner tourist especially from Europe or America unfamiliar with this fruit because it is only grows in tropical country. Some people may not like its sting smell, but actually it has very creamy delicious taste.

We can enjoy Durians every time that we want, because in Sumatra there is no particular season for this fruit, but the best taste durian come in September until December every year.

16. Island Hopping on Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) Jakarta

What to do on Thousand Islands, Jakarta, Indonesia, besides island hopping from one to another? Do not worry about not find something of distinction for you will. The islands often visited on Thousand Islands offer many different things from one island to another.

If you are interested on marine life of Indonesia beaches, Putri Island offers great spot for diving and snorkeling. In Tidung Island, you will find turtle conservation to conserve endangered sea turtle. In addition, you can also ride a bike on flat plain of Bidadari Island and stop to see the remnants of Dutch colonization abandoned yet thriving.

17. Bangka Belitung with Untouched Charm

Bangka Belitung, Indonesia, is one of Indonesian islands to visit if you like uninhabited islands untouched of booming tourism. Due to its untouched charm, it does have serenity and clean beach like you ever found before. Try to include Pulau Tanjung Kelayar, Pulau Lengkuas, and Pulau Burung respectively on your day trip.

On the first island, you will see numbers of granite standing on the sets, making it worthy of picture. You will find lighthouse standing in the middle of small uninhabited woods on the second island and lonely rocks resembling a bird head on the third.

18. Swimming with Sharks in Karimun Jawa and Serangan

If you are fan of rather extreme adventure, then you must have heard of Karimun Jawa Islands in Central Java and Serangan Island in Bali. These islands offer first-hand experience on swimming with sharks as things to see safely without danger of being bitten. In the matter of service, they come with two facilities.

Firstly, you can swim besides them without any means of safety. Do not worry, though, since the sharks on those islands are not aggressive towards human, such as Wobbegong. Or, you can also opt for cage swimming in which you will be placed inside steel cage.

19. Seeing Manta Ray in Indonesia

Indonesia is quite well-known for marine biodiversity, which in this case includes manta ray. If you happen to be in manta hunt, you can visit several islands to see them on it habitat. Nusa Penida in Bali would be a good start to see them before hopping to Manta Point in Pulau Komodo, East Nusa Tenggara for another experience.

Getting further, you can go to Sangalaki Island in East Kalimantan and Kapisawar Island in Raja Ampat for more variations of manta species. Besides the usual ones, you can also find the fat chubby ones there, the one rarely found anywhere else. In this case, what would you pick, then?

20. Get Your Best Experiences by Swimming and Touching the Jellyfish

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Swimming in the lake is the common thing that almost people ever do. But, how if the jellyfish be your swimming friend? Certainly, you can get the best experiences and sensation in Indonesian amazing lakes that you must try to visit on your next holiday trip. They are Kakaban Lake, Misool in West Papua, and Togean Archipelago.

In those lakes, you are free to swim with the jellyfish. Don’t worry as they are not dangerous, so you can swim with them and touch them with your hand safely without getting stung. Moreover, don’t forget to take a picture with them to perpetuate this amazing moment.

21. Get the Unforgettable Holiday by Seeing the Swimming Wild Dolphin

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Beach is the best and favorite destination place in the world. Walking around, enjoying the sight-seeing and laying on the beach are the most favorite activities to do. But actually, besides giving the beautiful view, you can also visit the tourism place that will give you the unforgettable experience. Your precious holiday trip will more complete if you visit the beach in Derawan Island, East Kalimantan.

Besides offered by the wonderful scenery, you can also get the memorable experience there. Yes, you can see the swimming wild dolphin on the sea directly without getting any harmed. Well, the other tourism places in Indonesia that also offer this amazing view are Lovina Beach in Bali, Kiluan Bay in Lampung, and Siladen in North Sulawesi.

22. Visiting Komodo Nasional Park in Labuan Bajo

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Komodo Island is included as the top 10 tourist destinations in Indonesia. As the name implies, the island is the habitat of Komodo. As we know, this ancient reptile is almost extinct. Well, this fact makes tourists are interested to visit Labuan Bajo. There, you can see the wonderful of island and meet Komodo all at once.

To get those great experiences, make sure to plan your trip on the right time to have a safer and more amazing trip. During May to September, it is the best time because the rain frequency is lower. So, you can pass through the island track and enjoy the whole beautiful view.

23. Visiting Ancient Ruins in Indonesia

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It may be hard to believe that visiting ancient ruins and temples can be an exciting activity when coming to Indonesia. But with the rich heritage and culture, there are some interesting places to do it and you will have enough of Indonesia points of interest. Borobudur may have been a mainstream type of activity so feel free to come to other spots.

Ratu Boko temple, for instance, has remained a mystery, in terms of function and purpose. Or if you want to stay in Central Java, visit Dieng Temples. In the event that you go to Riau, you can visit Muara Takus, a massive Buddhist complex or Megalithic Gunung Padang site in Cianjur, West Java.

24. Exploring the Spots for Sunsets and Sunrise in Indonesia

What are the ideal places to see the beautiful sunset and sunrise? Some of these places are known as the best destinations in Asia, simply because you get to see these two natural phenomena. For couples, often times these spots are known as the romantic spots, which make it ideal for honeymooners.

Mount Agung in Bali, for a starter, isn’t only majestic but also beautiful. It takes some efforts to go up to the peak but it is going to worth it. If you don’t want to travel far to Bali, you can always go to Pangandaran in West Java or Borobudur Temple. Each of them has their own signature style. Pangandaran is a coastal area whereas Borobudur is a hilly spot.

25. Waterfalls in Indonesia with Unique and Rare Natural Beauties

Looking for beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia? The country is packed with unique, rare, natural, and gorgeous waterfalls. However, some places are more popular than the others so you have a wide array of options, basically.

If you go to Lombok, for instance, you can always go to Sendang Tiu. It is unique and super beautiful with one big waterfall right in the middle and ten other smaller ones surrounding it. Not to mention that you can swim there too.

If you visit Bali, in the area of Ubud, you can go to Nung-Nung waterfall, which looks mystical and ethereal. Don’t miss to visit Cikaso Waterfall in Sukabumi, West Java. This waterfall is very amazing and charming. In East Java, you can go to Tumpak Sewu and Madakaripura, pretty close to Bromo.

26. Underrated Places in Indonesia for Hiking Enthusiasts

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Indonesia offers thousands of fascinating trails for hiking from a short trek throughout rice fields to a few-days hike up to the volcanoes. The stunning scenery of Padar Island in Komodo National Park is one of them as you may even meet the Komodo dragons while climbing. Mount Kelimutu is great to see the sunrise at the summit and enjoy the three-colored volcanic lakes.

Sipiso-Piso waterfall at Lake Toba will amaze hikers with its 120-metre tall views. Mount Rinjani in Lombok offers wonderful landscape and uncanny seclusion. A lot of these underrated places in Indonesia take people all the way through open savannas, virgin tropical forests, and isolated beaches.

27. Indonesia Tourist Spots for Surfing in the Western Coast of Sumatra

The Mentawai Islands are where one of the most excellent waves in the world is found. Spread out of the western coast of Sumatra, the island offers constant up to 15 feet, waves alongside pure island panorama. Not only it becomes a safe haven but also one of the ultimate Indonesia tourist spots for surfing.

The warm waters are where reefs as well as point breaks reside, amid many isolated coves and area. Some surfers like surf camps that are custom-made while the others prefer going on a big exploration to get to the most secluded areas. Whatever pleases your likings, the Mentawai Islands surely will not fail to impress even the most broadly travelled people.

28. Interesting Indonesian Traditional Food with the Abundance of Spices

One of the most favored activities to do while traveling is to eat local foods. One of the nicest ways to know about Indonesia is through the taste of the foods. The diverse traditional foods are as rich as the culture. Interesting facts about Indonesian food are shown on a significant similarity of wherever region the foods come from. It is the spices.

Bear in mind that Indonesia has large quantity of spices and it captivated traders from Europe at the first time. Therefore, it’s not a shocker that Indonesia uses them abundantly and richly in traditional foods. Even though most Indonesian will eat foods with spoon and fork, some will usually eat them by hands. Well, that is how to eat like locals.

29. Wayang Kulit as the Culture, Art and Traditional Folklores

Despite being well-known for lots of things Indonesia is also recognized for its culture. Wayang as the art of puppetry, which mean shadow, is a Javanese folklore show that brings puppets into play to represent the Ramayana and Mahabharata tales. This centuries-old masterpiece is a good way to spend the night after exploring the regions by appreciating Javanese philosophies.

Wayang kulit, is the most well-known type of wayang. The puppets are made by carved leather and specifically designed based on each roles of the characters in the play. A linen or cotton screen is spread and oil lamp is used to project the shadow images of the puppets. A puppet master called Dalang is the one who controls, performs and narrates the play accompanied by gamelan orchestra.

30. Learning How to Play Gamelan in Java and Bali

Traditional themed trip will not be complete without soaking up Javanese and Balinese culture by learning how to play Gamelan. This set of Javanese and Balinese musical instruments have been the living music for Javanese and Balinese who hold their culture dearly.

If you want to learn how to play it, you will find the cultural learning center all over Central Java and Yogyakarta along with Bali. The chances are you will find some locals offering to teach Gamelan playing. However, take note to pay attention to dos & don’ts the locals have to say since this instrument is still sacred.

31. Crafting Batik in Local Village of Yogyakarta

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If you are in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, what would be a better thing than learning how to craft Batik in the center of it all? Yogyakarta Batik has gained quite a world-famous reputation as the local heritage. No wonder then many tourists are eager to learn such thing when they are in this kingdom-ruled province.

For a piece of advice, local village that caters the need of such tourism is the best option you have to learn Batik crafting. Thanks to such market, such village is widespread in Yogyakarta, so you will not find any problem in finding Batik crafting center.

32. Soaking Up Peace through Yoga in Ubud

Ubud, Bali has been a hotspot for any activities that revolve around it tranquility and state of peace, any of it. No wonder many tourists and hippies swarm about this place to soak up all good things it comes with. One way you can resort to on your spiritual trip is probably joining Yoga courses.

You will find many Yoga courses on all corners offering classes on Asthanga, Vinyasa, hot yoga, and meditation on Balinese-based tradition. Instead of semi-indoor room like any other yoga class, all classes in Ubud is held outdoors, so you can soak up tranquility while meditating.

33. Sightseeing in Malioboro Street on Pedicab and Horse Carriage

Ever heard of Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta? You must have since this street is like the center of gravity of all tourism in Yogyakarta. Many tourists flock this street just to soak up anything it has to offer and there are so many of it.

In that case, going around with your family on horse carriage or pedicab is a sensible way you can resort to. Yes, these two modes of transportation have also become the trendsetter of Malioboro Street. That said, you cannot miss out on a chance for these things to do in Yogyakarta to have a taste of Java.

34. Nihiwatu Resort and Its Charm in Sumba

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If you focus your attention on eastern provinces, such as East Nusa Tenggara, you can turn your face to Sumba. This island is bustling with monolithic culture and artifacts that have gained this island worldwide reputation.

If you are considering this island on your itinerary and still decide on which place to stay, you can opt for Nihiwatu Resort that’s considered as one of the best resorts in Indonesia. Just a mile from the beach shore, you can see beautiful sunset while having a self-indulging spa. Besides, you can also visit local village full of thatched roof since it is just miles from the resort.

35. Get the special Honeymoon by Visiting Beautiful Places and Resort in Indonesia

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Doing some romantic activities are things that the newlywed must do when spending the honeymoon trip. Be careful to not take your beloved one to the wrong place if you don’t want to ruin your honeymoon. Here are the wonderful Indonesia honeymoon destination places that you must try to visit.

The first is “Pulo Cinta” Eco Resort in Gorontalo. There, you can spend the quality time by enjoying the beauty of nature surrounding the island, set the romantic moment on the beautiful beach, and stay at the comfortable and unique villa.

The second one is “Kampung Sampireun” in Garut. The resort offers the romantic Sudanese nuance, where the villa building has traditional sundanese looks. Besides, it offers the variety of Sudanese menus that you can try.

36. Hunting the Unique Silver Handicraft for Your Trip Souvenir

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Having a vacation without hunting the unique handicrafts is not complete enough. When visiting tourism places in Indonesia, vacant your time to hunt the unique silver handicrafts for the souvenir. Well, they can be displayed at home as your own collection, or you may give it as special gift.

This worthy souvenir can be founded at Kota Gede Yogyakarta, Celuk Bali, Kota Gadang West Sumatra, and Kendari South East Sulawesi. There are many handicrafts such as jewelry, miniature building, kitchen set, and carving. All of them are made of silver. You don’t need to hesitant the quality because it’s made properly by the expert craftsmen.

37. Don’t Miss These Coffee Destination Places in Indonesia

Indonesia is a fertile and tropical country; so many kinds of plant can easily grow. Coffee is one of them which grow well in this country. Some places in Indonesia produce the best quality of coffee. They are Gayo Plateau in Takengon Aceh, Ubud Bali, Tanah Toraja, Wamena Papua, Osing Coffee in Banyuwangi, Banjawa NTT, and Sigi Central Sulawesi.

Each coffee has its own uniqueness, depending on how each place processes the coffee making in different ways. Some areas such as Ubud Bali and Sigi Central Sulawesi even allow the visitors to see the coffee making process. Therefore, these places can be the best reference to visit for coffee lovers.

As you can see, Indonesia has numerous tourist objects. They are in form of either natural or cultural attraction. Some modern attraction can also be found for educational and recreational purposes. Due to those numerous tourist destinations, you will not run out of ideas about what to do in Indonesia. Those are the list of interesting activities in Indonesia that you can use as reference. Are you ready for the next adventures?


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