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37 Best Things to Do in Singapore – Top Activities & Point of Interest


Things to Do in Singapore – So, what are the best things to do in Singapore, provided that you have limited funds and you don’t want to splurge? Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel in style, or have an enjoyable and satisfying moment.

There are a lot of interesting activities without you having to spend a dime. There are also a lot Singapore points of interest. If you know your way around, you should be able to have a top-notch travel quality without spending a fortune. Check out the full review from Serbiserbi.

List of The Best Things to Do in Singapore You Should Know

1. Changi’s Free Singapore Tour

If you are on a transit and you have more than 6 hours to spend, why not joining the tour, instead of spending time inside the airport doing nothing? Instead of getting bored out of your wits, explore the island and find some magical moments. The tour is completely free, running for 2.5 hours with a guide.

There are two types of tours: the City Sights and The Heritage. The previous one is only available twice a day whereas the latter one is available four times a day. You should be able to register at the airport; they have the procedure and process. Simply follow everything and you can spend your waiting time doing something more fun!

2. Romantic Dinner at Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a place to shop and see the view. But if you are looking for a place to enjoy memorable and romantic dinner, this is a place to go to. With the Premium Sky Dining offer, you will be pampered with amazing view.

The dinner includes in flight host and a 4-course menu – for a price, naturally. You can choose to have Chinese or Western dining menu. The service also includes two rotations that run in one hour. Don’t you think it is one of the best services you can get?

3. Freebies at Singapore Really Really Free Market

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As the name suggests, this market offers free items and also service. This is one of the top 10 spots to visit, often referred to the market for broke travelers and tourists. The idea is to ‘fight against’ consumerism as well as improving share and promoting care for each other.

Those who want to donate or give away their items can join, as well as those who want to donate their service and time. The reason why this spot is included within the tourist places list is because of the unique idea, and the appeal of getting free stuff or service.

4. Movie Mob Activity

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Looking for a way to spend the time watching your favorite flicks under the star? Do you want to have a cheap date night? Why not joining the Movie Mob community? So, what to do? Basically, you just watch the movie with a screen and an open roof. This is one of the must things to do in Singapore for couples, although you can also go as a group.

Even if you are alone, you can enjoy the laid back vibe and the free movie show. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks, but if you are lucky, you can get free drinks and snacks, depending on the location and the venue.

5. Legal Graffiti at Somerset Skate Park

One of the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days without spending money is the Somerset Skate Park. As the name suggests, this is a skate park in case you are interested in watching the skaters performance as well as performing your own gig. Your short trip will be worthwhile while doing different kinds of activities.

Besides skating, you can also take a stroll and simply enjoy the surrounding. Other things to see are the graffiti, as well as drawing them. Feel free to put your own drawing if you feel like it. It is completely legal.

6. Esplanade Roof Garden Picnic

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Want to enjoy the view after enjoying your walk at Singapore River? Why don’t you climb up to the Esplanade Roof Garden? Have a picnic while enjoying the view over the Marina Bay. It is peaceful and you can even enjoy the picnic at night.

Don’t forget to clean up afterwards, mind you? The place is usually packed with people during New Year and other holidays but the view is worth it.

7. Music Show and Theater at Esplanade

What to see at Esplanade? It is a venue for many performances, exhibitions, and shows. Some of them may be local, some may be international. They always provide information about exhibitions, including the free shows.

It is one of the major sports and attractions of tourism in Singapore. In case you want to visit Singapore this weekend, check for the list of fun stuff to do there.

8. Merlion Park and Helix Bridge

Who doesn’t know Merlion Park, one of the great icons of Singapore? It is a must see landmark if you come to Singapore. Both the park and the Helix Bridge are parts of Singapore attractions that gain attention from many travelers and tourists.

The cool thing about the Helix Bridge is the unique design. Taking pictures at the bridge is other free things to do in Singapore – and you get to have a memorable picture with amazing background.

9. F1 Race

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If you have ever asked yourself, ‘What are some things I can do when I travel to Singapore?’ Well, you can always watch the F1 Grand Prix race. It is one of the Singapore highlights, especially for those who are into the race. If you are free tonight, why don’t you buy the ticket and save yourself a spot?

Yes, it is a night race that will spark your night. Get to the official website today and view the list of activities available there. If you come to Singapore in September or December, you can also check for the available race. The schedule for 2018 is already available.

10. Marina Bay Sands

On the contrary to what people believe, there are a lot of things to do in Marina Bay Sands. Besides going to the Skypark to get the amazing view, you can check the Infinity Pool or the observation Deck. It may cost you to go there, but it is worth it. No wonder if this spot is often included in the top ten spots to visit in Singapore.

11. Hiking in Singapore Southern Ridges

If you are looking for exciting activity in your vacation, it is advisable to visit Asian countries. Asian country like Singapore offers plenty options for adventure. As it goes with other Asian countries, Singapore is blessed with natural wonder. Southern Ridges in Singapore provide you with stunning nature panorama. Hiking in Southern Ridges will give you memorable experience.

If this place is not enough for you, you can also visit Bali. There are plenty things to do in Bali that you can do. Other than visiting temples, swimming in the beaches there is also recommended as well. The underwater beauty of Bali is no less impressive than any other place in the world.

12. Having Fun in Waterparks

Most people go on vacation to Singapore due to the entertainment venue it has to offer. Is you like for water adventure, you can visit waterparks. There are plenty waterparks in this country to have fun. One of them is the Adventure Cove Waterpark. This entertainment venue is located in Sentosa Island.

You can reach the island pretty easily, considering the government is already providing visitors with easy access to many tourist destinations. In this waterpark, you will be able to enjoy seven water rides. The thrilling experience you will get from those rides will make your vacation memorable. You can also swim with different variety of fishes in the spot as well.

13. Free Attractive Spots in Singapore without Spending Money

Singapore is packed with plenty of attractive tourist destinations. However, most of them require you to pay for great sum of money. It does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy the places. If you want to visit free tourist attraction, you can go to Marina Bay Sands.

They have water attraction with laser technology that you can enjoy without spending money. Marina Bay Sands itself is surrounded by many tourist attractions. The water laser attraction that you want to visit is part of light and water show. It is not only recommended for couples, but also for those of you who are travelling with your family as well.

14. Kayaking in Mandai Mangroves Singapore

Singapore is full with tourist attractions. Some of the nature spots in this area are highly recommended for adventure. This place is good for those of you who want to escape your comfort zone and embrace the nature beauty in thrilling trip. One of the options available is Mandai Mangroves.

As the name suggest, you can go for kayaking in the river surrounded with mangrove trees. This place is located on Ubin Island. The place is easy to access. The best part about it is that you can enjoy local cuisine right after you finish the activity. Several accommodation places are provided to facilitate the visitors.

15. Relaxing Thing to Do in Singapore

Beach is probably the best place for relaxing. If you are looking for the best beach in the world, Singapore is recommended place. This country is packed with islands. Most of them have accessible beaches that offer nature beauty. There are plenty things to do in Singapore beaches including diving and snorkeling.

You do not have to be bothered with diving or snorkeling equipment. Beaches on Sentosa Island are already packed with rental services. You can rent the equipment offered at low price. More importantly, you can also hire guide to help you enjoying the diving and snorkeling activity. If you prefer to lay back and relax, you can see the beautiful sunset in the beachfront bars scattered around the area.

16. Posing Crazily in Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum located in Sentosa Island, Singapore, has attracted thousands of tourists who come over with one mission; posing with unrealistic yet real looking installations and showing it off. If that is the case, you can use carnival or circus themed installation and pose on the cannon, making it look like you are being shot out of it.

If you want to have a pose on more extreme background, you can lie on your stomach on skydiving installation and see how your friends react to that. Those are to only name a few amazing poses you can do here.

17. Kidzania for Real Life Simulation of Profession

If you are in Singapore for family vacation, then you should go to Kidzania with kids. In this place, they can have almost-real simulation on many types of profession in real life. To name a few of all-recommended professions, firefighter and police are two professions that kids can try the simulation of.

They will be brought to real-looking place burned with fake flame on fire truck and extinguish the fire. For the latter, they need to catch a criminal on any kind of scenes who try to run from them in which they need to chase after them on police car.

18. Universal Studio and All Its Excitements

Exploring Universal Studio is one of many things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island on your vacation. In this theme park, you can visit all five zones packed with exciting rides and attractions. Gape at the magnificent replica of New York Public Library on New York zone.

Go back to old time Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Unveil the future in Sic-Fi City full of thrilling rides; relive the Ancient Egypt with all its awe-striking architectures. Make your dreams come true in Far Far Away and see the dinosaurs and zoo life of the Lost World and Madagascar respectively.

19. Diverse Culinary Tourism in Singapore

Besides its modernity, Singapore is also known for its diverse authentic foods, thanks to diverse Chinese, Japanese, Malay, and Indian ethnicities. Going east, about 30 minutes from the Orchard, you will find hawker foods full of all ethnicities if you are bored of Western food in Katong.

Have a taste of Katong Laksa for touch of Peranakan Chinese thriving its originality. For the Malay food, Nasi Lemak is the prizewinner, thanks to its magnificent taste and do not leave without serving yourself Sri Lankan chili crab for Indian food. That is all for the ideas on culinary based tourism in Singapore.

20. Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant for Buddhist Teachings

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If you are more into religious tourism and visiting Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore, do not miss the chance to taste mod Buddhist monk vegetarian food in Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food. Located in Chinatown near the temple, it offers home-cooking Buddhist vegetarian food with cozy ambience of home.

Everything on offer is listed on the chalkboard menu in the front, so check it out first. If you are lucky, start off with plate of nice spring rolls filled with vermicelli and vegetables. Continue with salad, soup, or stew sans meat packaged with minimalism to soak up the Buddhist teachings.

21. Gardens by the Bay Singapore as the Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Singapore

One of the countries in Southeast Asia that’s recommended as tourism destination is Singapore. Even though the area of this country is not that large, it has great developments in many sectors, including tourism. Gardens by The Bay Singapore are one of wonderful places to visit in Singapore for couples.

This place has 10 beautiful spots to visit and enjoy. One of them is Flower Dome, an indoor conservatory that has a lot of plants and flowers. This spacious dome is extremely beautiful with an area of 1.2 hectare. Enjoying blooming flowers with beloved one will be a memorable vacation ever.

22. The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Singapore

There are a lot of amazing places that are recommended as honeymoon destinations in Singapore. Well, one of them is Parkroyal on Pickering. As reference, having dinner in romantic place will be an unforgettable moment for couples. It is not only romantic, but unique dinner when you can enjoy delicious dishes in a giant lemon bottle.

There is nothing better than enjoying the best taste of various kinds of Asian and international foods in warm and modern interior. Besides the various delicious dishes and excellent architecture, this place also offers splendid view of Singapore city with shimmering lamps and skyscrapers.

23. Good and Unique Cafe in Dempsey Hill

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In Dempsey Hill, Singapore, there are a number of unique cafes that offer various unique menus. Having lunch in one of cafe should be in a list of your itinerary when visiting Singapore. Each unique cafe offers its typical main foods, drinks, appetizers, and dessert.

Most of cafes don’t offer good taste of dishes only but also unique and interesting view and interior design. Sometimes, it is not easy to decide which cafe you are going to choose to have lunch since all of them seem interesting and attractive. Just try 2 or 3 cafes and next time don’t forget to visit Dempsey Hill again and try the other cafes.

24. Marina Bay Cruise Centre, the Main Scenic Location in Singapore

Visiting Singapore wouldn’t be complete without visiting Marina Bay Cruise Center. This place is famous for its modern architecture with an exotic view of the Singapore’s City Skyline and Straits of Malacca. This is a main scenic location that will make you amazed for its beauty.

Come and enjoy the night sky view that is full of fireworks and go down the walking area. Whether you are having solo trip vacation, group vacation, or honeymoon, Marina Bay Cruise Center will always be the most recommended glamorous place to visit in Singapore. This place will be another unique event venue of yours.

25. Haji Lane, One of Scenic and Unique Locations in Singapore

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Behind the splendor of many shopping centers in Singapore, there is a unique tucked tunnel named Haji Lane. Contains Singapore’s small local designer boutiques, Haji Lane becomes more attractive as one of tourism destination in Singapore. Each boutique is attempting to beautify the shop, so it makes Haji Lane looks more stunning and vibrant.

Walking along Haji Lane wouldn’t be boring since the way there are many unique and gravities. This location is really worthy for those who love photography. Each spot can be wonderful background for artistic photography. This location can be a magnet for all tourists, especially art lovers.

26. Enjoy Your Vacation in Marine Life Park, Singapore

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A giant aquarium named South East Asia (SEA) in Marine Life Park, Singapore offers an incredible underwater view shown in glass panels. This is one of water recreation objects which are the part of Marine Life Park. As the biggest aquarium in Asia, SEA aquarium contains more than 100,000 species of marine biota and 45 million liters water.

As one of the most popular Asia tourism destinations in Singapore, it is designed with magnificence. The main attractiveness in SEA is the giant glass panel with 36 meters long and 8.3 meters height. Inside the panel, there are a plenty of unique beautiful fishes to see.

27. Wings of Times Show, the Spectacular Show with Beautiful Effects

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“Wings of times” is a beautiful multi-sensory extravaganza show that tells the epic story that is full of braver, magic, and mystery. This show is performed by cool and professional international team with perfect beautiful stage effects. “Wings of times” is the only one permanent night show which has setting in open sea.

In this show, the audiences can see an enormous water-screen, incredible multimedia effects, including 3D projection, water jets, fountains, and fire art technique. How can’t it be dreamed of? This spectacular full-of-music nigh show will take you fly in a magical land with wonderful experience. Isn’t it really awesome?

28. Walking Along Tiang Bahru to Enjoy the Scenery

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Singapore tourists might be familiar with Universal Studio, Marina Bay Sands, and Merlion. If you are one of them and have been bored with those places, it is time to try visiting Tiong Bahru, a location categorized as one of famous hipster places in the world. Ask your travel guide to take you to this place and feel the different sensation.

Take the camera and get ready to pose in all spots in Tiang Bahru. Everything along Tiang Bahru is attractive. So, just walking along this location is just enough to see something unique and artistic. This is really a lovely place for photography enthusiasts.

29. Enjoying Wonderful View in Singapore River

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Singapore, a cosmopolitan country has been one of the most favorite tourism destinations in Southeast Asia. Enjoying beautiful scenery in in Singapore River is one of things you should do when visiting this country. Singapore River offers wonderful scenery, especially in the evening. The night sky looks perfect with skyscrapers around.

Not only just enjoying scenery, you can also explore the river by Singapore River Cruise. It is really a unique view and moment where river meets wonderful high buildings. This is a recommended location to visit, especially for honeymoon. Visiting Singapore wouldn’t be complete without visiting Singapore River and trying sensation of exploring river by Singapore River Cruise.

30. The Beauty of Arts in Singapore Art Museum

When visiting Singapore, there are some must-do activities that shouldn’t be skipped. Of course, having romantic dinner Singapore Flyer is one of them. There are many more fun things to do in Singapore when it rains. Have you ever visited Singapore Art Museum? This is one of incredible spots for enjoying a romantic nuance with your spouse.

This place is extremely recommended for those who love arts. All art displayed here are truly awesome. There are a lot of paintings, artistic lamps, statues, and everything about arts. Some giant paintings are awesome, representing the real view. This place is for everyone, even for those who doesn’t understand arts at all.

31. Enjoying Shopping Centers in Singapore

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Exploring some famous shopping centers in Singapore can be one of the best ways to enjoy this little paradise. Shopping in Singapore is really addicting. China Town, Holland Village, and Orchard Road are just some samples of many great shopping centers for shopaholics.

Accessories, clothing, bags, all about fashion, and culinary can be founded easily in all shipping centers in Singapore. One of the best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days is of course Orchard Road. Not only shopping many branded and prestigious stuff, this place is also great for having a walk while enjoying evening breeze. Don’t miss it!

32. Sensational Experiences of Flying in iFly Singapore

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Do you dare enough to feel sensation of skydiving from a height of 3,000-12,000 feet indoor? Well, test your guts iFly Singapore. As the biggest indoor skydiving area in the world, this place offers unforgettable skydiving experiences that are as challenging as the real skydiving.

This “flying” simulation ride is located in Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island. Don’t worry if you don’t have any knowledge at skydiving since certificated skydivers will help and give some basic knowledge about skydiving, including the important body position while flying. Therefore, don’t miss this place when you have a vacation in Singapore with beloved ones.

33. Get the Incredible Experience in Forest Adventure Singapore

Enjoy having sport in fun ways! Try a famous outbound area in Singapore, Forest Adventure. In this place, all rides and challenges are designed through trees and involving swings, bridges, ladders, nets, giant ropes, and many more. Located in Bedok Reservoir Park Singapore, it is really a highly-recommended place to visit with family and friends.

It is easy to be reached by all kinds of vehicles, even on foots. It opens every Tuesday-Sunday and closed every Monday. Don’t worry about safety since all rides here are equipped with excellent safety equipment and facilities such as safety helmet and safety line. Please note that children who don’t reach 1,4 meters tall and younger than 5 years old are not allowed to join in outbound activities.

34. Amazing Sensation of Visiting Singapore Night Safari at Night

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Night Safari in Singapore is the first zoo in the world that specially shows nocturnal animals. This educative tourism destination has been crowned as the Best Attraction by Singapore Tourism Board for 12 years. Let’s start the experience at night and test your guts. It starts at 7.00 PM and at first, visitors will be shown actions and performances of nocturnal animals.

In Night Safari, visitors can explore this zoo by tram or on foot. In Night Safari, the visitors will feel as if crossing 7 geography zones in the world, like Himalaya Mountains and rivers and swamps that divide Asian tropical rain forest.

35. Mosh! Edutainment Park and Its Tech-Savvy Exhibitions

Mosh! Singapore is definitely one of many attractions you can put in your itinerary if you are on family outing, especially that including kids. It brings state of the art visual world that covers pretty much anything kids like, including doodles.

Bring them here where they can relive their fantasy world where they could find anything they need. Ever see real looking doodles that blow up and reappear at different spots when you touch them? Or, simply relive your fantasy of Dace Dance Revolution-y by dancing on the lit from within shining dance floor. Your kids will find it here.

36. Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park for Family-Based Attractions

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Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park is definitely one of family-centered places to visit in Singapore with family. As you must have guessed, these attractions come with various animal species on exhibition. Good thing about these places is that they recreate real habitat for endemic animals and birds.

That way, besides giving them suitable habitat to live in, it also creates and offers new experience for the visitors. They do not have to go all the way around the world just to see animals on their habitat for these places come with ones where the animals can thrive one healthily.

37. Madame Tussauds as Sanctuary of Worldwide Figures

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If you have limited days on Singapore, you should consider Madame Tussauds to be on your itinerary. Not only is it famous attraction in Singapore, it is also one of the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days. On such short days, you can find any wax replicas of worldwide luminaries you got to see on TV.

Everyone -ranged from political figures as Lee Kuan Yew and Nelson Mandela to Hollywood luminaries as Brad Pitt to Oprah Winfrey- can be found here. If meeting them on real live is impossible, why not have a picture of their almost-real figure?

In the end, you don’t have to get confused of where to go when coming to Singapore. There are plenty stuff to do in this small island nation. Some of the tourists destinations are new while some old. But for a sure thing, there are 37 best things to do in Singapore that can boost your experience and mood.


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