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Top 10 Best Dive Sites in Bali You Must Visit


Dive Sites in Bali – Since Bali is a small tropical island surrounded by the sea, you can expect its tourism to put water related activities at its main attractive point. There are plenty of water based activities that you can do in Bali, including diving. The paradise island has beautiful underwater biodiversity that would lure you in. This passage will mention top 10 best dive sites in Bali. Each site has its own charm.

Best Dive Sites in Bali

Top 10 Best Dive Sites in Bali That You Should Visit

If you are thinking about what to do in Bali, you know that your options are basically unlimited. However, diving still takes the upper spots when it comes to fun entertainment in the island. These recommendations will provide you starter points in the quest of exploring Bali’s gorgeous underwater life.

1. Tulamben Liberty Shipwreck

Every diver who has visited Bali must have heard about this scuba diving spot. The shipwreck is located on a slope with depth ranging from 9 to 30 meters. Meanwhile, the length of this ship is measured at 130 meters. The marine biodiversity is quite rich. During your diving, you can see surgeonfish and even black tip shark. The current in this diving spot is not strong at all. It is a great spot if you are a beginner level diver who still tries to hone your skill.

2. Menjangan Island

It is dubbed as one of top 10 best dive sites in Bali for obvious reasons. The sea has crystal clear water and rich biodiversity under its water surface. In this spot, you will be able to see Manta rays and white tip sharks at certain period. Depth of the spot ranges from 20 to 60 meters. The visibility is really great. Moreover, you will not face strong current. Thus, it is a great spot for beginners in diving.

3. Crystal Bay

The spot is located close to one of the best beaches in Bali, Nusa Penida. The diving depth ranges from 18 to 30 meters. Crystal Bay’s main attraction would be the rare Mola-mola or ocean sunfish. You will get more opportunity to see this rare fish if you go between the start of July to mid-November. The current in this spot has medium level strength. Its visibility is really great, though. You should master the basics of diving before trying this spot.

4. Nusa Lembongan

This is a quiet famous diving place especially to people with highly advanced diving skills. The current can very strong and not unpredictable. If your skill is still not at that level, you can still enjoy diving up to 10 meters deep to see the spot’s beautiful corals. The biodiversity offered at this diving spot includes Manta rays and Mola-mola. You can actually get enrolled in various diving classes located around the area.

5. Gili Tepekong

It is another example of top 10 best dive sites in Bali. The marine life is very diverse here because you can see various underwater fish including bumphead parrotfish, whitetip shark, and scorpion fish. The diving depth starts from 10 meters and you can go deeper than that when you pass the deep wall. It is a spot recommended for advanced diver because the current can be really strong especially during full moon.

6. Ceningan Wall

There is no doubt that it is one of top 10 best dive sites in Bali. Ceningan Wall is often called the most beautiful diving site in Bali. You will be able to see beautiful coral reefs expanding and forming a wall that drops up to 180 meters vertical downward. Due to the difficulty of this site (the current is strong and hard to predict), only advanced divers who are recommended to dive here. You can see oriental sweetlips, eagle rays, and unicornfish around the site.

7. Blue Lagoon

If you want to get to know more water sports yet do not want to go visiting crowded Bali surf spots, Blue Lagoon is a nice option. It is located near Padangbai beach. The coral reefs are absolutely stunning. It is recommended spot for beginner diver because the current is light and you will have clear visibility (especially if you dive in the morning). You will have greater chance to see Spanish dancer, though, if you go on night diving.

8. Kubu

This is another contender for top 10 best dive sites in Bali located in Tulamben. You need to have advanced diving skill to tackle this site if you want to witness more di diverse marine life. However, beginner skill is enough for shallow diving because the current is light. If you want to practice underwater photography skill, you should try it in this site. You can see sharks, pygmy seahorse, and stingrays in here.

9. Toyapakeh

In this list of top 10 best dive sites in Bali, Toyapakeh is like a paradise for diving enthusiasts. The marine ecosystem is so rich and diverse. You can see moray eels, puffers, massive trevally, and scorpion fish from up close here. Beginner diver should only dive shallowly because as you go deeper, the current may change to unpredictable direction. Although the visibility is really good, that can be dangerous.

10. Gamat Bay

Another recommendation of diving spot which is included in is top 10 best dive sites in Bali Gamat Bay. Here, you can see schools of fishes and beautiful coral reefs. The visibility is amazing so you can practice your photography skill underwater as well here. As you go deeper, the biodiversity becomes even more exquisite. You can meet rare fishes including Mola-mola.

Due to the mild climate nature of Bali, you can actually go diving all year round. However, the best time to visit Bali for diving would be from May to November. This period is when the rain season is not at its peak. At this time, you will be able to see richer biodiversity more conveniently.

In addition to paying attention toward the season, you should also consider your safety. It is highly advised to hire local diver when you are visiting the diving site for the first time, even if you are already at the advanced level. Getting special insurance for diver is also a great move. That way, you can enjoy the top 10 best dive sites in Bali comfortably.


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