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Green Bowl Beach Bali Review (with Photos) – All You Need to Know Before You Go


Green Bowl Beach – Bali is popular destination for tourism attraction. It is a small island with many destination spots, such as beach, museum, cultural village, mountain, and other resorts. You are surely familiar with Kuta, Ubud, and Legian, but Ungasan seems still unknown. It is starting point for Green Bowl Beach review where you will see in the next sections.

The review contains several sections, including the description, location, what you should do, and map to visit this beach. Bali is easy to access from any place. You can book the flight directly to Denpasar then go further to the next destination. As one of holiday destinations, Green Bowl Beach provides more than usual white sand and beautiful landscape.

Green Bowl Beach (Photo by : Vladimir E)

This place is not quite popular, but you can use local map from GPS on smartphone. One key thing is secluded area or you may call this beach as private place for enjoying holiday. The next section will explore more about this beach comprehensively.

Green Bowl Beach Review for Tourist Reference and Guide

1. Amazing Facts about Green Bowl Beach Bali

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As it mentioned above, you need time to find its location. It is one of important facts to know about Green Bowl Beach. However, you do not have to worry about such thing. Bali is unique island with various terrains from beach to mountain. Some areas are out of human touch, but few of them are completely modern city. For your information, secret is not completely out of reach, but only few people know about this beach.

You may call this place as one of the beautiful beaches in Bali for three reasons. Firstly, you need to climb down on steep then reach the coarse sand. This part is very challenging. The beach may be not as large as the other spots, but it looks like enclosed with high wall of steep.

You need to go down to enjoy the wave. Secondly, low tide is good place to visit this place as the most beautiful beach. The last one is you can enjoy surfing and limestone cave around the area.

2. Things to Do in Green Bowl Beach Bali

There are many places to see in Bali and this beach should be at the top list. What can you do when visiting Green Bowl Beach? Well, any sport and activity related to sea and water is eligible. One reason why people visit this place is for surfing and enjoying scenery. Two activities are commonly easy to find when you already on this area.

Well, surfing is the main activity when visiting this hidden place. One issue is surfing equipment. You may just swim around to enjoy its coast, but going further is very challenging. As it mentioned above, the place is not easy to reach due to rock and high terrain surrounded.

You may find difficulty to bring surfing equipment. Of course, there is another activity to consider as one of common things to do in Bali. You may explore its surrounding for nature challenge.

Some beaches are famous for having limestone cave. It is alternative way to spend your time in entire Green Bowl Beach. Be careful during high tide because all sand will be under water. It is better to visit during low time and in the morning.

Moreover, beautiful sunrise brings splendid scenery from vast horizon. The Quiet, tranquil, and secret atmosphere will come into single package. Those things are what you get from Green Bowl Beach.

As we know, Indonesia beaches are unique and different each other. Green Bowl Beach is only one of many beaches with unique properties. The sand and cliffs are trivial, but the temple may be a different story. When discussing Bali, you cannot forget about temple. Many popular temples in Bali are located at the top cliff near to beach.

Cliff and steep on Green Bowl Beach also have temple. It is sold evident that the place is no completely new in past time. People visited temple to pray and it was built at the top cliff. Temple is one of Bali attractions besides beach and other nature places. If you look for one place on places to visit in Bali for honeymoon, this one is much recommended.

3. Green Bowl Beach Location and Entrance Fee/Ticket

Indonesia is a part of Asia continent located at southeast region. Bali may be smaller than Java and other big islands. However, tourism in Bali grows significantly after surfers found many good beaches with challenging wave.

Therefore, more visitors come into this island then more beaches are found to fulfill their exploration habit, including Green Bowl Beach. Well, this place is located in secret area on Ungasan. For the entrance fee, it is around IDR 5000, but you should prepare more money for parking and refreshment.

4. How to Get to Green Bowl Beach Bali?

For foreign tourists, just look for Indonesia country then book flight to Jakarta as its capital. As alternative, Bali also opens many international flights to visit the island directly. Choose the one that’s suitable based on your current location.

Actually, you may only drive fifteen minutes from Kuta. If you are in Nusa Dua, half an hour is enough to reach Green Bowl Beach. From this point, you understand that this beach is quite nearby from popular destinations.

From Nusa Dua, just follow Dharmawangsa Street. It takes few times to reach temple as parking area. You may think that private and secluded beach is a place out of nowhere with lack of road. In this case, the main issue is climbing to go down for reaching the beach.

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5. Tips You Should Know before Visiting Green Bowl Beach Bali

For your information, climbing takes energy and there is good refreshment around this beach. When bringing surfing gear, be careful to step down because the path is quite difficult during rainy session. This is what you should know before visiting this place.

Certain area is private resort and tourists may require paying more. Do not worry about hotel and other accommodation. Since there are more tourists who visit this place, Green Bowl Beach starts to be a popular destination.

From above explanation, you understand about this beach and the way to reach it. New place brings more challenging nature, though there are still many beaches around Bali. In order to keep the safe and proper vacation, make sure to prepare everything before visiting this place. Therefore, Green Bowl Beach review is good reference before you are already on that place.


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