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Ultimate List of Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Bali for Honeymoon


Hotels in Bali for Honeymoon – Bali is packed with tons of great destinations that comparable with various beautiful places in the world worth to visit. It is no wonder that the island is referred often as paradise for lovers. Honeymoon is amongst several popular reasons why people visit Bali – it just exudes romance on numerous corners. Here are top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon if you’re planning to give it a chance to stay for days.

Recommendation of Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Bali for Honeymoon

1. Viceroy Hotel

Hotels in Bali for romantic honeymoon : Viceroy Hotel (Photo : viceroybali.com)

The first means of accommodation in the list of top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon is Viceroy Hotel. It is one of the best hotels in Ubud in honeymoon for the couple who loves sublime vibes all around. It is guaranteed to transport any of the guests to the tranquil and serene realm, with wonderful services such as spa treatments or infinity pool. The hotel itself is decorated with magnificent Balinese accents to deliver the taste of rejuvenation and adventure.

2. Le Méridien Hotel

Le Méridien is so much more than one of the best hotels in Jimbaran. It didn’t receive its title of “Best Luxury Resorts and Hotels in the World” by Five Star Alliance back in 2014 for nothing.

This hotel is included in the top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon as it has proved itself to provide great base for couples amongst many romantic places across the island. You can enjoy direct view of Jimbaran Beach and the Indian Ocean if you stayed here.

3. Indigo Hotel

Compared to the other hotels in Seminyak, Indigo Hotel provides more private stay so you might want to consider this alternative if you happened to visit the area for your honeymoon experience. It is located right in the middle of Bali, making it a great vibrant, peaceful, and memorable sanctuary.

The suites are spacious enough to give the guest private and romantic and more romantic accommodation. The hotel also offers various inspiring services and world-class activities such as beauty treatment, fitness classes, and holistic massage and spa.

4. Semabu Hill Hotel

Romantic hotels in Bali for honeymoon : Semabu Hill Hotel (Photo : semabuhillshotel.com)

There are plenty of places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon throughout Bali, but you can enhance the magical experience more by staying at Semabu Hill. It provides very good value as the price is reasonable, the services are unabridged, and the view is beautiful.

Semabu Hill is arguably the best amongst many hotels in Nusa Penida. You can take a chance to observe the majestic sunset because the place is facing Mount Agung with your loved one at late afternoon.

5. Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

Discovery Kartika Plaza is the leading accommodation provider amongst dozens of hotels in Kuta. It is perfect for couples who intend to get a private staycation and get only the best service of Balinese hospitality.

As one of the top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon, you can expect so much of comfort, security, safety, and privacy while staying on it. It also well-equipped by spa and salon treatments, fitness center, as well as kids club services.

6. Ubud Village Hotel

As one of the oldest hotels in Ubud, Ubud Village Hotel has been offering luxury accommodation for local and international travelers with genuine hospitality. Romantic vibes aside, it makes its way to the top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon because of its convenience and aesthetic design concept.

The hotel located only mere minutes from Ubud’s biggest attractions such as Monkey Forest and Royal Palace. You can relax yourself in stylishly designed space that blends the authentic charm of Balinese and contemporary interior features.

7. Hyatt Regency Hotel

The next list on the top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon is the famously luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel. Prepare yourself to be indulged by the astonishing view of lush tropical garden and delightful beachfront of Sanur if you had decided to stay here.

It is deemed as one of the best hotels in Bali for lovers and couples, Hyatt Regency offer special package of wedding and honeymoon occasion. The exclusive service ensures that your beautiful experience is going to be beautifully remarkable for the rest of your life.

8. The Stone Hotel

You will be guaranteed to taste the alluring charm of Bali romantic hotels in The Stone, which located in the Legian area. This 5-star hotel is strategically placed at the center of Kuta, one of the most high-traffic spots in Bali so it is easy to reach various destinations in short time.

The versatile service is what makes the hotel deserve a spot in the list of top 10 best luxury hotels in Bali for honeymoon. It understands that sometimes couple needs more than flower petals bed and rain of chocolate, so you can choose whatever honeymoon style that suits you the most.

9. Four Seasons Hotel

The reason why Four Season is amongst the best places to visit in Bali for honeymoon is because it blends the right amounts of romance and elegance. Besides providing great accommodation for your romantic adventures, it also a perfect venue option to hold a private wedding party.

Actually, there are some resorts of Four Seasons Hotel in Bali, such as Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan, Ubud. All of them have luxurious facilities and best services in the highest quality. Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay also happened to be conveniently close to the several top destinations in Bali such as Jimbaran Beach, Samasta Lifestyle Village, and Waterbom Bali.

10. Bisma Eight Hotel

The last recommendation of romantic hotels across Bali Island is the Bisma Eight hotel. Whether you are celebrating honeymoon as newlywed or looking for fanciful place to stay as seasoned couple, this hotel would be ideal to stay in and wind up for as long as you want.

There is definitely a diverse list of best things to do in Bali, such as surfing, backpacking, island hopping and many more, including for honeymoon visit purpose. The recommendation of top 10 best luxury Hotels in Bali for honeymoon can help you to find the suitable accommodation to ensure you an unforgettable experience during your exploration in the island and visit various attractions that are worth dying for with your loved ones.


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