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Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali Review (with Photos) – All You Need to Know Before You Go


Kelingking Beach – Have you read Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali review before coming to Nusa Penida? Bali comprises of lots of small islands, really, but only some of them manage to get popular notions from travelers. Nusa Penida is one of them.

Despite its small size, there are quite various Nusa Penida attractions that may be appealing to you. One of the memorable things to do in Nusa Penida is to visit Kelingking beach. It may not be as popular as Sanur or Kuta but it has its own appeal.

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Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali Review and Facts

1. Amazing Facts about Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali

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If you read the description of this beach, it is pretty understandable if it makes travelers curious. First of all, it is called as a secret beach because it is pretty secluded and not many people are coming to it.

Unlike Kuta or Sanur that is generally swarmed by people, you won’t find many people at Kelingking beach, making it perfect if you want to stay away from the crowd or the noise. As one of the secret beaches in Bali, this place is secluded, quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

Moreover, it is called Kelingking or ‘pinkie finger’ because of the shape of the cliffs. Some people have different opinions about it. Some say that the shape is like a horseshoe while some say that it looks like a pinkie. Some even say that it looks like a T-Rex, the dinosaur, complete with an open roaring mouth. As one of the holiday destinations, it sure has its own unique appeal.

However, as a part of Bali tourism, the place isn’t exactly safe. Along the edges of the cliffs, you won’t find any rails or whatsoever that can protect you from falling. You should be really extra careful when coming to the edges. Make sure that you don’t explore too close to the edges or you will be sorry.

The place doesn’t have any accommodations that are nearby, so you won’t be able to spend a night at the exact location. You can only find small huts selling drinks and snacks, and also a restaurant on the top of the cliff. The view is amazing, by the way, reminding you of the rich natural elements of Indonesia.

2. Things to Do in Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali

Whereas there are many things to do in Bali, the same thing can’t be said about Kelingking Beach. You can only have two major options: walk to the beach or climb up to the cliff top. As one of the beautiful Indonesia beaches, you will enjoy the breathtaking view.

The crystal clear water, the beautiful and majestic cliffs, and the serene surrounding are all the factors that will make your visit enjoyable. If the waves aren’t too strong, you can swim too, as long as you are careful. It would be a good idea to have a lot of change so you can buy drinks and snacks from the small hut vendors.

If you enjoy trekking and hiking, this is also a perfect activity for you. Since Nusa Penida is still untouched by infrastructure for tourism, it is pretty secluded and quiet. If you decide to climb, be extra careful because of the lack of handholds and walking paths.

However, if you decide to climb up, you will be rewarded with one of the most breathtaking views. A lot of tourists and travelers claim that it is one of the best experience and also view when they come to Asia.

A little bit thirsty from the climb and want to enjoy tasty lunch? Go to the restaurant up the cliff. The effort is worth the dining experience as you can also enjoy the view. For some, though, the view can be quite extreme. Be careful if you are afraid of heights or you easily get dizzy when on the high place.

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3. Kelingking Beach Secret Point Location and Entrance Fee / Ticket

Reaching Kelingking beach is fairly easy because it is located on the south western area of Nusa Penida. If you want to reach the place by motorcycle, that’s fine. There are several signs that can help you access the place.

Coming to the beach will cost you around IDR5.000, which is pretty inexpensive for your spending. If you want to hire a local guide, it is going to cost you extra IDR150.000 for half day tour. For a full day tour, it is around IDR300.000. Of course, you are free to explore the area without guide, if you feel like it.

4. How to Get to Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali

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Nusa Penida is definitely one of the places to visit in Bali, while Kelingking beach is only half an hour (30 minutes) from the harbor of Nusa Penida. You can always rent any means of transportation you like from the harbor although motorcycle will be the most popular option.

If you stay in Bali, go to Sanur Beach. From there, you can take a fast boat to Nusa Penida, costing you $10 or IDR150.000. If you take a motorcycle with you from Bali, you can take the ferry. It costs you around $5 or IDR75.000. Don’t forget that the ferry starts at 11 AM while the fast boat starts from 8 AM.

5. Tips You Should Know Before Visiting Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali

Are you considering a Bali honeymoon by coming to this island? Why not? Not only you will get the best memory, you can also enjoy a little privacy there. Consider coming after March because it will be the start for dry season. The best time to come to Bali is in between June and September – you won’t have to worry about the humidity or rain.

Although there are a lot of Bali attractions providing debit or credit card machines, many of them are still implementing the traditional payment method: with cash. You want to get prepared with cash and change, especially when you hire a local guide. Also make sure that you cover some of the important reservations, such as hotels, transportation, and such thing alike.

In the end, it is a guarantee that you will have enjoyable and memorable stay while in Bali. It is advisable to stay away from big cities and explore secluded areas and islands more. Don’t forget to read Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali review before coming to the place.


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