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Top 10 Amazing Facts about Komodo Island that Will Amaze You


Komodo Island – Here is a list of the top 10 amazing facts about Komodo Island that you should know before visiting. Indonesia is well-known for its wonderful views, rich in culture, and many good holiday destinations to be visited. This archipelago country has more than forty thousand islands. Komodo Island is one of Indonesian islands that attract many tourists all over the world due to its uniqueness.

List of The Amazing Facts About Komodo Island in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

1. Komodo Island has pink sand beach

As you know, there are so many beaches in Indonesia which are worth visiting during your holiday. Among those beaches, it is so interesting to visit Pink Beach here by knowing the fact that beaches with pink sand exist only seven in the world and this island is one of them. This area is definitely one of the best places to visit to take a good picture.

The beach is named that way because of red colored coral which eventually breaks off into very tiny pieces that give the distinctive color to the sand. The mixture of white sand and that red color creates beautiful pink sand. It is one of wonderful places to see in Indonesia to explore for swimming at the beach.

2. Enjoy three different colors beach view from Padar Island

People who have visited this island mostly mentioned that their favorite part during the trip was hiking to Padar Island. You probably would agree with this statement after going there to see it yourself. This best tourist spot in Indonesia offers you a great view with three colored beaches of pink, black, and white sand from the top.

The wonderful view you are going to see when you reach the top will definitely blow your mind. These three beaches are separated by sparkling blue sea water and the land ridges. To get there you can join the tour since it is mostly included in boat tours.

3. It is possible to dive all year long

Exploring the sea in this tourism destination would be one of the best activities in Indonesia. You will be able to dive in Komodo all year long. The rainy season here is starting from January until March, but this island will not get torrential rain like experienced by the other places.

Do not skip the experience of scuba diving in Komodo Island to see the amazing view under the sea. So, get your scuba certificate and dive deep down the sea. Meanwhile, if you are not certified diver, snorkeling is pretty awesome to try as well.

4. There is World Heritage Site here

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It is a must for you to go to Komodo National Park as one of the World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO. Like how it is named, Komodo Island is home to komodo dragons. The national park here is the only one in the world where these creepy-looking animals can live free in nature.

5. Meet the super rare komodo dragons

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Komodo dragons are land reptiles and technically they are deadly. So, if you are interested to see these big lizards, you can register and pay the fee to enter national park there which includes the entrance, one tour guide, and a tour.

The guide is going to help you to take selfie with komodo. You can get a lot of information as well from your guide, so feel free to ask. You can also ask how was Komodo Island formed which apparently it was named by the Dutch in 1910 after the expedition.

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6. New destination of 7 Wonders of Nature

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Komodo Island is not just listed by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites, but also it is a new destination among 7 Wonders of Nature. Knowing these fantastic facts makes the island is very worth it to be visited during your Indonesia travel. The island got this title on November 2011 ago.

There are four thousand wild birds more or less in this island. This destination is a home to lots of endangered species. Approximately twenty five different endangered species are found in this area, while Komodo is also extinct everywhere. There is also ancient taboo which has firmly discouraged about harming this lizard.

7. Taking the trip from Bali is highly recommended

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You must ever hear of Bali when visiting Indonesia which apparently it is just fifty minutes long to take from Denpasar, Bali to Komodo Island by plane. So, it is highly recommended for you to take a flight this way since it will be much safer.

How to get to Komodo Island by plane is taking the trip from Ngurah Rai Airport to Komodo Airport. It is not just the safest way but also the closest and fastest way to go the island. Thus, you can continue travelling from beautiful Bali to Komodo Island.

8. The local cuisine is fantastic

What better things to explore while traveling is of course enjoying the food, and this area has local cuisine which is so fantastic. You can find the best place like local restaurants to try authentic dish from Indonesia. Try a bunch of meals with your family here.

The grilled squid may be your favorite one. Besides, if you like to try fresh fish with sauces, it is recommended to eat in fish market. There you will be able to interact with various people from locals to expats to see the culture which you may find it interesting.

9. One of the best destinations for honeymoon

If you are asking about the alternatives of Indonesia honeymoon destinations, the answer would be Komodo Island located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Besides a lot of good destinations with beautiful views that you can explore with your love one, you can also find the best accommodation here. You can choose the best hotel with direct view to the sea or hill to enjoy.

10. Good place to stare at Milky Way over Labuan Bajo

Milky Way

The last point of the top 10 amazing facts about Komodo Island is that the province is good place to see Milky Way. Not far from this island there is another destination called Labuan Bajo. Staring at the Milky Way over this area is great things to do in Labuan Bajo. It is quite incredible to find the right spot and see Milky Way with naked eyes. You must not skip such rare moment in this magical place at night.


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