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Top 10 Amazing Facts about Ngurtafur Beach in Warbal Island Southeast Maluku


Ngurtafur Beach – Let’s discuss about top 10 amazing facts about Ngurtafur Beach. Well, we already know that Maluku offers so many natural beauties that we can experience. Kei Islands in Southeast Maluku are some of the many places to visit.

As a group of islands, Kei Islands are located in the area between Indonesian Papua and Australia, or between Banda Sea, Seram Sea, and Arafura to be exact. There are two main islands in this group. They are Kei Besar and Kei Kecil, and complimented by the other tiny islands. Ngurtafur Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Kei Islands, and here are the fact about this place, presented by Serbi Serbi.

List of Amazing Facts about Ngurtafur Beach (Ngurtavur Beach)

1. Beach of Tidal Sand

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Ngurtafur Beach in Warbal Island offers an exotic natural beauty with so many attractions. The beach is not surrounding the island like any other beaches. Instead, it is basically seven meters wide and it spreads out to the sea for two kilometers long from Warbal Island towards a row of stunning coral reefs and atolls. The beach will be fully visible once the tidal is low and you can walk on it to the middle of the sea.

2. Crystal Clear Water & Coral Reefs

The sand is white and its crystal clear water allows you to see coral reefs beneath the surface of the sea water. You can also swim or snorkel directly from the coast and find coral reefs not far from it. What makes Ngurtafur Beach unique is that it looks like a white sandy carpet. Its white sand, breezy wind, and the atolls are the most perfect combination making it one of wonderful Indonesia destinations.

3. Tabob Turtles

Ngurtafur Beach is one the best places in Indonesia that becomes habitat for some species of animals, and one of them is the leatherback turtles. The local people called them ‘tabob’ or ‘penyu belimbing’. In fact, leatherback turtles are included in the list of rare species by the WWF. So it is advised to tourists or travelers not to do any harm to the animals.

But they can always take some pictures of the turtles for memory. The size of leatherback turtles is huge and they are considered as one of the largest sea turtles species. There are also conservations for these turtles that are supported by the WWF.

4. Pelicans

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Other than the leatherback turtles, you can also see a so many pelicans in the Ngurtafur Beach. These flocks of birds are often migrating from Papua and Australia to Maluku and once they arrived at the beach, they habituate the place. This is also one of the reasons why travelers want to visit the beach.

Witnessing different kind of wild animals in a gorgeous environment is an intangible experience that makes a fantastic holiday. Just don’t forget to bring your camera with you to take pictures of these majestic animals when you visit Ngurtafur Beach.

5. Activities

Warbal Island is located in the west of the Kei Kecil Island and surrounded by many other islands in the Kei groups. It offers more serene and closed sea water. Ngurtafur Beach as a sandy delta divides the sea surrounding the Warbal Island and the coast during low and high tide.

The contour of the sloping beach and shaded by trees is a safe haven and ideal for camping on the island. As one of the best beaches in Indonesia, you can do so many other activities here too. You can explore the nature of the island, take pleasure in the scenery, swim, relax on the beach, sunbathe, and even for snorkeling or diving.

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6. Fishing


Based on the fact that local people are making a living from fishing, fishing is certainly a possibility in Ngurtafur Beach. Don’t be expecting to be capable of hiring any fancy gear, although it is fairly simple to hire a boat that can bring you out to the good spots for fishing.

The underwater is gorgeous, clear and calm, so that you can see the coral reef on the shore from above the boat. This makes Ngurtafur Beach become one the Indonesia top attractions for a paradise-like holiday.

7. Bird Watching

Other than pelicans that migrate from Papua and Australia, there are three of the four species of local birds to the Kei Islands can be sighted on the Kei Kecil. By exploring the forested area of the island, you can encounter these birds’ species. If you don’t want to make a forest exploration, you can still spot plenty of birds when you relax on the Ngurtafur Beach.

8. Perfect Time to Visit


What are the top things to do in Indonesia if you want to have a perfect getaway? You can always visit Kei Islands and do so many things in Ngurtafur Beach like what has been mentioned above. Isn’t it great? The perfect time to make a visit to the Ngurtafur Beach is from April to May as well as October to December.

The weather during these periods is sunny and the coastal waves are likely to be the calmest. If you don’t want to miss the migration of the Pelicans, choose to visit Ngurtafur Beach around the month of May.

9. Access to Ngurtafur Beach

access to visit

Even though Kei Islands are located at a remote region of east Indonesia, going here is actually accessible. Kei Kecil is considered to be the main hub regardless of being a small island. The airport, harbor, and the central town are located there. It is the only entry if you want to visit the other neighboring islands of Kei. So you don’t need to worry of not getting a good transportation because it is accessible by both air and sea.

You can choose the three daily flights between Langgur, Ambon, Dobo in Aru Islands and Saumlaki in Tanimbar Islands. By sea, you can use Pelni ships that connect Tual with Ambon, Dobo, Saumlaki, and the Bandas for island hopping Indonesia. Or you can use the KM Koromolin car ferry for cheaper price. However these ferries are frequently cancelled when the situation of the sea is rough.

10. Paradise Island for Honeymoon


If you decide to stay for a couple of day here, there are some lodges that are available to choose from. You can also go to the surrounding places like Ngurbloat Beach, Ngursamadan Beach and Kei Kecil Island if you want to experience staying in the lodge with the direct view of the beach.

You can choose any Indonesia honeymoon packages that are offered by tour services or just plan your honeymoon by yourself for more adventurous experiences.

Kei Kecil is famous amongst local Indonesians because of its stunning and untouched beaches. Nonetheless, not a lot of people are going to visit these islands because of its location in the far region of east Indonesia. Expensive flight tickets and no direct flights from the other cities in Indonesia become a consideration.

However, this place is truly a blessing for people who want to stay away from tourism places with too many visitors. Those top 10 amazing facts about Ngurtafur Beach mentioned above are surely able to draw your interest about visiting there.


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