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Top 10 Things to Do and Reasons to Stay at Nihiwatu Resort Sumba Island


Nihiwatu – With tons of tourist destinations in Indonesia, you are probably wondering why you should pick Nihiwatu Resort Sumba for your travel. You should know that each place has its own signature characteristics that make it different from each other. In this article, we are going to create a list about top 10 things to do and reasons to stay at Nihiwatu Resort, Sumba Island.

Nihiwatu Resort Sumba (Photo by : nihi.com)

You probably have gone to Lombok or Bali and think of them as the best holiday destinations. Well, not so fast! Among the tons of places in Indonesia with their own natural appeal, Nihiwatu is definitely one of the best. There are some good reasons why they are earning the credibility and recognition.

List of the Best Things to Do, Reasons to Stay, and the Interesting Spots to Explore at Nihiwatu Resort Sumba Island

You should read travel review about the different places to visit in Indonesia so you get clearer ideas and expectations about your destinations. Sure, Indonesia is packed with natural beauties but not all of them meet your expectations. When you come to Sumba and spend some time in Nihiwatu, there are many reasons why you want to prolong your stay.

1. Various Options of Accommodation

One of the reasons why you should come to Nihiwatu is the accommodations. Of course you are free to choose where you want to stay, but when you go to this resort; you will only get the best and most exclusive service.

The resort consists of villas with each pool and it is pretty close to the Nihiwatu beach. It’s like having your own private beach! No wonder if it is considered as one of the best Indonesia resorts with nice combination of not only the best service but also the best atmosphere and view. If you want to experience the best Indonesia beach resorts without compromising natural flair, this is the right spot to explore.

2. Unique Spa Safari

Safari alone is probably quite common and so is spa treatment. How about having them both combined? If you come to this island, you can take part in NihiOka safari/spa trip that starts from the sunrise. You are taken through trekking experience to the Sumbanese villages where you can interact with the locals as well as buying the local crafts.

Then, you will be ushered to a private and secluded cliff side where you can swim or dive. Afterwards, you are able to enjoy spa treatments, including organic facial and massages. If you come here for honeymoon, this activity will be one of the best Indonesia honeymoon destinations.

3. Surfing Excitement

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You should be able to find Occy’s Left or the God’s Left in Sumba. This is one of the best Nihiwatu surf locations, complete with the challenging waves and magnificent views. The waves are said to be perfect for professional, recreational, new, and avid surfers.

If you are new to this, you can also find another nearby spots with calmer waters. It is not really surprising if this place is included within the must-visit destinations in Asia although its popularity isn’t as high as other places. Mind you, though, that you should reserve your spot for surfing because it is quite limited.

4. Nihiwatu Beach

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Nihiwatu Beach is definitely one of the places to visit when you come to Sumba. Some people say that it is one of the best Indonesia surf spots, but there are actually other activities that you can do there. Aside from the sandy beach and the serene atmosphere, you should be able to enjoy a little bit of privacy. It is not as crowded as other beaches, and the view is simply marvelous.

5. Wellness Exploration with Yoga

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As a part of Indonesia tourism, this place also offers wellness program, which means that not only you can engage better with nature, you can also set up a better connection with yourself. One of them is through Yoga classes and sessions, provided with flexible hours. With the combination of peaceful surrounding and breathtaking view, you won’t be able to say no to this offer.

6. Quality and Memorable Fishing

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You probably won’t guess that fishing can be one of the most appealing Indonesia attractions but it does. After all, Indonesia is surrounded by seas and oceans, creating an energetic and also dynamic life.

Fishing is included as one of the holiday activities and packages, allowing you to learn to fish properly and how to catch your own fish. Want to learn how to spearfish? You should take the two hour class. It is super exciting and challenging!

7. Tasty Chocolate Factory

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Do you know that you can actually find a chocolate factory there? Seriously, you are able to explore the place around! Whether you want to enjoy hot chocolate beverage or chocolate treats, feel free to join the tour that generally takes place from 12 to 3 PM.

The chocolate is organically made so it is safe and natural. If you have kids, the babysitters and Chocolate Wizards will take care of them while you enjoy some me-time exploring the factory. Not many Indonesia islands are offering this kind of excursion.

8. Magnificent Sumba Culture

Sumba isn’t known as one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Its culture is also one of the well-preserved and ancient cultures still existing today. When you want to enjoy the exclusive and luxury holiday setting, combined with the historical as well as artistic value, you should take part in the traditional excursion. You will learn the traditions, including ikat weaving.

9. Exciting Paddle Boarding

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It is one of the refreshing ways to enjoy yourself. You will travel to Wanukaka Valley and then the equipment. No need to worry about your safety; paddle boarding isn’t the same as water rafting. You should be able to enjoy peaceful and calm paddling time with magnificent view around you.

10. One of a Kind Horseback Riding

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Have you always wanted to ride a horse while cruising down the white sandy beach? Why not coming to the professional equestrian facility in this island? You can learn how to ride a horse correctly as well as getting the assistance from professional trainer. You can explore the beach or the tracks, accompanied by the professional guide. It is not going to be a disappointing experience, for sure!

Make sure that you get the detailed and thorough information before going off to Nihiwatu, including the best time to travel, how to get to Nihiwatu, and such thing alike. You want to get the best experience only by coming to Nihiwatu Resort Sumba so plan your travel smartly and carefully.


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