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Best Recommendation of Top 10 Things to Do in Pandawa Beach Bali


Pandawa Beach – Going on vacation during holiday will always be excited thing to do. Among the widely selections of holiday destinations all over the world, Bali – Indonesia is one of best recommendation for sure. The beauty of this incredible island has been very famous for people worldwide. No wonder more and more international tourists choose Bali as great holiday destination.

Talking about travelling there actually will be incomplete without visiting Pandawa Beach. As one of the most famous tourism spots in Bali, there are so many interesting activities to do in this amazing beach. Here they are top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali as your reference.

Things to Do in Pandawa Beach Bali (Photo : Arfiana Rahma Shanti)

Feels like You’re in Paradise through Top 10 Things to Do in Pandawa Beach Bali

It is popular Bali beach located in South Kuta – Bali. Foreign tourists, especially Australian tourists called this amazing place as ‘Secret Beach’. It is because the beach itself is hidden behind a row of high coral hills. Before arrived there, people may be even wondering where the beach is because all they can see is actually only high coral hills. After all, in 2012 this secret beach was officially named as Pandawa Beach.

The unique case of the location makes the beach as one of top famous Kuta Beach that’s always so loveable to visit when people spend their relaxing time in Bali. Only knowing about the location already make people feel much more curious. Well, after knowing the location, here are great recommendations related top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali.

1. Getting known about historical culture of Bali – Indonesia

As great recommendation of things to do in Bali, spend your time in Pandawa Beach not only let you enjoy the beauty of this beach, but also allow you to know some cultures of Bali with Hindu as the major religion belief. You can see five Pandava Knight Statues when you step in the entrance gate. That’s why this famous beach called as Pandawa.

Pandava are the famous knights in the history of Hindu. Each statue is located behind strong natural hill that makes it look more exotic. This matter makes the beach not only looks beautiful, but also will make people feel amazed of local historical culture as the top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali.

2. Take photo with beautiful view and be a part of nature

Refreshing your weary mind while visitting Pandawa Beach is another best thing you can do. Relaxing your tired body and mind could be done perfectly when you become a part of nature when taking photo with beautiful sceneries. No wonder many people also choose it as incredible pre weeding photograph location.

Pandawa Beach is one of the best places to visit in Bali for honeymoon. The circumstance is quite and peaceful which could be really suitable for just married couples to have perfect quality time.

3. Swimming in fresh and clean salt water

Different with any other beaches, this one has clean and fresh salt water that will make you feel that you are in the real paradise while swimming there. No contaminated water; all you can find is actually clean and fresh salt water from nature combined with amazing white sand. That’s why swimming is included as one of top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali.

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4. Sunbathing on comfortable and beautiful designed outdoor chair

Sunbathing also could be a perfect outdoor activity you could do when spending holiday here. The natural beach sunshine of this beautiful beach will help you to have amazingly tan skin tone. Besides, many comfortable outdoor chairs available there which designed in lovely outdoor styles.

5. Hit the water using Kano Boat (Small boat driven by paddle)

When hitting the water using Kano Boat, you will feel excited when the boat moves up and down because of waves. If you want to have unique and unforgettable experience on water, it could be a great idea among the top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali.

6. Enjoy seaweed cultivation

As one of beautiful places in Bali, Pandawa Beach also has seaweed cultivation that could be seen and visited directly by visitors. Bringing your kids to see seaweed cultivation also could be a great idea to let them gain the knowledge from nature.

All kinds of seaweed cultivation activities are conducted here. It is also open for public, start from tying the seaweed seed, planting, and drying the seaweed by exposing the selected on under sunshine. Besides, the visitor is also able to be the participant to try doing seaweed cultivation by themselves.

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7. Paragliding from Timbis Hill

Seeing the entirely beauty of Pandawa Beach from above through paragliding from Timbis Hill is another famous outdoor activity as the top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali. It is commonly chosen by both domestic and foreign tourists. Besides letting you see the whole beauty of natural scenery, this outdoor activity also will challenge adrenaline rush experience.

8. Get traditional relaxation massage

If after doing all exciting outdoor activities above then feel tired and want to relax your muscles, you are able to get the relaxing traditional massage from experts. They will use traditional herbs to energizing your skin as well. Many women choose it as the favorite priority of top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali.

9. Surfing and beat the waves

Surfing in this wonderful beach is highly recommended for people who really love surfing. The safe circumstance and the wave’s condition will let you to get a good surfing time without worry.

10. Hunting unique local souvenir

Last but not least is hunting souvenir. Local souvenir in varied options are available here to let you bring them back home, including the handmade ones offered in affordable places with good quality.

Those are the top 10 things to do in Pandawa Beach Bali, especially for you who want to get exciting and unforgettable experiences. You can enjoy the beauty of nature through interesting outdoor activities.


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