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37 Best Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Singapore


Singapore Tourist Attractions – What would you do when you visit Singapore? Do you have your own lists of the best places to visit and tourist attractions in Singapore? When you visit a place, you certainly want to come to the landmark so you can have the unique traveling experience, right? Well, despite the small size, Singapore has a lot of interesting tourist places to see. Here are some of the most popular ones so you know where to go, presented by Serbi Serbi.

List of the Best Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Singapore

1. Merlion Park

One of the major attractions in Singapore is the Merlion Park, the icon of the country. It is not only the statue but also the bay. Feel free to take the pictures with the statue as your background, as well as the modern city skyscraper. After taking a shot, you can sit and relax at the Marina Bay, enjoying the view and the artistic beauty.

Marina Bay is definitely one of the places to visit when you come to Singapore because of the iconic statue as well as the unique view. If you have extra money to spend, and you feel like cruising the river, you can join the bumboat cruise and visit other points of interest, such as Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.

2. Madame Tussauds Singapore

Nowadays, you don’t need to go to Europe or other far places to see the world’s well-known figures. It combines elegance, glamorous, and also unique trait of the place as well as the people. As a part of Singapore tourism, Madame Tussauds wax museum is a place where you can actually meet the most popular people in the world within a single spot.

You can take pictures with them, hug them, shake their hands, kiss them, and so many more. Do the things that you may not be able to do in person. Since the opening, this museum has become one of the most visited places in Singapore. Buying the ticket is fairly easy. You can go to the ticket booth or buy online. This is an ideal place to visit with family and kids.

3. Marina Bay Sands

Do you feel like spending money for luxurious accommodation? If you want to get the best accommodation with top notch service, going to Marina Bay Sands will be the perfect option. Even if you aren’t going to do anything fancy, one of the things to do in Singapore is to view the location.

As one of the most luxurious and exclusive resorts in Singapore, you will be marveled at the place. It offers you an exciting and interesting experience – something that you won’t easily forget. It is a perfect location to visit when bored because the artistic structure of the place.

4. Sentosa Island

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If Marina Bay Sands is one of the tourist spots resorts for grownups with adult activities, Sentosa Island is a special resort with lots of fun activities, ideal for kids and families. It is always included in the top 10 popular tourist spots in Singapore.

If you are looking for a fun place to visit with families without spending money, this is an ideal option because there are several spots that are completely free, such as the pirate ship. It offers a lot of different activities, from dining, nature exploration, shopping, golfing, and many more.

5. Palawan Beach, Sentosa Island

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If you are on the way to Sentosa Island and you decide to make a stop, this place should be on your tourist places list. If you are into sandy beach and warm temperature, this is a must visit area.

You can enjoy coming to this area for free if you just want to sit on the beach and enjoy the natural beauty. It can be an alternative spot when you are on a budget.

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6. Universal Studios Singapore

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As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, Universal Studio is always packed with tourists and visitors. What to see there? There are a lot of things, really. There are different zones to explore, such as Sci-Fi city, New York, Lost World, Far Far Away, and other interesting places.

There is Ride the Movies where you can experience the fun and excitement. No wonder it becomes one of the must places to see when you go to Singapore. It is the ideal places to go for families, for couples, and even groups.

7. Singapore Cable Car

One of the most popular destinations in Singapore is the Cable Car, linking the Faber Peak Singapore with Sentosa resort. Believe it or not, this gondola lift has been around since 1974. You can also enjoy the gondola lift at night, getting a more wonderful sight of the strait.

8. S.E.A. Aquarium, Marine Life Park

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One of the most popular holiday destinations among kids is the Marine Life Park, located on the southern Singapore. The park is included within Resorts World Sentosa that is divided into two major parts of Adventure Cove Waterpark and S.E.A Aquarium.

It is the biggest oceanarium on planet. During vacation, the place is always swarmed by families and kids so you can consider it as your next destination with your kids.

9. Gardens by the Bay

This natural park stretches along a wide area with locations close to Marina Reservoir in the central area of Singapore. With three different waterfront gardens of Bay East, Bay Central, and Bay South Gardens, this area isn’t only beautiful but also unique.

It may not be a new spot but it never loses its charm and appeal. For some people, the garden is romantic and quieter when compared to other local tourist attractions.

10. Singapore Flyer

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Looking for an excitement on a giant Ferris wheel? Singapore Flyer can be your alternative option. Let’s say that you don’t have many times to explore Singapore, but you can always visit this giant wheel and have a memorable experience.

In 3 days, you can enjoy a lot of explorations on your own, including to this wheel. You can have an enjoyable trip with friends, including enjoying the sight. Don’t forget to visit tourist information to have a deeper insight.

11. Esplanade

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If you are into stage performance, whether it is a concert or opera, and you are in Singapore, you should go to Esplanade. Known as the Esplanade Theater, this art center is located in Singapore River mouth – to be exact, in Marina Bay. The original name was Theaters on the Bay, but then turned to Esplanade, taken from the Esplanade Park situated close by.

This concert hall is able to accommodate 2,000 people with 1,600 seats. The theater was officially opened in 2002 but since then has become one of the major tourist attractions in Singapore. A lot of concerts or other performing arts take place in this area.

12. Clarke Quay

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If you think that you will only enjoy river cruise at Clarke Quay, you are seriously mistaken because there are a lot of fun activities taking place there. If you want to explore the river, you can take the boat cruise. But you can also come to Asian Civilization Museum with its gorgeous original structure.

With the British colonial style, this building houses a lot of exhibitions and collections of Singapore’s history. If you want to explore the green, there is Fort Canning Park, a green hill right in the center of modern Singapore. When you are into the park, you will forget that you are actually right in the middle of a modern world.

13. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Have you ever thought about visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens? This 150 years old garden is one of the most favorite spots to visit by the locals as well as tourists. The plant collections have a long history in the environment existence and importance.

If you come to this place, you will be mesmerized by the neat collection with various unique resources. Not to mention that visitors can learn a lot through the recreational and educational facilities. Your kids can learn a lot from farm gardens or rainforest adventure. After all, the garden is pretty close to Orchard Road so the access is pretty easy and straightforward.

14. Chinatown

If you are looking for inexpensive merchandise, tasty food, and unique experience while visiting Singapore, you can always come to Chinatown. With its unique signature style among the shops and the combination of modern sight, you can really have your own fun way while exploring the narrow streets.

This is one of the places to visit in Singapore in 3 days. Looking for a traditional Chinese food? This is the right place to go. There are plenty of hawker stalls, including the food stalls. You can find modern restaurants as well as old school shops. If you are looking for inexpensive souvenirs, there are plenty of stores to go to.

15. Raffles Hotel

If you want to spend a night at a luxurious and historical place, the Raffles Hotel will be the right option. This hotel and resort has 103 rooms and suites with 8 restaurants. What makes this hotel special is the colonial style building that has taken back to 1887. The hotel was founded by the Sarkies Brothers, the Armenian hoteliers but named after the founder of Singapore.

The hotel is the subsidiary of International Fairmont Raffles Hotels. Another unique trait of the hotel is the museum so you can say that it is a museum hotel, displaying rare collections of writer guests who had stayed there. You can also find memorabilia display of china, silver, postcards, and photographs.

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16. Changi Chapel and Museum

Are you into history so much? If you are, why not coming to Changi Chapel and museum that was dedicated and built to remember Singapore’s history during World War II. The construction of the museum underwent a long years of history in the making, starting in 1944 when the Australian POW first built it.

Singapore then built the replica in 1988, right next to their Changi Prison. But the museum had to be relocated when the prison was expanded. In 2001, the museum and chapel was moved one kilometer away. If you want to see a complete collection of personal effects, photographs, and paintings by former POWs, this is the right place to go.

17. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

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In the event that you are wandering around Chinatown and you want to go to a Buddhist temple, as well as a museum, you can always go to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. You should be able to find the temple somewhere in the heart of Chinatown.

The construction itself took place in 2005 and completed in 2007. If you want to take a look at the construction and the collections of historical Buddha, you should go there. Feel free if you want to donate. If you want to, there is a simple vegan fare that is served at the temple’s basement. This is one of the major popular spots in Singapore.

18. Little India and Arab Street

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The atmosphere and ambiance is different in Little India and Arab Street. You will see a mix of culture, as well as the aroma of spices, foods, and unique culinary. Looking for a trade? You have come to the right place. This is a trading center and you should be able to find merchandise, especially textiles, from southern Asian’s culture.

If you want to find Indian sari, Indonesian batik, or silk, this is the center. You should also be able to find mosques as this is an important area or Muslim community. You can also find Hindu temples here and there – be sure to follow the rules upon entering.

19. Night Safari

Have you ever come to Night Safari, the night zoo in Singapore? If you want to experience exploring the zoo at night, you have found the first ever nocturnal zoo in the world. Is it one of the most popular tourist objects in Singapore? You can be sure about it!

The zoo is the now home to 2500 animals from 130 species, and 38% of them are the endangered and threatened species. This zoo has an open air condition set within the humid tropical forest. As the name suggests, it only opens at dusk. You can explore the 7 different geographical zones by tram or on foot. Sounds unique, isn’t it?

20. Bugis Street

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If you are looking the cheapest and biggest street market in Singapore, you should come to Bugis Street. The place has undergone a long history in its existence where trading activities become the major importance. If you are looking for the center of fine dining, hot shopping spot, and trendy bars and cafes which are open even until the night time.

You will find a lot of thing there, not only souvenirs and accessories. You will find cosmetics, clothes, housewares, and even electronics with the cheapest price possible. Things as stationary, postcards, and key chains are the most common merchandises – and the price is low as $1.

21. Singapore Zoo

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Singapore Zoo is probably one of many places to visit in Singapore with family you can put on the list. This tourist attraction is specifically designed to attract families with 1.7 visitors in total coming to see the animals on exhibit. This place which has 315 animal species has covers two main areas.

The first one is the zoo as the main attraction of this place. The other area is the night safari in which you get to see the animals in their real habitat at night. It is pretty much close to Jurong Park which makes it very accessible.

22. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is another tourist attraction to visit if you happen to be on the Singapore Zoo area and around. It will be one of several places worth visiting if you are animal lovers, or birds for that matter. If you are visiting this place, be ready to be in awe of the natural agglomeration of habitats for the birds on exhibit.

It covers seven habitats specifically designed for certain bird species. Therefore, do not expect yourself to be in a place with artificial or even superficial habitat since it comes with natural ecosystem for every species it has.

23. Art Science Museum

Art Science Museum is one of many complexes you would find inside Marina Bay Sands which is the famous hotspot in Singapore. As the name implies, everything you will see is ArtScience installations. Basically, this place covers two areas; the first one is the ArtScience gallery as the main area of this museum.

In this area, you will see many installations based on three concepts: curiosity, expression, and inspiration. As for the touring exhibitions, you have to keep in tabs on its schedule since the exhibition here is not every day. Well either way, this museum is definitely worth visiting.

24. Trick Eye Museum

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Trick Eye Museum is another tourist draw card that Singapore has. You can consider visiting it if you are in Sentosa Island. It offers you the experience of being in virtual world. Yes, it relies on 3 dimension and Augmented Reality as its benchmark.

You will see many things that reality actually could not do. Only with bare eyes of yours, many things, such as 3D and visual art installations can be seen. With everything this museum comes with, ranged from the effect, sound, and vision, it will make your visit in this place becomes very worthwhile and thrilling like never was.

25. Helix Bridge

If you have been to Singapore and Marina Bay Sands, then you must have been to Helix Bridge as well. This bridge, usually known as the Helix, is actually a set of pedestrian bridge which connects Marina South to Marina Center.

From afar, the Helix looks an awful lot like a millennial spiral wire with luminous lights on it. It is designed to be transparent from all sides. That way, pedestrian on it can take a time off walking just to enjoy the view of Singapore River at night glimmering with city lights and many other attractions on the riverbanks.

26. Singapore River

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Singapore River is probably one of several romantic places in Singapore you can visit with your beloved one. Perhaps for some people, or couples to be exact, there is nothing romantic from visiting this river in the first place.

As the counterargument, it is best to go here at night where bright lights and cityscape can take anyone’s breath away, thanks to its nighttime charm. In order to enjoy the view, you can either go on a cruise with small ferry along with other couples or for a walk on the quay to enjoy the nighttime along with your lovely couple.

27. Flight Experience Singapore

Flight Experience Singapore is probably another activity and experience based tourist attraction you can opt for in your visit to Singapore. Perhaps by its name, you would think that you would have a chance to try your hands at controlling airplane like a pilot does.

Well, it is close but not entirely true. In this place, you would enter a cockpit like the room with control buttons and anything you would find in real cockpit. You can try to control the airplane with real live window. Try to keep to under control in order to avoid plane crash along with real crashing noise.

28. Snow City Singapore

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If you ever dream of real winter in Singapore, you would find what you need in Snow City Singapore. It is an indoor area filled and covered with snow pretty much anywhere you look at. It is basically a family entertainment center, so it is best suited for all family activities.

In this place, you get to do anything you can do in snowed area, such as ice skating, skiing, driving ice bumper car, and even snowy cliff climbing which is perfectly safe activity to do. Well, all activities have its space, so do not worry about bumping to stranger.

29. Singapore Discovery Centre

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If you want your kids to learn something from their on-vacation activities, then you should get them to Singapore Discovery Centre. It is also located in Jurong, so it is pretty much quite accessible to and from many other attractions.

In this place, you can see the complete history of Singapore dating back to colonization until its independence. The documentary is packaged with thrilling sound effect and magnificent visual work that adds up to its quality. Besides, your kids can also learn many things from strategic games available there and many other things you cannot find elsewhere with similar qualities.

30. Sultan Mosque

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Sultan Mosque, one of the most wonderful buildings in Singapore has attracted many people to visit. It is a must−see religious building in Kampong Glam District, Singapore. Built with huge prayer hall and enchanting golden domes, it becomes a prominent focal point for Muslim community in Singapore.

It is built in 1824 and this mosque shows a plenty of endless luxury and peerless beauty. The glass decoration is one of the most appealing points to be amazed. During Ramadan, the night market around the mosque area is really splendid. Enjoying night here will be awesome since there are a lot of food stalls to visit.

31. St. Andrew’s Cathedral

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For those who are fans of historic building and historic tour tracing back the old times, then St. Andrew’s Cathedral is probably what you look for in Singapore. It is quite near to the City Hall, so it is pretty much close to the town center.

Until now, this cathedral is still used by approximately 55 congregations all over Singapore, thanks to its reputation as the largest cathedral in this country. Entering the hall, you will see the ethereal design of the cathedral with its towering cupola and magnificent mosaic on its high window. This church is always crowded on Saturday and Sunday.

32. Fort Canning Park

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Looking for a place for celebration in Singapore, Fort Canning Park should be in the first in the list. Its expansive allows for many events such as wedding party, theatre, festival, and many more. In addition to its green beauty, there are a lot of must−see ancient artifacts.

When it comes to the aesthetic value, it offers anything for children, adults, and elderly. Not only expansive, it is extremely beautiful with a lot of exotics shades. For history buff, this park means anything. For nature lover, it gives perfect natural scenery to enjoy. It is really a perfect park for both recreation and education.

33. Chinese Garden, Singapore

Are you bored with the crowds in downtown Singapore? If yes, then try to go to Chinese Garden. Its location is close to Jurong East. Chinese Garden is one of the city parks in Singapore. It’s on the edge of the Singapore crowd. You can visit the park by MRT and get off at Chinese Garden MRT Station.

The journey continues by walking through the grass field as far as 400 meters. The park is designed in accordance with the style of gardening and architecture in the Chinese kingdom. There are some very instagramable photo spots, such as White Bridge, 7-floor Pagoda, Twin Pagodas, and Garden of abundance.

34. Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park should be in the list of free tourism destination in Singapore. It is a perfect place for nature lover to enjoy the day by with leisure activities. This beautiful park is divided into 4 different theme −recreation zone, green gallery, nature cove, and heritage zone.

Fitness buff can cycle and jog along the safe tracks at the sides of waterway while enjoying the beauty of surrounding view. Otherwise, sit on the garden benches provided around the park area and enjoy the smell of wet grass and feel the breeze. This park offers anything that visitor need to refresh and relax their mind from loudness in the City.

35. Orchard Road

Orchad Road is one of places that shouldn’t be skipped when you are visiting Singapore. Along this road, there are a plenty of shopping center. You can say it as a paradise of shopping. Most of shopping centers here sell expensive branded stuff. However, there are some department stores that offer affordable souvenir.

If you want to enjoy a premium vacation, there are many luxurious hotels along this road. Sitting along the road while enjoy night atmosphere is a usual activity that many local people and tourists do. In the afternoon, it is never really hot because this spot is totally shady. There are many big trees that make enjoyable breeze. This road is recommended to be in the list of places to visit in Singapore in 5 days.

36. Wild Wild Wet Waterpark

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Located in Downtown East, Singapore, Wild Wild Wet Waterpark offer everything for family vacation. It can be said as the biggest and most challenging waterpark in Singapore. With 9 giant waterslides, it becomes an enjoyable place to visit. In addition to waterslides, it has a plenty of other rides that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Though visitors experience and satisfaction is a priority of WWW management, visitor safety is not left behind. Before entering, all visitors who take children should pay attention to minimum height. Visitors who fulfill requirements are allowed to try all rides. It is really one of awesome places to visit in Singapore in 4 days.

37. Macritchie Reservoir Treetop Walk

Macritchie Reservoir Treetop Walk is one of the greatest places for nature lovers. Once you arrived there, you will soon find many natural beauties that you may not find anywhere. For escaping the city, this place should be an option. Can you imagine walking in nature while seeing a lot of animals around you?

They are so free, flying, swinging, and even ready to grab your camera. When you are in Singapore, you can visit this place every day, except Monday. To get to the Tree Top Walk from Venus Drive, you need around 1 hour walk trail. While from the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, it needs around 2 hours.

If you are clueless about Singapore but you want to go sightseeing without fuss, you can always join the city tour or city exploration packages. Such a service is available with experienced tour guide taking you to different destinations and also places to explore.

Of course, there are so many other good places to visit, such as the neighboring countries of Indonesia and Malaysia. There are many Indonesia tourist attractions to explore as well as interesting places to visit in Malaysia. You may not want to miss Bali attractions when visiting Indonesia.

But in the end, Singapore has many hidden gems of tourists’ destinations and spots in terms of tourism. Don’t forget to check the best places to visit in Singapore and include them in your list.


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