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37 Best Places to Visit in Bali You Should Know


Places to visit in Bali – What are the best places to visit in Bali? Every travel destination has their landmarks or signature spots which would be a total shame if you ever miss them. It applies the same to Bali with some of its signature landmarks. What to see there? Where should you do? What are the things to do in Bali? To check them out, there are some potential places that you don’t want to miss.

Whether you are looking for the best diving in Bali or you want to explore some of the Ubud attractions, keep in mind that Bali has tons of interesting places thanks to the unique local culture and custom. If you are looking for ceremonial events, there are the perfect place and time for the exploration.

If you want to experience local lifestyle exploration, there is the option. If you are interested in riding the waves, there are some of the promising places. In short, you will never miss out the fun and excitement when you come to Bali.

List of the Potential Spots and Best Places to Visit in Bali You Should Know to Improve Your Traveling Experience

1. Menjangan Island

This is the place where you want to go if you are thinking about snorkeling. In fact, this is one of the best places for snorkeling and underwater viewing. There are loads of things to view on the coastal bench and you will be pampered with the underwater view.

You won’t find any hotels or restaurants here because it is a natural site – you don’t have to worry about where to stay when coming here, definitely. However, you can get meals if you choose a travel or tour package.

2. Nusa Penida

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Nusa Penida has become the recommended place to visit in Bali because of its natural appeal. You will never get tired of exploring the island with its immense attractions. For instance, Peguyangan waterfall can be your option when you want to explore the wild without being trapped in the crowd.

Since not many people would come to Nusa Penida, you can expect a more peaceful exploration. Atuh Beach is one of the places to see if you want to enjoy quiet beach time looking at the blue water and sipping coconut water. Manta Bay is one of the popular places to dive and swim with the fish.

3. Nusa Lembongan

Other options for Bali tourist attractions are Nusa Lembongan with its many beautiful beaches or the seaweed farm. Not many tourists know about this so not many of them come to this island. Come to Jangut Batu Beach or Dream Beach to enjoy quiet and peaceful time.

Coconut Bay or Mushroom Beach can be your next destination. Not to mention that you can go sightseeing, exploring the nature. Instead of staying in the main island of Bali, you should really consider coming to small islands surrounding Bali.

4. Nusa Ceningan

Are you into swimming and snorkeling? You may want to try some of the snorkeling points at Nusa Ceningan. How about visiting the seaweed farm? It is interesting and unique, and you get to enjoy the suspended bridge in this island.

It is no wonder if Nusa Ceningan is included in the top 10 places to visit because you will get unforgettable holiday experience. Want to try something non-mainstream? Go to these islands and enjoy it your way!

5. Tanjung Benoa

If you are into water sports, this place can be a perfect option for you. There are some points of interest to visit as Tanjung Benoa is another tourist destination that you don’t want to miss. Do you know where to go? Don’t worry as the place is swamped with various business establishments that you find appealing.

Other options include cooking classes and spa treatments. Although Tanjung Benoa is quite popular, it isn’t as crowded as Bali so you will find it nice and somewhat comforting.

6. Serangan Island

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What are the places to explore when you come to Serangan? Plenty of them! You can come to the Turtle Park which is a turtle conservatory to protect the fragile creatures. You can also enjoy water sports. Serangan Island is also known for its water adventures, just like in Tanjung Benoa. There are also temples and mosque if you are interested in cultural exploration.

7. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Why does Jatiluwih become one of the must-go places to visit in Bali? It may be ‘only’ a rice terrace but it has one of the best natural views in Bali. Jatiluwih is basically a paddy field that stretches from the foot of the mountain to the coastal area.

Not only it is wide and vast, it also has one of the best views in Bali. If you want to avoid the crowds and the noise of Denpasar or other big cities in Bali, you should go to this place. Moreover, it is not far from a hot spring, which can give you a soothing and relaxed feeling.

8. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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If you are wondering about the things to do in Ubud, don’t be! There are tons of interesting activities there, including coming to Tegalalang Rice Terrace. It is almost the same as Jatiluwih paddy field where you can enjoy the scenic view and the cool air.

Make time to come here if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. If you think that there are no things to see in the paddy field, think again. You will be pampered with the natural beauty in front of you.

9. Campuhan Ridge Walk

One of the other options for tourist places is this spot, especially if you are into adventurous trekking in the nature. The ridge walk stretches over nine kilometers, and it is totally free.

You can enjoy the fresh air and the free natural view; not to mention that you can pass by some of the cool spots like the temple complex of Pura Gunung Lebah. Try it and you won’t regret a thing!

10. Hanging Gardens of Bali

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One of the places to go in Bali is this place, which isn’t actually an attraction but more like an accommodation. It is a luxurious complex of villas with 5 start quality ratings, including a superb pool, great accommodation and service, and much more.

If you have more to spend, and you don’t mind getting some little pampers during your holiday, you should definitely come to this place for a high quality service.

11. Greenbowl Beach

Bali with its beaches and strong local traditions makes it famous as one of the best holiday destinations in Asia. Well, the best beaches in Bali are Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, etc. However, those beaches are just like ordinary ones if you have visited them too many times.

For your convenience, there is a beach that has a different vibe out there. Greenbowl lets you to relax under the green trees away from the metropolitan. Besides relaxing, this hidden beach is a good place for surfing; the wave here is perfect. However, most people have not known about the Greenbowl Beach yet since this beach is not even included in 5 days Bali tour package.

12. Denpasar

Being the capital of Bali province, Denpasar is not as popular as other tourism areas like Kuta and Legian. However, Denpasar has its own vibe and it is an attractive place on its own way. The largest city on the island is remarkable evidence where Balinese culture could flawlessly blend with the modernity of global world. Even if it is a large city, it could maintain the vibe of a small town.

The city’s social life is mostly constructed of small and closely connected Hindu villages. Thus, it is normal if you stumbled upon Hindu temples in the middle of a neighborhood. Denpasar is also the best spot in Bali for a shopping trip. From glowing night markets to classy department stores, the city has almost everything for shopaholics.

13. Mount Batur, Kintamani

Bali is truly famous for its beaches. However, it is not the only thing that the island has. Among those mountains, Gunung Batur or Mount Batur is considered to be a sacred object by Balinese. Besides, the mountain is also the best place to enjoy the “other side” of Bali. Standing 1,717 meters above the sea level, it gives a magnificent view of the island from above.

From the top of mountain, you can have the view of Abang and Rinjani Mountain as well as beautiful sunrise. If you want to hike it and experience the beauty of Mount Batur at the first hand, there are several tour packages you can try which mostly offered in 3 days tour.

14. Mount Agung

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One of renowned places to visit in Indonesia is the Mount Agung. Hiking up the mountain to adore the view of the Dewata Island from high-altitude would leave you speechless. Nevertheless, it is not only the view that would make you stunned, but also the mountain itself.

Mount Agung as one of famous Indonesia tourist attractions stands to the altitude of 3,142 meters and it is the highest mountain on the island. The fact that it is the grandest mountain in Bali makes it challenging for hikers around the world to summit it. Usually, hikers could summit it in 2 days, starting the hike from the basecamp at Pura Besakih.

15. Zen Hideaway with Its Highest Swing

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Zen Hideaway is one the best hotels you can find in Ubud, Bali that offers interesting activities besides just staying in. This hotel does come in wonderful traditional Balinese design, which uses wood and bamboo as the main material with brown and crème as the main colors.

Other than that, as stated before, the other reason why many tourists come to this hotel is the highest swing you cannot find elsewhere. Well, it is set on the topmost point of the hotel in which people can see the amazing scenery of rice terraces and surrounding village from the swing itself.

16. Folk Pool & Gardens Ubud

If you are craving for private water park with the same fun packaged in it, Folk Pool & Gardens Ubud is probably the place you need to go to. It is actually a hotel and resort, made famous by its water park with many attractions.

Without having to share the pools with others you can swim around trying the water based attractions as much as you want to. If you are here, try the long man made creek and wave pool in this popular hotel and resort to have a taste of private water park like it has never been.

17. Historical Tour in Tampak Siring

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Tampak Siring is a small county in the vicinity of Gianyar city. It is popular for its distinctive tourist spots compared to other spots in Bali. Here, tourists do not come to see any beaches and waves.

They travel to visit the renowned Presidential Palace and Tirta Empul temple instead. Tirta Empul is an ancient Hindu temple which, according to legend, was built upon the holy spring made by Indra, a Hindu god.

The temple is used by Hindus to meditate and purify themselves. The Presidential Palace is the building for Ir. Soekarno, Indonesia’s first president, his relatives and also the nation’s guests during their visit to Bali. If you are going to visit Tampak Siring, it is better for you to buy a tour package to reduce the expense.

18. The Best Scenery in Wanagiri Village

Another new addition to the fantastic Bali holidays spot is the Wanagiri Village. The tourism industry in this small village was developed about a year ago. The main attraction there is titular Puncak Wanagiri. The village is situated on the highland. Therefore, the panorama of Buyan and Tamblingan Lake surrounded by forests will please your eyes.

Moreover, the air is cool and fresh. From the Puncak, you can enjoy the scenery while relaxing in one of the “warung” that can be easily found around the area. It also provides tourists with six selfie spots. Well, no wonder if it becomes one of the most visited places in Bali.

19. Kuta and Its Interesting Tourist Attractions

When people talk about Bali, they must also talk about Kuta as well. Besides the fact that it is known as one of the best surf spots in Bali, his town is also the area that has made the island iconic. Most famous for its surfing beaches, Kuta actually has some surprises under the sleeves.

There is a lot of interesting things to do there besides surfing and sunbathing. You can try to experience world-class water slides at Waterbom Bali or challenge yourself to escape the puzzling rooms at Pandora Experience Bali.

Kuta is famous for its beaches, but actually it has more attractions. When you visit Kuta again in the future, make sure to ask your travel guide to get you somewhere far away from the beach.

20. Holiday Spots in Seminyak

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Another popular tourist destination in Bali is the beach town Seminyak. Famous for its night life, Seminyak is the best place to visit if you are a fan of city life holidays. The clubs, bars, and restaurants could be easily found in the vicinity. The night life there is a wonderful combination of modern culture and Bali’s local culture.

If night clubs do not catch your interest, Seminyak is considered as Bali’s spa capital. The spas and other treatments in Seminyak is a great luxury as you will enjoy the massage while being pleased with the scenery of beautiful places. Whatever is the reason you come to Seminyak, the town will not fail to entertain you.

21. Best Waterfalls in Bali

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Visiting the astonishing tropical land in central Bali will give you the most peaceful waterfalls. You are able to visit those stunning and exceptional places in 4 days. Although there’s no need to go to all of them, adding at least one into your list is great.

Between Bedugul and Singaraja, you can visit Gitgit waterfall. This one is considered the most famous tourism place for waterfall.

Located nearby Singaraja and Lovina, the Aling-Aling waterfall is one of the tallest. It has a small lagoon for swimming and there’s a cliff to jump from. Speaking of Bali waterfalls, you’ll be attracted to Sekumpul waterfall. It offers beautiful landscape for hiking towards this very tall waterfall.

22. Temples in Bali

Besides the natural adventure, Bali offers cultural tour as well. Hinduism atmosphere on the island is really strong. Moreover, the temples which are the place where Hindus do their praying is another major destination in Bali. It adds more to the island’s distinctive tourist attraction. Here are the three great temples in Bali that you must visit.

The first is Luhur Uluwatu Temple. It offers spectacular sunset view as well as Kecak dance performance every day. The second is Ulun Danu Temple. It is located on the side of famous Bratan Lake with the temple as the main tourist attraction.

Next is Tanah Lot Temple. This one is unique for its off-shore location and magnificent sunset panorama. The three temples are mostly included in tours offered in cheap and affordable prices. For your information, there are still many temples in Bali to visit, such as Besakih Temple and Tirta Gangga Temple.

23. Traditional Markets in Bali

Traditional markets are an inseparable and crucial element of the daily activities in Indonesia. Like in any other places in this country, Bali also has many traditional markets. They are the perfect places of interest in Bali for tourist to visit.

If you are looking for any kind of crafted arts, cloths or accessories, jut visit the traditional art market that spreads around the island. Kumbasari is known for its low expenses. Meanwhile, if you are looking for Bali’s traditional Songket, you can come to Semarapura.

The most visited and recommended market is Sukawati. Here, the traditional vibe is really strong. The other recommended places are Guwang, Kuta, Badung, and Sindu market. However, some vendors charged the price too high, so you better make a bargain before buying any souvenirs from your Bali holidays.

24. Best Museums in Bali

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Beaches are the main attraction for tourist in Bali, but there are also interesting museums on the island to explore. Here are few recommendations for you. The DMZ or 3D Trick Art Museum is the place to snap the cool photos with 3D pictures and amazing optical illusion. It is the perfect place for those who look for cool pictures for social media.

If you have a passion for art, Puri Lukisan Museum has to be in your list. Here, you can see the paintings of Bali’s most renowned artists. One of the perfect spots to learn the history of Bali is Denpasar Museum. It also owns some of historical art pieces among the collections. Perhaps, museums are not among the places to visit in Bali for honeymoon, but they could give you a different holiday experience.

25. The Lawn Canggu

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What are you looking for when you are having yourself a vacation in Bali? Is it the sun or waves? Maybe, you are looking for a leisure time to relieve you from office business. In Canggu district, there is a recommended place named The Lawn for you to spend your holiday sitting on the beach while waiting for the sunset.

It is a beach lounge with a good intention to make your holiday feels like having a picnic in the backyard. Just like its name tells, this lounge has a lawn where visitors sit on the straw mats, protected from the sun by surrounding umbrellas and palm tree while enjoying their cocktails and meals.

26. Finns Beach Club

If you are getting bored with Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, or any other popular beaches in Bali, there is one more place that you should visit. It goes with the name Finn’s Beach Club. The location of this place is in Berawa Beach Street, Tibubeneng, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.

Absolute beachfront in front of the famous Berawa surf break, but only 10 minutes from Seminyak, Finns Canggu brings everything you love about Finns plus more. Visitors to Finns can laze away the day in the sun from the comfort of single and double day beds on a white sand beach or swim in a stunning 30 metre infinity edge pool with swim up pool bar (and underwater speakers).

The striking bamboo structure was specifically designed to allow every guest to have a guaranteed sunset view. Enjoy the unbeatable 180 degree ocean views whilst listening to the cool tunes from Resident DJ’s from 1pm. Finns Beach Club provides an experience like no other in Bali. All who visit this piece of paradise are in awe of it’s beauty, they leave relaxed, sun kissed and dreaming of when they will return.

27. La Laguna Bali Restaurant & Beach Bar, Canggu

Bali always gives travelers the pleasure of finding something new and unusual. La Laguna is a unique bar and restaurant located in out-of-the-way area on the north end of Seminyak. The restaurant is full with gypsy ornaments like old caravans and beautifully decorated with the opposing motif of bohemian décor which give the place a strong hipster vibe.

La Laguna attracts and satisfies their customers with a heavily decorated garden and an iconic wooden bridge where customers may snap some selfies or panoramas. It is a perfect place to bring your small family or a couple of friends to enjoy the sunset.

A special attention must be given if you go there with kids, since you might easily lose them in the garden. For its unusual gypsy ambiance, it is a place that newly-wed hipster couple must visit for honeymoon.

28. 707 Beachberm Batubelig

One of the most visited holiday destinations in Bali is the Batubelig Beach. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Batubeliq is by making yourself and your family comfortable in one of 707 Beachberms’s bean bags. The 707 is a popular café in the locale.

Most of the reviews given to the bar are positive ones, underlining the facilities, service and the food which have satisfied plenty of tourists, both domestics and overseas. It is not exaggerating to call it the best cafe on Batubelig. Not only giving their customers a different vibe to enjoy the sunset, they also charge their food in cheaper price compared to restaurants in the same area.

29. Jimbaran

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Jimbaran is one of the most visited tourism spots in Bali. It offers a more relaxing experience that Kuta and Seminyak don’t have. It only takes about 15 minutes to go to this beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This humble former fishing village is blessed with spectacular sights of the Bali coast.

Moreover, Jimbaran has also established its name as Bali’s most romantic beach. Thus, it is believed to be the perfect beach for couples.

Other than its scenic location and charming atmosphere, Jimbaran is also well-known for its delicious seafood restaurants. Having a candlelight dinner in one of the restaurants and enjoying the sunset will leave you with a desire to visit this place again, sometimes in the future.

30. Rock Bar Ayana Resort

Ayana’s Rock Bar is situated on the top of matchless rock formations along Jimbaran’s coast which pleases the eyes with the stunning good looks of the sea and the sundown. The Rock Bar is widely respected as one of the holiday destinations with unmatched combination of entertainment, drinks, and sunset.

To add more to the dramatic after-dark sensation, international DJs would bring it up to the whole new level. It is surely a romantic and wonderful spot. But when it rains, it might ruin everything. The Rock Bar is a semi outdoor bar, with less to none covers that may protect you in a rainy day. To avoid wasting your ideal moment with your friends or families here, visiting it on dry season would be wiser.

31. Single Fin, Uluwatu

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Located on the top of a steep cliff with the Blue Point Beach straight below and the exotic view of the blue sea, Single Fin is a special bar in Uluwatu. The Blue Point Beach is a haven for surfers from across the globe and it is always crowded with surfers. Its strategic location makes Single Fin more famous than other food spots in Uluwatu.

Foreign surfers tend to choose Single Fin as the place for them to relax after swimming and surfing on the Blue Point Beach below. What makes this place special is the small beach-themed store inside the bar. In Single Fin, you can have your relaxing time as well as having yourself a souvenir to remind you of the gorgeous place.

32. Sundays Beach Club

As an island with endless exoticness, Bali always has something new to offer. The most recent addition to Bali’s tourism spots is the Uluwatu region. It is the number four surf destination in the world for surfers of all abilities.

One spot in Uluwatu that draws the attention of international eyes is the Sundays Beach Club. This beach club charges three hundred thousand rupiah for adult tourists. It includes food, beverages, and snorkeling equipment.

It is a perfect place to spend time with family enjoying the beauty of the nature. The water is pristine and cool. The sound of the waves gives a soothing treatment for visitors to relax. This beach is also surrounded by hills which add more to the beauty of this beach.

33. Beratan Lake Bedugul

This iconic tourist spot is located between two cities, Denpasar and Singaraja on an island close to the Beratan Lake. Bedugul is perhaps most famous for its Beratan Lake and the Ulun Danu Temple. The Ulun Danu is a complex of Hindu temples situated on the side of Beratan Lake.

The temple and lake are Bali’s iconic tourism area. One reason why travelers decided to explore this area is to witness the beautiful combination of ancient temple and the lake’s peaceful atmosphere.

To add more to the list of reasons why Bedugul could attracts many visitors, you should notice that the temple was built on the low-terrain area near the lake and often flooded with water when the lake’s water level is rising.

This creates the illusion of the temple standing on the middle of the lake. The situation when the lake rises is the best moment to snap the Ulundanu Temple.

34. Seawalker Tour in Sanur

Have you ever think to do other underwater activities besides snorkeling and diving? Do you want to experience something new? Bali Seawalker Tour offers an exciting and unforgettable underwater experience. The main attraction is-like the name implies-walking underwater on the ocean shelf.

The major reason why this marine activity is created is the fact that people who have never been doing scuba diving are also interested to have the same experience. However, they want to be free of any risk. In seawalking, “walkers” put on helmet and special suit to protect them from underwater pressure.

Next, they go down a ladder which leads to the seabed. Moreover, they can have all the chance to interact with marine lives.

35. Lovina Beach in North Bali

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Located in the northern part of Bali, Lovina is a great extension of coastline with narrow black sandy beaches. This place is collections of calm water beaches that are commonly safe. There are bunch of cheap accommodations located in Anturan.

The first thing to do in Lovina is simply walking on the seashore of Head to east of the Dolphin Monument and reach to the main beach. One of the famous attractions is dolphin watching early in the morning or swimming with them as well. Diving and snorkeling in the clear water is also an exceptional alternative thing to do. As you visit the city center, you can explore the cultural element of Lovina.

36. Nyang Nyang Beach

This beach is perfect place for your occasion. It’s quiet and relatively reclusive area. It will be very suitable to build up your romantic feeling. This beach is still relatively virgin and not many people knew the whereabouts.

Nyang Nyang Beach is not very far from Pura Uluwatu, one of the most popular destinations in Bali. You might find it’s rather difficult to access this beach since you have to walk along untended trails and walk down 500 stones stairs before setting your foot on the beach.

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However, you and your couple will be greeted with really amazing white sand, solid waves, and a spread of greeneries dotted with yellow flowers. They are the best spot in this area. Coupled with solitude atmosphere, this place is the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

37. Tulamben

From Denpasar, you can visit Tulamben which is a small village of fishermen. The reviews has been going around that said this place has magnificent spots for diving. That is one of the reasons why snorkelers and divers are attracted to this destination place. You will find Liberty Ship wreckage which was sunken by the submarine warship of Japan in 1942.

Subsequently, the ship turned into the habitat of various marine lives. It’s best to explore the wreckage at night due to its exquisite diving view and calm conditions. Sunbathing is also great to do here while relaxing or reading. Many recommended hotels situated by the beach can be a wonderful choice.

Those are some of the highlights of Bali exploration although there are other places that you can visit if you want to do preliminary research about them. You can stay at the best hotels in Bali or go to the most interesting spots as long as you find out more info about them. So, what is your favorite place from the best places to visit in Bali?


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