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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 4 Days from Waterpark to Historical Sites


Singapore Itinerary 4 Days – Here is a list of the top 10 best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days from waterpark to historical sites. Is it your first time visiting Singapore? Do not be nervous because Singapore is one of most tourist-friendly destinations among other destinations in Asia.

You shouldn’t worry about something bad might happen to you. All you need to take care of is your itinerary of the best what to do in Singapore in 4 days. Unlike other countries in Asia, Singapore is the smallest. So, a 4-day trip can already bring you to the most iconic and interesting places.

This country has good and reliable public transportation especially for tourists. Using public transportation simply is a better and more affordable way to get you to the best places.

List of The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 4 Days

1. Singapore Zoo

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Welcome to the Lion City! Singapore is as bright and sunny as expected. The weather is a bit warm and humid so get prepared to get sweaty all day. It’s better to have soft thin fabric. Now, your first day of exploring Singapore has begun.

Do you travel with your kids? Then, bring them right away to the Singapore Zoo. It’s certainly one of the most recommended and best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days. You can visit the zoo as early as possible because the Ah Meng restaurant here serves wonderful foods for breakfast with the friendly orangutan.

The zoo is the home to over than 2.800 animals. It has various collections of animals including the famous zebras and lions from Wild Africa to ring-tailed lemurs from Australian. Make sure to get a set at the animal shows to see various animals in actions including seals and elephants.

2. River Safari

As the sun gets higher in the noon, continue to River Safari, another top tourist attractions in Singapore. It’s a home to the largest freshwater aquarium in the world. It has 4 different zones including the Ganges, Mekong Rivers and Nile.

While you still being in the Zoo, one of the best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days, spare time to experience the Night Safari. It’s the first nocturnal zoo in the world where you see how the wild animals live at night. You will spot clouded leopard, fishing cat, sugar glider and also hyena in actions.

3. Gardens by the Bay

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You have to take your kids having the best one full day in Singapore Zoo. It’s time to see other best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days. First, start the day by visiting the green Gardens by The Bay. It’s the perfect destination to spend a rainy day in Singapore.

Have a great time in Cloud Forest and Flower Dome to escape the humidity and heat in this country. Another unique spot is the Jacob Ballas Children Garden. It will attract your curiosity of your kids as it has interactive space design.

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They will have opportunity to learn about nature like the magic of photosynthesis. The big maze garden is also another interesting place to explore with your kids. As the sun gets hotter, water fountain gives you a place to cool off.

4. Little India

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At noon, just head off to the next best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days. This time it’s Little India. It’s an ethnic part of Singapore with strong influence from Indian cultures. It’s the land of various fragrant spices and spicy foods in Indian style. Enjoy sightseeing and visit the most famous Hindu temples, intricate places with colorful craving.

If you crave for culinary experiences, come to Tekka Centre. It’s a mix of three, shopping center, food center and wet traditional market. Another place for culinary adventure is Banana Leaf Apollo that serves delicious hotplate of Indian curry and served on banana leaves.

5. Chinatown

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When the night comes, your journey to explore the best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days hasn’t ended. Come to Chinatown and experience the true Chinese culture every day’s life.

Visit the Chinatown Heritage Center, take photos of the famous Buddha Tooth Relic temple, and of course, taste the most authentic Chinese cuisine. It’s also a perfect place to hang out and have a glass of beer. Along the pedestrians walk are various restaurants and bars.

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6. Adventure Cove Waterpark

It’s your third day in Singapore, and the famous Adventure Cove Waterpark has calling for you. It’s definitely the must visit and best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days. Use the monorail to reach the waterpark. Do not forget to pack your swimsuit. Here, you can experience swimming together with friendly fish and colorful coral reef in Bluwater Bay wave pool.

7. Quayside Isle

While the kids are frantic running around the waterpark and experience various attractions, you can have a nice relaxing time by the beach. As the lunch time comes, take the kids to Quayside Isle, other best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days to have fresh cook dishes, pastries, and baked bread.

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Continue spending the afternoon by taking a slow walk along the beach and feeling the breeze. Quayside Isle is located in the luxurious enclave of Sentosa Cove, Sentosa Island.

8. Marina Bay Sands

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When the sun is about to set, it’s time to leave Sentosa Island and come to the next best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days, Marina Bay Sands. Have a romantic fine dining on the top restaurant by the infinity pool.

9. Changi Chapel and Museum

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Your last day in Singapore has to be the most special. Make it a short journey through cultural and historical attractions. Visit the famous Changi Chapel and Museum. In this place, you will see how Singapore was during Japanese Occupation.

Continue the last day trip to visit the Lau Pa Sat, an old market. It’s the best place to taste the best local delights. It’s a perfect spot to have lunch. Then, come and witness the charms of the famous Raffles Hotel and Red Dot Design Museum. This museum is one of a kind with dominance of contemporary design and shows off more than 1.000 exhibits.

10. Robertson Quay

Your last night in Singapore has come. It’s time to get to Robertson Quay along Singapore River as the last destination on your list of best places to visit in Singapore in 4 days. Spend you last night at the best alfresco dining spots, and cafes for a relaxed night.


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