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Compilation of the Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 5 Days


Singapore Itinerary 5 Days – Here is a list of the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days. Visiting Singapore in one day will not satisfy your need for enjoying all the tourist destinations. This article will give you reference about the best things to do in Singapore in 5 days. Five-day trip to this famous tourist destination will be a memorable vacation.

Some tourist attractions are recommended for couples while the rests are good for family vacations. Despite the list is arranged in chronological order, you can easily customized the order based on your preference. If you happen to have shorter time than five days for the vacations, simply skip one or two of the places on the list.

List of the Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 5 Days

1. Orchard Road

The first list on the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days is Orchard Road. There is a good reason why you need to visit this place among other tourist destination in Singapore. When you go on a vacation, ideally you allocate a great amount of vacation budget with you.

You are going to spend most of your money in Orchard road. The road is loaded with shops from famous outlets that are too tempting to miss. If you spend your fortune on other tourist objects first, you might end up having not enough money for shopping in this commercial district.

Orchard Road is categorized in the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days since it is full of tourist attractions. Most of them are in form of shopping centers and mall. The best way to enjoy the shopping centers and mall is by walking.

There are two popular shopping districts in this area. Both Chinatown and Little India are the best way to find finest products. You can purchase them for either personal use or souvenir. Mega shopping malls can also be found in this road as well.

2. Singapore Zoo

The next of the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days is Singapore Zoo. This tourist attraction is still located on the main island. Therefore, you will not have to go far from your first destination of Orchard Road. Before it is known as Singapore Zoo, this place is formerly called as Singapore Zoological Garden.

Locals also know a zoo that occupies over 96 acres of Singapore land as Mandai Zoo. Singapore government establishes it for tourist purposes at 1973. It is located close to other natural tourist attractions such as Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, and River Safari.

Singapore Zoo is house for thousands of collections and exhibits. The animals of Singapore Zoo collections are able to roaming at large area. Their place and tourist path are separated by moats. Some dangerous animals are kept behind bars and glass enclosure for visitor safety.

Meanwhile, tame animals are kept in friendly place where visitors can see them up close. It is highly recommended for those of you who want to introduce your children to animals. Your family vacation will turn into a memorable moment. For this reason, it is suggested as the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days.

3. Marina Bay

After spending your first two days on the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days, it is time to visit the waterfront. Among all beachfront areas in Singapore, the most popular one is Marina Bay. As it goes with orchard road, the bay is packed with several tourist destinations.

During weekends, tourists from all across the world crowd this place. It is recommended to visit on your third day in Singapore since it offers the best view among the previous tourist destinations.

If you are looking for outstanding tourist attractions in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort is the best pick. This resort is consists of three hotel buildings connected on top of it. The Ship like part on top of it is called the Skypark.

In this place, you can found international restaurants, cafes, bars, and even the famous infinity pools. Not far from the resort, there is the famous landmark of Singapore. The Merlion Park is not only a tourist destination, but also a historical place of Singapore.

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4. Flower Dome

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At this point, you already half way visit the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days. Still located close to the waterfront, you can visit the Flower Dome. Flower Dome is home for a great number of flower species. Those flowers are imported from different place of the world.

They are kept in enclosed area in form of giant dome. The flowers are arranged in beautiful way separated by tourist paths. Along with the flower collection, there are also sculptures and seating area as well. You can sit while enjoying the blooming flower as far as your eyes can see.

The Flower Dome also offers easy access to Cloud Forest. This dome is filled with artificial forest in form of building in several levels. On the center of it, there is multi-level waterfall. The splashes of water on each level create perfect humidity for the plants and beautiful clouds.

Close to this location, you can also visit Supertree Grove. It has giant artificial trees with the Observation Bridge and light show during the night. This cluster of tourist destinations is definitely part of the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days.

5. Sentosa Island

After visiting those best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days, normally you want to get relaxed on the end of your trip. On the last day, it is highly recommended to visit Sentosa Island. Even though this island is an artificial one, the beauties of its beaches are comparable to natural beaches.

The imported white sand is accompanied by complete facilities such as beach club and sunbathing area. It is good for those of you who come with your couple for romantic evening or honeymoon.

Palawan Beach in Sentosa Island
Palawan Beach in Sentosa Island (Photo : Marco Verch via flickr.com)

If getting relaxed on your last day is not your type, you might consider visiting Universal Studios as the best option to do. This place is recommended for those of you who bring your children along on your vacation.

The show and exhibition on this tourist object will not only entertain children, but also adults. It should come as no surprise that Universal Studios is also listed on the best places to visit in Singapore in 5 days along with other tourist destinations.


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