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Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Bali for Honeymoon Recommendations for Couples


Resorts in Bali for Honeymoon – Planning to visit Indonesia honeymoon destinations in Bali Island wouldn’t quite complete without staying in the romantic resort to create an exceptional trip with your partner. If you’re looking for suggestions of the best accommodations, check out this list of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon.

One of the best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon (Photo : instagram @thekayonresort)

Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Bali for Honeymoon as Romantic Destinations

1. Como Uma Resorts

The first accommodation to make the way into top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon is Como Uma, which located at the eye of cultural center Ubud area. It is ideal for couple who wish for beautiful and private romantic resorts.

Como Uma can even be included in holiday destinations list on its own. If you’re planning to do staycation honeymoon, there are plenty of do-able things inside the resort itself such as gym, yoga, spa treatments and many more. Walk a bit and you’ll get yourself stunning scene of pristine waterfalls and rice terrace.

2. Ulu Segara Resort

Ulu Segara romantic resorts are located at the exclusive Nusa Dua area. Here you can enjoy your honeymoon by stunning view of southern shoreline of Bali. The place provides intimate accommodations as a getaway place that allows you to completely unwinding with your partner.

As most of the recommendation in the top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon, Ulu Segara also offers excellent range of services such as spa, body treatments, complete menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as couples therapy room.

3. Hanging Gardens of Bali

The next recommendation in the list of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon is none other than Hanging Gardens Ubud. It is originally a private property that turned into a luxury villa in the middle of jungle paradise. The 7-star property has even nominated as the number 1 honeymoon destination by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine in Bali. It gets its name by standing on the edge of scenic valley and surrounded by lust rain forest, which makes quiet a majestic view.

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4. Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan Ubud

Four Seasons Ubud Bali is definitely anything but monotonous. Once voted as number one hotel by Leisure and Travel Magazine back in 2018, you wouldn’t regret to choose this soulful and philosophical resort to stay.

As one of the famous luxury hotels in Bali, it is a popular choice for honeymoon travelers. You can experience the quality time and intimate moments with your dearest one, accompanied by the view of green terraced rice slopes and the sound of river that flow across the valley.

5. Banyan Tree Ungasan

The following item on the top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon is Banyan Tree Ungasan Resort. You can sense the deeply rooted culture from the traditionally inspired design combined with modern villa design and the idyllic environment. It is easy to spot natural influence on the materials such as stone, marble, and timber.

The reason why Banyan Tree Ungasan deserves to be on the list of best resorts in Bali is because of its unique concept for honeymoon dwellers. Various amazing features such as outdoor showers, traditional balés, and artisan crafter accents can be enjoyed thoroughly here.

6. Amankila Resort

It is no wonder that Amankila Resort considered as one of the best hotels in Bali: it offers the guests mindful and awe-inspiring accommodation and magical adventure while sets on the magnificent backdrops. Amankila located at Karangasem Regency at east coast of Bali, stands sturdy right on the cliffside as romantic sanctuary. You would be able to enjoy gorgeous retreat by taking strolls on elevated walkways and relax-inducing terraces.

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7. Ayana Resort and Spa

Positioned on cliff-top land area of 90 hectares, Ayana Resort definitely deserve to be compared with other best resort destinations in Bali. It is placed as one of the top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon due to the luxurious and romantic amenities that guarantee you amazing experience only. Ayana Resort has about 78 villas that all have direct to the ocean view and each with a private deck. Some even equipped with private pool if you’d like to book on one.

8. Ametis Villa

Ametis Villa is located on Canggu, Ubud and is perfect for those who look forward to enjoy their honeymoon phase at relaxing pace and private environment setting. The resort is tucked away to create a sweet little hideaway to create the maximum romantic vibes. Despite being very personal and intimate in setting, the Ametis Villa placed nearby various places of interest in Bali such as Canggu Beach, Bolong Bulan Beach, Berawa Beach, and many more.

9. Como Shambhala Estate

If you’re wondering about what to see in Bali and looking for a place that have proximity to various popular destinations, then Como Shambhala Estate might be the perfect choice to stay in. It is located in Ubud region, 15 minutes away from the Ubud City Center. The place is surrounded by green rainforests and majestic rice fields’ scenery. As one of the top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon, it is also packed with the best amenities only such as romantic supper and whirlpool spa treatments.

10. Kayon Resort

The last recommendation on best places in Bali for honeymoon to stay in is the Kayon Resort. This little gem is tucked away at the Ubud highlands, offering the visitors with spacious rooms, private pool, and huge bathtub.

Despite all those private property traits, Kayon is amongst the most accessible resorts in Ubud Bali for honeymoon. It actually located at the heart of Ubud, making it easy for you to reach markets and local attractions to explore around the area.

There are as many romantic trips to create as there are fun things to do in Bali. By following the recommendations of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali for honeymoon, you may be able to plan a wonderful journey to experience delightfully with your loved one. Whether it is an intimate dining, coastline strolling, or relaxing vacation, there is always a perfect place to accommodate all your needs throughout the Bali Island.


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