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Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Bali to Enjoy the Great Beauty of the Island


Resorts in Bali – Bali becomes one of the most popular destinations for travelling in Indonesia. The whole island has great natural views majestic cultural and religious heritages. These combinations make people want to spend some days in the island. Of course, it will be perfect when it is possible to enjoy the moment in one of these top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali. These luxury resorts will offer the unforgettable experiences of staying in resort while enjoying the awesome beauty of Bali.

The Recommendations of Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Bali

One of the best luxury resorts in Bali (Photo : instagram @stregisbali)

Bali is surely one of the best holiday destinations as it offers so many wonderful attractions. The special holiday will be perfect experience when there is also great luxury resort to stay. As one of the world’s most famous destinations, of course many great resorts and hotels can be found. Related to the lists, these are some of them.

1. Hanging Gardens of Bali, Ubud

For the first recommendation of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali, there is Hanging Gardens. When people see the results, they will not only see it as a garden, but it is also like a hidden resort in paradise forest. This place has many great facilities. The special location of Hanging Gardens of Bali is between the Ayung River, Dalem Segara Temple, and the rain forest valley. It makes this area as perfect spot to enjoy special holiday.

2. The Samaya Ubud Bali

The next resort also provides great experience of staying and interacting with the nature. This one does not look fully luxurious, but it is more natural. However, all rooms have complete facilities. There is also great spot to enjoy the dinner while enjoying the vibe of nature. For your information, the spot is next to the rice field and river. This is surely one of the nice resorts in Ubud.

3. Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

The next recommendation of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali is located in Jimbaran. This is great place with awesome view since the resort is on the cliff top. From some rooms in the resort, people can see directly the vast view of sea from the green garden. Of course, it is not the only thing to offer. The resort provides luxurious and comfortable facilities to get relaxed and refresh the mind. Due to the location, enjoying romantic sunset, brunch in the private pool and other services can be obtained. That’s why it can be good recommendations for the Bali tourism.

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4. Cloud Unique Beachfront Villa (Villa the Cloud Bali)

This is also included as the next recommendation of the best resorts in Indonesia. One of reasons is about the design. As its name, the shape of this villa imitates the concept of cloud. This unique design even cannot be found in other countries. Of course, it is not the only interesting point.

The location is strategic since it is only around 1 minute from beach, and Taman Ayun Temple can be reached in less than 15 km (Tibubiu, Kerambitan, Tabanan, Bali). In term of facilities, there are luxurious standards of services, including the indoor pool and hot tub. Surely, it is good decision to include this one into top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali.

5. Four Seasons Resort Bali

Actually, there are some resorts of Four Season in Bali, such as Four Seasons Ubud and Jimbaran. All of them have luxurious facilities and best services in the highest quality. Moreover, the decoration is designed and created to uphold Balinese culture. The resort also always becomes perfect place to enjoy the short retreat and get relaxed nuance while enjoying beautiful view of nature. These great elements make this resort as one of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali.

6. Bale Resort Bali (The Balé Nusa Dua)

This resort is located in Nusa Dua. Of course, tourists will agree the areas of Nusa Dua always become the best spots in Bali. This is not fully part of the main island as it has direct view of Indian Ocean. In this case, the resort is famous due to its luxurious services for those who seek peacefulness. The resort is made to give the best vibe for therapies and healing. Many kinds of therapies are also provided by resorts. Therefore, it is not only to enjoy the holiday, but it can also become great place to heal and nurture the soul.

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7. The Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah

This is another choice of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali. Some people call it as hidden paradise in Bali due to the great location. It is located in Ubud and surrounds by hills and rice field that has become the natural identity of Ubud. The resort itself is also designed to show the great heritage of Balinese culture and art. That’s why many native Balinese artworks can be found there. Of course, it can be one of beautiful places in Bali.

8. Alam Villas Bali (Alam Ubud Culture Villas & Residences)

This resort is located in the area of Bali rain forest. The lodgings and great facilities there surely make people fully enjoy. Fresh air and beautiful nature is the great spot to rejuvenate and get refreshed. No wonder it becomes one of the best hotels in Bali.

9. St. Regis Bali

If you do not know what to do in Bali, this hotel is a good place to stay. It offers beachfront view and it can be called as the best view to find in Bali. The strategic location also makes it easier for those who want to explore Bali. Moreover, the view and great facilities make the resort to be one of top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali.

10. Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The last recommendation of luxurious resorts and hotels in Bali is Mandapa. This is located in Ubud, specifically on the cliff top, and it is surrounded by the natural forest. The power of nature and great cultural heritages create a great sanctuary for you who need peaceful space.

Those are some recommendations of the great resorts in Bali. All of them have different facilities and other attractive points to offer. Of course, the resorts also offer the best experiences in enjoying great nature and heritage of Bali. That’s why they are included as the recommended top 10 best luxury resorts in Bali.


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