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Top 10 Shopping Places in Bali for Buying Art, Goods, and Souvenirs


Shopping Places in Bali – Tourist attraction is not just a place to enjoy and stay. Some of them are shopping places where people buy the souvenirs. In Bali, you can find tons of stores from the small ones to big mall that’s capable to fulfill your shopping demand. The next list will explore top 10 shopping places in Bali you should visit.

Shopping Places in Bali

Top 10 Shopping Places in Bali You Can Visit

1. Discovery Shopping Mall

Bali has several shopping malls that everyone can visit. If you look for the best places to visit in Bali for shopping, the top answer is Discovery Shopping Mall. This place has many small shops and stores for various items. As the shopping mall, you can buy the things which mostly people need to supply your vacation.

On the other hand, this mall also has souvenir shops with many interesting gifts. Most tourists feel comfortable when visiting mall since the price is already in fixed mode. Of course, you can explore all stores in the areas around this mall. Before visiting, you should check the map and location, including opening hours.

2. Krisna Souvenir Shop

One of top 10 shopping places in Bali is Krisna Souvenir Shop. From its name, you can expect what inside this store. This place is popular because the location is easy to find. In fact, Krisna Shop is available in several areas around Bali. Any tourist attraction in Bali will has this store. You just find the nearest location from your hotel. As souvenir shop, you can buy the traditional gift and culture-based souvenir.

3. Bali Mall Galeria

Bali becomes the city that provides everything to citizens. If you ask for the top 10 shopping places in Bali, the answer will include Bali Mall Galeria. This place is located in Kuta with accessible transportation from anywhere. You can do shopping at many department stores. Moreover, tourists and visitors can also enjoy the movie theater, foods, and other goods. One benefit in this place is the large parking. You do not have to worry about the car and parking issue.

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4. Sukawati Market

Mostly, people visit Bali for the beach and beautiful scenery. That’s not enough if you are keen to explore its art and culture. In order to find the reliable and relevant art merchandise, you must visit Sukawati Market. This place is the popular attraction for every tourist in order to find unique and traditional art product. You can buy painting, wooden sculpture, jewelry, and anything with Bali art design.

This place is easy to find. In fact, all Bali guides will put Sukawati at the top list for tourists. You can buy anything you like, even the most unique and antique goods are available in this market. The place is comfortable with two floors that each has different collection and store categories. Sukawati is also market for merchandise, such as t-shirt, beach wear, and any clothes with Bali style. It is the place that belongs to top 10 shopping places in Bali.

5. Ubud Art Market

Ubud is also popular destination in Bali. This place is different from Kuta and Sanur where you can enjoy beach and modern lifestyle. On contrary, Ubud is a place for culture tourism. You can visit the shrine and several local templates around Ubud. Moreover, you can also participate in activities that what local people do. This place also has beautiful nature scenery. The peace, tranquility, and arts are what Ubud offer. After going around enjoying Ubud, you should visit the art market. Several stores provide interesting and unique art products.

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6. Joger Bali

Unique phrases on t-shirt seem usual thing you can find anywhere. However, you will not find something like Joger Bali. This place is for people who like wearing unusual t-shirt that speaks itself. Original Joger is only available in Bali, especially the stores in Bedugul and Kuta.

At first glance, you can see the building named Joger Bali. The entrance is small but this building has many souvenirs. The main product is t-shirt that mostly contains Indonesia language. Joger also expands with other products, such as sandals, jackets, pants, key chain, etc. Well, if tour friend asks about what to do In Bali, shopping in Joger should be on the top list to visit.

7. Jalan Legian or Poppies Lane

Legian is the popular beach in Bali, but Jalan Legian is in different location. It is the street where many stores and shops are on the left and right sides. You can see the stores that sell Balinese art and souvenirs. Some of them offer modern fashion and clothes. Each store is unique and you should explore more if you want to obtain certain product. Jalan Legian is included in the top 10 shopping places in Bali.

8. Seminyak Village Mall

Seminyak is popular resort in Bali and mostly for luxury accommodation. This place has new shopping mall that you can visit. As usual, the shopping mall has tenants and department stores from various brands and principals. Most of them are high-end and luxury brands, but some locals products are available. Seminyak Village Mall also has area for food courts and other entertainments.

9. Kuta Art Market

The demand for art product in Bali is high in Kuta. That’s why this place provides art market. The location is near Kuta, so you can visit it easily. This place is relatively small compared to Ubud and Sukawati. On the other side, Kuta Art Market is included in the top 10 shopping places in Bali dedicated for art products. The small stores and shops will help to fulfil your demand. Some products are handmade which means the price is quite high, but the quality is excellent.

10. Beachwalk Shopping Mall

Bali also has another mall called Beachwalk Shopping Mall located next to Kuta. You can enter this place and leave it directly in front of beach. Many stores and tenants provide excellent goods and high quality products. As one of the top 10 shopping places in Bali, this mall is also a good choice to obtain your supplies while staying in this island.

Well, each place in the list of top 10 shopping places in Bali is different each other. You can go to the market for Balinese craft and art. On the other hand, the shopping malls are great places for modern products.


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