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Top 10 Shopping Places in Ubud for Interesting Souvenirs


Shopping Places in Ubud – Visiting Bali is incomplete without staying in Ubud. You can explore another side of Bali that focuses on art, culture, and craft. Ubud is the place where you can find attraction with more traditional atmosphere. Beautiful villages and scenery make people enjoy the nature. You may want to bring the pieces of Ubud at your home after vacation. To fulfill such purpose, you must visit these top 10 shopping places in Ubud.

Shopping Places in Ubud Bali

Top 10 Shopping Places in Ubud for the Best Products

1. Ubud Art Market

You can find many products in Ubud Art Market. From its name, many art products are available there. The location is accessible from any direction, and the transportation is always available. In fact, Ubud market is near the street, so everyone can visit and enjoy this place directly.

There, you can find various products, such as t-shirt, sandals, scarf, and other goods. One thing that makes them different is the unique design with Balinese art. Some of them are unique and only available in Ubud Market. If you ask for the custom order, several stores will fulfill your preferences. Therefore, Ubud Art Market is included as one of the top 10 shopping places in Ubud.

2. Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is the place located nearby the nature area where many monkeys live. People visit this place to enjoy the beautiful scenery. After that, you can go to the market nearby to obtain souvenirs. In this place, you can find many shops that sell items, such as clothes, artwork, handicraft, and jewelry. Most of them are from nearby production house. Visiting Monkey Forests is one of the things to do in Ubud.

3. Sukawati Market

Next location as the top 10 shopping places in Ubud is Sukawati. In fact, this place becomes the best destination for souvenir and gift. This market has been around since 1980s and the new building is built to handle more visitors. Many stores and shops offer unique product, such as wooden carving, sculpture, statue, jewelry, and clothes.

They have Balinese traditional art that you will not find in any place. People visit Sukawati market for affordable price compared to other galleries. You may find less price at the same quality. Bargaining is still the method to consider when doing the transaction in this market.

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4. Billabong Ubud

You may be familiar with Billabong as the company that produces surfing gears and beach wears. This brand is a commonplace nearby the beach and surfing area. That’s why Bali has several Billabong stores, including the one in Ubud. The store has products to fulfill your surfing activity.

Besides surfing and beach, Billabong Ubud adds more products as souvenirs. As you know, Ubud is known for nature and mountain destination, not the beach. On the other side, the store is still in Ubud due to high demand for high quality fashion. This is where Billabong becomes the top choice for its bag, jackets, sneakers, etc.

5. Celuk Village

Jewelry is another gift you can buy in Bali. Many stores offer this kind of item with unique design and traditional pattern. One of top 10 shopping places in Ubud for jewelry is Celuk Village. It is located near Ubud and accessible via any transportation.

Celuk is small village for goldsmith and silversmith. They create jewelry like rings, necklace, and even the unusual things you cannot find anywhere. The place is dedicated for silverware and jewelry, which means you can obtain from the first hand. That’s why the price seems to be affordable. Furthermore, you may order the custom design based on your personal preference.

6. Tegallalang Handicrafts

Another choice of the top 10 shopping places in Ubud is Tegallalang Handicraft. This place is special tourist destination for handicraft products. You will find many items with unique and rare Balinese style. The art products expand into some functional items that you can utilize at home.

Tegallalang is also supplier for several stores in many art markets. Therefore, some items look familiar. If you want unique handicraft, you can order special design and style. You should prepare your money because the price is quite high, but it is equal to the quality.

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7. Guwang Art Market

Bali is the place for many art markets, especially in Ubud. You will find some of them, and Guwang is at the top list. It is alternative market after Sukawati. In general, all stores and products are similar to what commonly you find on other markets. People visit Guwang because it is accessible and near to certain destinations. Moreover, the stores give discounts if you buy products in large quantity. Many art products are available in this place to fulfill your demand.

8. Threads of Life

Unique garment and clothes are what you get from Threads of Life. This place is the store gallery that has the main function to support community charity program. The products focus on the traditional hand woven which is rare to find anywhere. For the design, you can also find the clothes that no one can match. This place is recommended destination for the top 10 shopping places in Ubud.

9. Jean-François Fichot

Ubud becomes the culture center in Bali. Many artists open their stores and one of them is Jean-François Fichot. If you look for the top 10 shopping places in Ubud, this store is definitely worth your time. He explored many regions and countries in order to find the best material and design. As the result, he started to open workshop to create his art and work. You can also find unique products with unusual material and design. This place is the source of uniqueness for people who want to obtain the rare art from Bali.

10. Kamala Home Boutique

Kalama Home Boutique is also good place for classic and unique furniture with affordable price. You can buy the product that’s similar to what popular galleries have. This place is quite big with vast collection from various designs. Tourists can explore each product and find the one they like the most. Kamala Home Boutique should be included in the list of thing to see in Bali. In this place, you do not need to worry too much about the expensive furniture. Of course, all items have high quality materials and designs.

In addition, Ubud is the place you should consider for the best honeymoon destinations in Bali. You can explore many places for enjoyable journey. On the other hand, some stores will fulfill your shopping needs. That’s what you should know from the list of top 10 shopping places in Ubud.


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