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Best Holiday Destinations and Travel Guide in Bali – Tourism in Bali

When inquired about a tropical island that people would want to visit, many of them say Bali. This small island is packed with diverse leisure activity choices. From this passage, you are going to learn more about Bali tourism and its versatility. There is more to the island than just beaches and whites sands. It is able to fulfill anyone’s recreational needs.

What Can Bali Tourism Offer to Domestic and International Visitors?

Tourism in Bali is famous for being diverse and rich. The island is not only blessed with natural tropical beaches, beautiful highlands, and biodiversity. Its culture is also known to be very unique. For one, many natives on this island still retain their traditional way of living. That tradition still permeates in daily lives and can be felt by tourists as well. Here is the list of most favorite activities in Bali tourism. These activities encompass the fun and traditional sides of the island.

1. Honeymoon spots for newlyweds

Ilustration of Best Places to Visit in Bali for Romantic Honeymoon

Bali is a favorite destination for newlyweds since this island has locations that would be perfect setups for making romantic memories. Among the best honeymoon destinations in Bali, there is Uluwatu which offers spectacular ocean view and romantic resorts for couples. Those who prefer outdoor activities might be interested in tackling the trek of Mount Batur instead. A picturesque of sunrise would be a great reward for the rigorous activity. Crystal Bay and Ubud are other favorite honeymoon spots for newlyweds.

2. Diving and snorkeling spots

Best Dive Sites in Bali

The island also offers rich underwater biodiversity that can be enjoyed in various best dive sites in Bali. The most popular locations are Menjangan which is located in a national park. It has colorful coral reefs and stellar visibility. The spot is great for low to middle tier divers. Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Nusa Lembongan are also popular too among divers. In the narrower part of the water, tourists are able to snorkel as well.

3. Culinary adventure

Balinese Food

When talking about Bali tourism, local cuisine should always be included. Balinese cuisine highly represents its cultural richness. The traditional menus are so enriched in native spices. Ayam (chicken) betutu, sambal matah, and lawar are among the most popular dishes there. Some high end restaurants also offer fusion cuisine.

4. Surfing

Bali Surf Spots
Bali Surf Spots (Photo by Jordy Meow)

This island is also quite renowned as the surf haven. There are many spots around the island’s perimeter which would be the perfect place to enjoy the thrill of surfing. Padang-padang, Keramas, and Uluwatu are some of the best places to surf in Bali. At times, the waves are high that beginner surfer should not approach the water in that period.

5. Sacred Hindu temples

Beautiful places and point of interest in Bali : Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple

There are many beautiful places in Bali, but its sacred temples are definitely unbeatable. Some temples are quite known if compared to others such as Pura Besakih and Pura Uluwatu. However, to those who want to explore the less known parts of Bali tourism can visit Pura Tirta Empul (which is said to have purifying spring) and Pura Taman Ayun (which has beautiful classic architecture).

6. Sunrise and sunset view

best beaches in bali
Best beaches in Bali

Viewing sunrise and sunset are still considered one of the best things to do in Bali. Many people say that the experience is almost transcendental. Various spots would be ideal to get the beautiful view. Tourists can visit Tanah Lot, Canggu, and Kelan which are known to offer the best view of sunrise and sunset. It is important to come at the right time, though, to not miss the scene.

7. White sandy beach

Illustration of Kelingking Beach Secret Point Bali

It is hard to list the best beaches in Bali, not because the number is too little. In fact, there are too many beaches worth visiting on the island. If you are more drawn by white sandy beach then Jimbaran, Seminyak, and Blue Lagoon would be the perfect options. Padang-padang also offers nice white sand view and is the more obscure part of Bali tourism.

8. Beautiful waterfalls

Bali Waterfalls : Gitgit Waterfall (Photo by : Schristia)

Tourists also list waterfalls as places to visit in Bali. Most popular Bali waterfalls among tourists include Gitgit, Tegenungan, and Tibumana. Some people swim in the spring water near the waterfall while some others use the opportunity to enjoy the nature by meditating. The weather near waterfall tends to be cool enough. To take care of someone’s safety while being in the water is important because the waterfalls do not have lifeguards.

9. Family friendly tourist destinations

Things to Do in Bali with Kids

Bali tourism is also notorious for being family friendly. There are plenty of tourist spots that are perfect for family such as Waterboom and family resorts. In these places, tourists with family would be able to find designated activities or places for children. That way, the children have chances to do activities suitable for their age groups. In addition, these centers help people who are celebrating.

10. Varied accommodation options

One of the best luxury hotels in Bali : Kuwarasan A Pramana Experience (Photo : kuwarasan.com)

As one of the most renowned tropical holiday destinations in the world, Bali offers diverse range of accommodations for tourists. There are many hotels in Bali with services ranging from mediocre to top notch. Villas are also available for larger group of favorite who would want to stay within one group and having cheaper place to stay. The food in Bali is notorious for being cheap. It can be purchased from street food vendor or restaurants.

11. Culture and crafts

Shopping Places in Ubud Bali

Bali tourism also offers its other richness in the form of cultural events and crafts. Tourists are able to watch traditional dance performance and even theatrical shows. Crafts can be purchased from traditional markets although you need to employ bargaining skills to get reasonable price.

12. Fun water sports

Things to Do in Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali

Among many tourist attractions in Bali, water sports are still the most wanted activities to do while staying there. A famous place to enjoy various water sports activities is Tanjung Benoa. There, tourists can rent banana boat or speed boat and enjoying their time playing with waters. If staying at a resort, you will have the chance to get water sport offers room.

Bali tourism is very rich and diverse that it is not a wonder why people still visit this place every single year. There are more activities to enjoy other than the ones mentioned in the list. However, the list provides enough guidelines for those who want to enjoy pleasant time in Bali.