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47 Best Things to Do and Places to Visit in Lombok Island – Lombok Attractions


Things to Do in Lombok – In this article, we are going to create a list about the best things to do and places to visit in Lombok Island. In Southeast Asia, one of the best tropical tourism destinations is located on the island of Lombok. Hundred thousands of tourists from all over the world gather there. They adore and enjoy the stunning tourist attractions in Lombok.

Lombok, a tropical paradise, is predicted to be the next Bali. Geographically, Lombok is as stunning as Bali. In fact, most of the beaches are still untouched. It also has more small islands waiting to be explored. So, when it comes to narrowing down best things to do in Lombok, it will be a bit difficult. Similar to Bali, the island of Lombok is also known for good value for money accommodation. And it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in indonesia.

Illustration things to do in Lombok : surfing

The locals are friendly. Cuisines are fresh and delicious. Underwater beauties are mesmerizing. And the beaches are pristine and serene. There are just so many wonderful things about Lombok. Let’s start listing down the fun things to do in Lombok.

List of the Best Things to Do and Places to Visit in Lombok Island – Lombok Attractions

1. Watch Sunrise At Mount Rinjani

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Mount Rinjani, the one and only mountain in Lombok Island has a world’s reputation for its beautiful sunrise view. It’s certainly one among the most popular Lombok attractions. Situated on northern Lombok, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It offers picturesque view and breathtaking crater.

This mountain has special meaning and considered as the home of gods. Up until now, locals make pilgrimages and offer it to the mountain. It also holds the Rinjani National Park offering eco-tourism. You will find challenging jungle trekking, magnificent waterfalls and traditional villages.

Rinjani soars high around 3726 m above the sea level. Yet you can climb it easily because locals offer services to bring your bags or carrier and climb together with you. Around the volcano, hot water springs are located for you to enjoy. Climbing this mountain takes some time. Usually, if you want to make a quicker round, it takes two days and one night for climbing up and going down.

But some people choose to spend three days and two nights for more laid back trip. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, make sure to spend time watching stunning sunrise over the horizon. You will adore it so much that you want to do it next time. Of many things to do in Lombok, climbing Rinjani Mountain should be on your list. It’s the most famous Indonesia mountain.

2. Camp in Lake Segara Anak

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Segara Anak is one of the best places to visit in Lombok Island. It’s a part of the Rinjani Mountain. This lake is the reason why you should opt for 3 days and 2 nights trip to climb Rinjani. So, you can spend one night camping next to the lake. This beautiful lake is surrounded by lush forests with gorgeous night view looking at the stars above.

3. Air Kalak Hot Spring

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Visiting Lombok for your honeymoon will be the best decision you will make. There are just so many places where you can have romantic things to do in Lombok. Air Kalak hot spring is one of them. Again, this is another reason why you should spend one more day at Rinjani Mountain.

This spring is only 200 meters away from the Lake Segara Anak. According to the local beliefs, the water in this spring has medicinal properties. At least, it relaxes your sore muscles.

4. See Colorful Fields at Pergasingan Hill

With visiting Lombok island as one of the things to do in Indonesia, make sure to spend time at Pegasingan Hill. This hill is a part of the Rinjani. Here, at the peak of the hill, you can see the beautiful view of colorful fields. This place definitely has one of a kind landscape that you would never want to forget.

5. Explore Three Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air)

Gili means “island” in Lombok. So, Three Gili Islands mean three islands located side by side. They are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Of all those three, Gili Trawangan is the most popular yet densely populated. It doesn’t only offer scenic nature and beach but also never ending nightlife.

At daytime, you can do snorkeling, swimming, diving, or just walking around the island and feeling peaceful. White sandy beaches are all around you. No wonder it’s known to be one of the best places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon. At night, there are numerous romantic restaurants with equally amazing food.

6. Tiu Kelep Waterfall Trekking

Lombok is also popular for beautiful waterfall. Trekking to the Tiu Kelep Waterfall is certainly one of the greatest yet free things to do in Lombok. This waterfall is located in northern of Lombok island. It is located in a beautiful and natural setting surrounded with lush tropical jungle.

Along the way to the waterfall, greeneries are everywhere and the air is so fresh and clean. Though you may be sweaty a lot but it will be all worth the view.

7. Island Hopping around Sekotong

The next thing on the list of Lombok island things to do is definitely hopping around the Sekotong. The Sekotong Island chain is known to be beautiful islands with white sandy beaches and gorgeous coral reefs. Despite its relatively small size, it has a lot of great snorkeling spots. No wonder this place is filled with tourists during peak season. You can do the island hopping by renting local boat.

Ask your friends to come along because you can share the boat renting with them. Start the island hopping at 9 in the morning and head back to your hotel at 3 in the afternoon. Don’t forget your snorkeling gear and underwater camera to capture the best moments.

8. Selong Belanak Beach for Chilling Out

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Most of the best tourist destinations in Lombok are the beaches. Well, that never disappoints anyway. One of the most serene beaches for chilling out is Selong Belanak Beach which is located in South Lombok. It has a beautiful crescent bay with white sands.

Not only can you spend a relaxing time here but also learn to surf. Selong Belanak Beach is one of the top Lombok surf spots. The waves are for beginner surfers so it’s considerably safe. Buy some fresh coconuts and fruits while you spend the daytime getting your skin tanned on the back. This beach should certainly be put into your list.

9. Pink Beach for Snorkeling

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Pink Beach is one of the best beaches in Lombok Island. Snorkeling in this beach definitely answers your question of what to do in Lombok. The pink color in this beach is caused by the distinctive sand’s color. This beach has beautiful coral reefs with lots of fishes. The beach contour is considerably safe so put this snorkeling trip on your list of things to do in Lombok with kids as your kids will love it.

10. Gili Nanggu

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Nanggu is another popular small island situated in Western Lombok. It’s often called as the Paradise Island due to its pristine beauty and serenity. This island is calmer than Trawangan with less tourists and crowds. As for the nature, it’s simply stunning. This private island offers you a perfect getaway.

The hotel rooms are located right in front of the beach. So, every time you feel longing to the beach and the blue transparent water, you can just dive in it. Only few meters from the coastline, there are various species. They include multicolor coral reefs and hundreds of fishes. Enjoy the silence while looking the perfect sunrise and sunset. This island is certainly one of the best holiday destinations in Asia.

11. Kuta Beach, Lombok

Another most popular beach is Kuta. Yes, it has the same name as popular Bali Beach. Yet, they are different. Kuta Bali is densely populated with tourists, hotels and bars. Kuta Lombok is much more peaceful with less tourists and hotels.

It’s like a virgin beach offering great surfing spot. Accessing this beach is very easy. The most favorite option is going with motorcycle. You can rent it in the downtown. Along the street heading to Kuta Beach, you’ll enjoy gorgeous natural landscape here and there.

12. Senggigi Beach

No one doubts Lombok as the best islands in Indonesia. Thanks to Senggigi Beach, Lombok can take this reputation proudly. This beach is only 20 minute away from the airport. It offers white sandy beach with pristine water. In front of the beach, you will find various bars, hotels and restaurants to make your day better.

The beach offers various water activities from snorkeling, swimming, surfing and fishing. If you wish for romantic dinner during honeymoon, come to beachside restaurant and order the delicious seafood dishes. All the ingredients are fresh from the sea.

13. Tanjung Aan Beach

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Another iconic beach, Tanjung Aan beach is located on the south coast of Lombok. It’s the neighbor of Kuta Beach. Its scenic beauty makes it as one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Its most popular feature is the white sands.

The sands are as soft and smooth as flour. Your kids will certainly love playing on this beach. Another great feature is twin bays which is located on the west and east. The bays are separated by rocky outcrop. You can simply relax, swim, surf and taste the best local dishes.

14. Desert Point Bangko-Bangko

This is the new uprising Lombok tourism spot. It’s known for one of the best surf spots in Indonesia. It’s only 3 hours’ drive from downtown. It’s known for its hollow left hander that offer 3 feet to 9 feet high waves. With much fewer tourists, surfing on this beach is certainly one of a kind.

However, this place is recommended for experienced surfers only as the waves can be a bit challenging. As other alternative, if you look for more choices of the best surfing spots, come to Banyuwangi region. You can surf and enjoy the other Banyuwangi attractions.

15. Visiting the Picturesque Gili Layar

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Have any plans to spend this holiday in Lombok? Then, you must visit one of the best tourist attractions there: Gili Layar Island. Diving and snorkeling must be some of the things to do in Lombok. But now, the most appropriate place for you to experience them is the real question.

This beautiful island is recommended for the tourists. Partly because the special island is incredibly picturesque as the beach has the pure white sands and clear and unpolluted water. That being said, you will see the beach water is colored in beautiful aquamarine. Well, it is rare to find.

16. The Tiny but Giant, Gili Kedis Island

Frankly speaking, when we have to talk about Lombok, then beaches are often included in the list of recommended destinations and attractions. It is because those are the most common places to visit in Lombok. It is not an odd thing because Lombok’s beaches all are extremely stunning and mesmerizing. The same thing goes to Gili Kedis Island’s beach.

The underwater world of the island is so worthy of anything. From various kinds of coral reefs to any size of jellyfish, there are so many other living beings you can meet when diving into the sea of turquoise colored water.

17. A Fresh Panorama of Tiu Bombong Waterfall

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One of Lombok attractions that exist and recommended for tourists to visit is Tiu Bombong Waterfall. The waterfall is located in the north area of Lombok, which is Kayangan District with its height about 40 meter heights. Like any other waterfalls, this one is also relatively hard to reach.

Visitors must seriously prepare physically and mentally. However, later when you arrive at the waterfall, you will realize that all the efforts you’ve made are worthy. It is because there is nothing compared to the beauty of nature. Drinking fresh water from the waterfall is much recommended to charge your energy.

18. Tiu Teja Waterfall Offers the Twin Beauty

Talking about Lombok Island, you have definitely heard about Gili Trawangan. However, Lombok has more wonders of nature. Other than the white-sand beaches and underwater scenery around Gili Islands, the northern part of Lombok has plenty of waterfalls. One of them is Tiu Teja Waterfall, which is located around eighty kilometers from Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara.

This waterfall has a height of fifty meters and width of ten meters. You can even find macaques living in this area. This waterfall is comprised of two adjacent waterfalls, so sometimes it is also called Tiu Teja Twin Waterfalls. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do in Lombok, because you will have to spend your entire holiday admiring the natural wonders.

19. The Magical Story of Mangku Sakti Waterfall

While Mangku Sakti Waterfall may not be familiar to nature enthusiasts, you should try visiting this waterfall. It has an interesting story behind it. In the past, there lived a mangku (guard) of Mount Rinjani. It is believed by locals that when this waterfall was discovered, the pile of rocks beside this waterfall formed a face which was believed to be the mangku’s face.

The water that flows from this waterfall contains sulphur, changing the water’s color from clear to bluish-green. It is believed to be able to cure skin diseases. The height of this waterfall reaches forty meters. This Lombok waterfall deserves more appreciation.

20. Selong Hill, a Preserved Natural Beauty

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Selong Hill is located at the base of Mount Rinjani. This destination has such an appeal – you’ll regret not visiting it. Before entering the hill area, you will be greeted by a dense and well groomed bamboo forest. The obvious thing this place offers is the panoramic view of nature around it.

You will instantly fall in love with the view of colorful paddy fields. Moreover, you can get a clear view of Mount Rinjani from there. If visiting is not enough for you, it is allowed to camp here. Still looking for what to see in Lombok? This beauty has to be one of them.

21. Titian Batu Kawangan Waterfall as Lombok’s Hidden Treasure

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For those who are looking for something other than beaches to visit in Lombok, try visiting Titian Batu Kawangan Waterfall. Not many tourists have visited this waterfall because most travel agencies have not put it on their list of destinations. You will need around two and a half hours to reach this place using a motorcycle or car. It is recommended to use motorcycles for the ease of access to this place.

When you visit this waterfall, don’t expect loads of facilities like you find in other destinations because it haven’t got much attention from the government. However, with the lack of facilities, you can fully immerse in nature. We hope that this destination will become more prominent in Indonesia tourism.

22. Admiring the Goddess’ Shawl in Dewi Selendang Waterfall

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Sembalun is one of the places that attract more and more tourists every day. The beauty can not only be seen in the valleys or Mount Rinjani, but also in the waterfalls. One of the waterfalls is Dewi Selendang Waterfall. Where does this waterfall get its name?

It turns out that the water that flows in the river that follows this waterfall is shaped like a shawl, which is “selendang” in Indonesian. It is a picturesque photo spot. You can also enjoy the freshness of the water. This waterfall is obviously one among hundreds of the things to see in Lombok.

23. Mangku Kodek Waterfall for the Hidden Gem

The best place to refresh soul, body and mind is Mangku Kodek Waterfall. This Indonesia waterfall is a real escape from hustle and bustle. Untouched cliffs and pure water will accompany travellers along the way to meet the waterfall. Located between hills, there is no built pathway.

For those who love hike and trek, they can create a longer track while the average track only takes twenty minutes if walking. Locals suggest to trek in the river since the best views of cliffs and hills are from the river. In addition, the chill of cool water will also refresh your soul.

24. The Unforgettable Viewpoint at Merese Hill

Stretched along the coastline, Merese Hill is truly the right place to admire the beauty of Mother Nature. The hill is always in lists of where to go in Lombok. Some tours even put it as the last destination, so travellers can have a memorable view from the hill especially sunset view.

By standing or wandering around the hill, people can see the endless ocean and its sparkling water in day. While in night, hundreds of shining thousand stars will be your friend in enjoying the ocean breeze. It’s not an ordinary place; it’s a place to make the memory.

25. Explore the Extraordinary Gua Bangkang (Bangkang Cave)

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When you’re looking for unique and interesting places to explore in Lombok, Gua Bangkang (Bangkang Cave) is one the answers. The main charmer of the cave is the shaft of light that flooding the cave floor. The cave is parted into lower and upper levels with the ceiling decorated by stalactite and stalagmite.

At first, there must an acrid smell from the nest of thousand bats, so be careful with them. At dusk, visitors also could watch the amazing spectacle of the colonies flying away to start their hunting. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see some python snakes along the cave’s wall.

26. Telawas Beach and Its Exotic Rock Cliffs

Looking for holiday destinations? Just put Telawas Beach in your list. The main attraction of the beach is its enchanting scenery of endless sea and the exotic rock cliffs. Not far from the beach, some rocky limestone hills stand strong in the sea. Sounds and splash of powerful waves hitting the rock are the thrill of the beach.

Breeze comes accompanying you as you enjoy the beauty of Telawas. Strong current beneath the rock pulling up water sometime could give you a surprising splash. Keep your safe zone by not getting closer to water since the current can be deadly.

27. Mawun Beach, a Heaven on Earth

Quiet beach plus iconic view of Rinjani volcano mountain, Mawun Beach, is the most recommended Indonesia honeymoon destination. The beach is far less crowded compared to other beaches in Lombok. Soft sparkling white sands getting along with turquoise sea would fill your sight during day.

In addition, sunbathing, reading, long-walks, or swimming are the best things to do, but be careful while you’re swimming the current sometimes could be very strong. Along the beach, there are some warungs and souvenir shops. Just by paying to a small fee for parking, you could enjoy the peaceful beach all day and night.

28. Gunung Janggot Waterfall as Lombok’s Newest Destination

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It’s not only Bali waterfalls which are famous; recently Lombok has just discovered new natural attraction that is Gunung Janggot Waterfall. Located in Aik Berik tourism village, the waterfall is also near to some other famous waterfalls and to a sacred cemetery for Muslim.

Visitors just need ten minutes from the village to the waterfall. Has just been established lately, the only available accommodation is just permanent wooden pathway. With the height that is no longer than ten meters, the waterfall is mesmerizing with their three falls. The cool breeze and pure water can be a remedy for your soul.

29. The Underwater Paradise in Gili Petelu

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Dominated by blue color (the sea, sky and hills) is the view that you will see when you are diving in Gili Petelu. It is always on the top lists of the best diving sites in Indonesia. To get here, you need to rent a boat from Pink beach. Petelu means three referring to three small islands around the diving site.

Clear water shows off its breath-taking coral reefs and wonderful sea creatures. The water is not too deep and the current is so calm that suits both professional and amateur divers. Be careful with some wild monkeys that may steal your meal.

30. Gili Bidara, Heaven on Earth to Spend Your Holiday

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Summer holiday is about to come! Have you arranged a plan for upcoming summer? Get some heat and tan your skin. For this summer, Gili Bidara will be the best place to visit. Located in East Lombok, Indonesia, this place is surely worth visiting. Being a part of Gili islands, this spot offers many attractions that you never forget.

If you love snorkeling, there are some snorkeling spots that will indulge you with mesmerizing beauty under water. It is quite easy to reach this island. Find Kayangan harbor and many boats will be really happy to take you to the spot.

31. What to Do in Gili Kapal, East Lombok

Lombok is known as one of most beautiful places in Indonesia. It offers wide ranges of tourist attractions ranging from beautiful white sandy beaches to stunning coral under water. In a chance you visit Lombok; Gili Kapal should be on your list. There are many things to do in this tourism place.

It offers crystal clear beach to catch your eyes. Just like in Gili Trawangan, you can also do snorkeling in this spot. You will find various corals in many shapes; however it is not really colorful. In short, witness the beauty of nature by visiting the parts of Gili islands.

32. Witness the Beauty of Nature in Benang Stokel Waterfall

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Talking about the beauty of Indonesia never comes to end. Various places with hundreds of attractions are ready to give you unforgettable memory. Lombok which is located in the eastern part of Indonesia is a new destination you cannot miss. If you plan to visit Lombok, Benang Stokel waterfall should be on your list.

Among many places to go around Lombok, this waterfall becomes a favorite. It offers three epic waterfalls surrounded by beautiful nature. You will feel the fresh air goes into your lung. Taking a bath in the pool is allowed, however jumping from the falls are not. With easy access, this waterfall can be a good alternative to enjoy the peaceful nature.

33. Sendang Gile Waterfall, the Beautiful Attraction in Lombok

Do you feel bored with your daily activities? Let’s take a holiday and go to Sendang Gile Waterfall in Lombok. Well, Sendang Gile will refresh you mind because the water is from Rinjani Mountain fountain. If you want to see amazing view in this waterfall, you must walk towards hundreds of stairs and a bridge that needs 15 minutes time.

However, you can also take the other way, like walking towards a rather steep side of the valley, follow irrigation channels, and cross a rattan bridge. Are you ready to visit Siendang Gile? You just need to pay IDR 5000 for the ticket and you will be addicted with the beauty again and again!

34. Fun Journey at Tiu Pupus Waterfall

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Lombok is a favorite place in Indonesia for vacation. One of its tourist attraction mainstays is Tiu Pupus Waterfall. This waterfall is located on Genggelang village, North Lombok regency. It has 50 m height and 4 meter depth. Tiu Pupus will cheer your day because of its wonderful scenery.

Moreover, cacao trees adorn Tiu Pupus roads. It also has valley that adds the magnificence of waterfall. If you walk to Tiu Pupus, you should not use sandals because of rocky and muddy road. You must cross Sengkukun dam from the top of the bridge. Let’s visit this place soon because the entry ticket is free.

35. The Magnificence of Tiu Tiding Waterfall

Although the entry access is difficult, this waterfall offers a beautiful view. Yes, Tiu Tiding Waterfall is the answer. You need 2 hours from Bayan to reach this location. There are four places to see: the main waterfall and the other three. The main waterfall height is 50 meter and its depth is relatively shallow.

Besides the main one, there are three other waterfalls which come from local water spring that’s preserved well. You can found high trees there which make this place cooler. Don’t worry to hungry because you can buy foods at some stalls around this waterfall. The entry ticket is really cheap. You just pay IDR 5000 for road maintenance.

36. Let’s Visit and Enjoy Tanjung Bloam Beach

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If you hear Lombok regecy, you must be familiar with Gili Trawangan or Pink Beach. However, do you ever know Tanjung Bloam beach? The beach that’s located on Temeak village, Lombok Timur regency has exotic view. At this beach, you will find high cliffs and white sand that will cosset your eyes. It has turtle conservation area along the coastline and around the cliffs.

The most interesting thing in this beach is the beauty of padas rock. Yellowish-black padas rock contrast with blue sea and it is amazing thing for photography. You only pay IDR 5000 for parking ticket. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit and enjoy Indonesia tourist attractions.

37. Enjoy Your Holiday Time at Seger Beach

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If you want to enjoy other beautiful beach besides Gili Trawangan and Pink Beach on Lombok regency, you should see Seger Beach. It is located on Sukedane village, Lombok Tengah regency. It has two sides; outside and inside part. This beach has unique coral reef which appears from the middle of the sea. Well, it is called Tengkong stone.

Besides enjoying the beach view, you can try other activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and surfing. The entry tickets are very cheap. Tourist who uses car just need to pay entry ticket for IDR 10.000, while tourist who uses motorcycle just pays the entry ticket for IDR 5.000. So, just enjoy your holiday with people you love.

38. The Private Nuances in Gili Sudak

Enjoy the experience of living in a private island by visiting Gili Sudak. The island which is surrounded by white sand and sparkling clear turquoise sea water is newly opened for tourism. By April 2018, there is only one restaurant with no inn. The current visitors usually spend the night in other gilis (islands), while they visit Sudak in the day.

The main charmer of Sudak is its fantastic coral reefs. With only approximately 30 cm under sea surface, the enormous reefs sitting around the island are the homes hundred sea lives. There is also a conservative place for turtles.

39. Gili Rengit as the Reefs Paradise

There are many great snorkelling sites in Lombok, and Gili Rengit is definitely one of them. Dominated by hard corals, the sea is not only an underwater paradise for visitors but also to sea creatures in it. Colorful fish, anemones, seahorses and many others decorate the sea floor.

Moreover, the purple reefs that are rarely seen in other seas grow in a great amount in this gili. The island is now accommodated with a permanent dock. The water is so calm and there is no dangerous current in the sea. The clear, visible, and clean water gives divers fantastic eyesight.

40. Getting Closer with Nature in Tunak Beach

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Filled by view of endless ocean, Tunak Beach is a refreshing place. With cool and strong breeze and the gigantic waves hitting hard some rocky hills, the place has great potentials tourism in Lombok. A little more polished in the accommodation, the beach can be as awesome as Bali tourism.

High waves and strong current may be dangerous for swimming, but it is suitable for long wander or just sit and wonder the beauty of nature. The beach surrounds some hills that blessed with the same thing i.e. breath-taking view, and on top there is a lighthouse which is photo-able.

41. The Hideous Beauty of Tanjung Bongo Beach

It seems like Lombok never running out of charming beaches, and the virgin and hideous one is Tanjung Bongo beach. It is hideous since it is located at the end of Merese hill line. Visitors need to trek the hill to meet the stunning beach. The tide is not so strong, but it’s not recommended for swimming because of the unpredictable sea floor.

Near the sea there is a medium natural pond with clear sparkling visible turquoise water to swim and some exotic limestone rocks. Best things to do here are sunbathing, swimming, reading, playing water fight and many others.

42. Penimbungan Waterfall, a Delight for Hikers

With 75 meters height, Penimbungan Waterfall is always ready to impress all eyes that dare to witness its beauty. The refreshing breeze will rip through your skin, and your sight will be stunned by the green vegetation around with their majestic rocks. The noise of falling water somehow brings peace in you.

All the beauty will always be felt by Rinjani hikers who start their journey from Torean entrance. It only takes two hours from the entrance, and believe me, the waterfall is just a little piece of beauty that hikers will see during the journey to the majestic Rinjani.

43. Enjoy the Hidden Beauty of Bebet Bebasaq Waterfall

If you visit Lombok regency, you should go to its natural places. Well, Lombok always offers amazing views. One of them is Bebet Bebasaq Waterfall that’s located on Lantan Village, Lombok Tengah regency. This waterfall has 75 meter height. However, if you want to see its beauty, you need extra energy because the road access is hard enough.

Indeed, the waterfall has not been opened to public, so the entry ticket is free. You can bathe there for free. Well, what are you waiting for? Take your journey to Bebet Bebasaq and enjoy water seepage sensation in the middle of the leaves.

44. Penyisok Beach, the Epic Place in Lombok

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The new tourist attractions in Lombok continue to appear. One of those attractions is Penyisok Beach. This beach offers an incredible view that is the combination of clear blue sea, green savanna barrier, and yellow-golden coral reefs. The beach is located on Sekaroh village, Lombok Timur regency.

It is difficult to reach as there are corn fields and rocky roads which must be passed. Tourists must use two-wheeled vehicles. You can see the best view on Penyisok in afternoon and also do surfing there. Therefore, take a break from your daily activities and visit this beach to refresh your mind.

45. Try the Different Taste of Various Foods from Lombok

Besides natural places, Lombok also offers spicy and delicious foods. If you go there, you shouuld try various foods from Lombok. Some popular foods are ayam taliwang and plecing kangkung. Ayam Taliwang is the most popular culinary. This is made of young chicken meat that’s burned or fried, so the texture is very soft and easy to remove from the bones. The taste is spicy yet very delicious.

Different from ayam taliwang, plecing kangkung is water spinach combined with chili, salt, tomato, and shrimp paste. Are you curious with Lombok’s culinary? Let’s go to this island for the next holiday and taste the extraordinary foods there.

46. Traditional Village Sade Sasak

If the best tourist attractions in Bali are known for being rich in cultures, Lombok also has its iconic cultural tourist attraction. It’s Sade Sasak, a traditional village. Sasak are the indigenous race is Lombok known for intertwined culture of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and also the ancient traditional belief.

This village is kept in its original form including the houses which are fully made from wood. You will be offered with a tour around the village and watch the local performers doing dancing and singing.

47. Do Shopping at Various Local Markets

Shopping in Lombok has always been a great way to spend the holiday. There are recommended local markets you should visit. The Mandalika traditional market offers local groceries, fruits and vegetables. Casa Vintage is the right store to shop for vintage fashion items and accessories in Gili Trawangan. Come to Dharma Setya if you look for traditional hand-woven textiles made by the locals.

Visiting both Bali and Lombok sounds just a perfect planning. It’s better to finish off your list of things to do in Bali before you come to Lombok for more lay back holiday. Lombok can be visited all year around so nothing should worry you. Don’t forget to keep those lists of the best places to visit in Lombok above of so you won’t miss even a single attraction.


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