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Top 10 Things to Do in Derawan Islands for Utmost Enjoyment


Derawan Islands – Here is a list of the top 10 things to do in Derawan Islands to enjoy ultimately when visiting this island. Indonesia has many interesting places to visit from west to the east. You will find island that hardly recognized but very beautiful due to pure and still fresh. One of recommended places to visit is Derawan Island alongside several small islands around this one.

Before jumping into the list that has been prepared by Serbiserbi, you may need reviews or references for preparation to visit. It is not Bali where tourists find many people and resorts. It is quite island in Berau regency, east Kalimantan. Two things to know are weather and transportation.

Derawan islands consist of thirty-one small islands with different name; Derawan is the most popular one. Of course, you will find other exciting islands such as Kakaban, Nunukan, Maratua, etc. Each of them has similarities, but you will find certain island with different attraction. Some people may say derawan as archipelago.

List of The Top 10 Things to Do in Derawan Islands You Should Know

1. Diving

For your information, the best time to visit Derawan is at dry season to enjoy smooth and quite wave on the beach. Indonesia has two seasons, which are wet and dry. Wet means much rain will come and the opposite condition during dry season. You can enjoy this island from June until August when the dry season at fullest level. Rain may come, but rarely.

Most of the tour for this place will provide diving as the main course. As a matter of fact, tourists come into this place for one reason. They want to enjoy sea diving and snorkeling. You will see coral and reef alongside the beautiful fish, crab, and other sea creatures. When you ask for diving Indonesia, Derawan Islands will be at the recommended list. There are many islands in Indonesia, but Derawan has its own interesting attraction.

2. Enjoying Beautiful Beach

You can visit the island to enjoy its beach. All of islands have beautiful white beach to enjoy. You can do many activities in each beach without much issue because the area is protected and it is part of conversation status.

How to go to Derawan Island from Jakarta? Derawan is not the remote island, but the transportation and accommodations are not as convenient as Bali. To access this place, you can start from Tarakan or Berau. Take plane form Jakarta directly to east Kalimantan then visit Tarakan. After that, you can go to Derawan with speedboat. It is also similar to Berau where you go via boat.

3. Nesting Turtles

As one of the best places to travel in Indonesia, Derawan Island is good destination to see nesting turtle. You can find this spot in certain beach. Ask local guide for more information. Finding turtle nest is not easy for beginner. Turtle in this area is protected, so no one can do harm. You can see them to know more about turtle and the way they lay their eggs.

4. Fishing

Fishing illustration at sea

What are fun things to do in Indonesia? With thousand islands, you can do sea activities and one of them is fishing. Derawan islands may be protected for conservation, but some areas are free for fishing. In this island, you can also see local people that rely on fishing for living.

Therefore, fishing turns into activity for tourists. You can go fishing in boat with local guide. There is a place to rent fishing equipment, but you may not get advanced or expensive gear. You will do fishing in one of the best islands in Indonesia while enjoying the beautiful scenery from boat.

5. Mangrove Forest

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Visiting beach or island is common activity to spend holiday, but you do should not forget about mangrove forest. Several islands have mangrove forest alongside their beach. This is another interesting place to visit because mangrove is pure and lack of human intervention. You also see few creatures such as crab that live among these mangroves.

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6. Cave Adventure

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As the best place for honeymoon in Indonesia, it is not expansive destination. You can stay in Derawan Island then enjoy every tourist attraction in this place. You may be familiar with beach and sea activity, but Derawan Island offers the cave adventure. Explore this island from cave to cave then see the beautiful scenery toward the sea.

7. Swimming with Nonpoisonous Jellyfish

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You may see familiar warning about jellyfish when visiting the beach. This creature has deadly poisons and it is very dangerous. Most of beach will have special guard to protect tourists from jellyfish. That’s why you need to be careful when enjoying the beach and swimming around.

Well, the good news when visiting Derawan Island is about nonpoisonous jellyfish. There are five places in Indonesia where you can enjoy swimming alongside jellyfish. One of them is beautiful beach in Indonesia called Derawan. Jellyfish in this place is different because it is isolated from outer sea. You only find it in local place.

8. Bird Watching

Bird Watching

One island in Derawan has unique topography. You can see birds around this island. It is place for people with hobby as bird watcher. You may not see much bird species, but this activity is definitely very interesting.

9. Seafood

Fresh Seafood

Indonesia tourism involves foods to attract tourists from around the world. When visiting Derawan Island, you cannot forget to enjoy local food. Of course, seafood is the top choice on menu. You can go fishing then deliver the fish to restaurant to cook. Besides seafood, Kalimantan has local foods that you can enjoy in this place.

10. Local Culture

Indonesia tourist attractions gain more popularity due to two things. The place is beautiful, fresh, and pure where you can feel alone in the world. That feeling comes when visiting Derawan Island. However, you will enjoy the second thing called culture.

Derawan islands have their own culture as a part of Berau and Kalimantan. You can see local people do their work from morning to evening. It is something you cannot get from other place.

Ten attractions above are enough to attract more tourists for visiting Derawan Island. You can do diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and more activities. Before visiting this place, check the weather report first because it is better to go at the right season. Therefore, the top 10 things to do in Derawan Islands are good reference to add into your account.


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