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20 Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Marina Bay Sands – Here is a list of the best places to visit and things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore you should know. This place is popular destination visited by a great number of visitors each day. Before you start your trip, you might want to get reference on exciting what to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

This tourist area itself is already packed with several tourist spots that you can visit. Each tourist area is located close to one and another. You can easily reach them by simply walking down the street. If your destination seems too far, you can take advantage of Mass Rapid Transit provided.

Make sure you prepare the budget to visit the country. Besides tourist area, shopping centers and malls can be spotted easily on each street. Here is the list of popular tourist destination in Marina Bay Sands, presented by Serbiserbi.

List of the Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore

1. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

If you are looking for interesting things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the Skypark should be your first destination. This place can be seen from afar. You can easily spot how three skyscrapers are connected with long Skypark on top of it. This place is highly recommended for couples who want to have romantic dinner when the sun is down.

In order to access the place, you might need to pay for an expensive cost. However, your money will worth the atmosphere and scenery from the 56 floors high. Along with the sunset beauty, Singapore skylines can be seen easily from this Skypark.

The Skypark itself is a wide area. It consists of several restaurants, bars, and cafes. However, the most popular attraction on this tourist sport is the infinity pool. You will not run out of things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore while visiting this place.

The dining options of this Skypark offer international cuisine. Pay attention to the dress code as you visit one of the café or restaurant. Meanwhile, the infinity pool allows you to enjoy the lovely skyline of Singapore. This tourist destination is definitely worth to visit.

2. Art Science Museum

There is nothing more captivating than the advance of science development. When you are visiting Singapore, do not forget to visit the Art Science Museum. Make sure you include it on the list of things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

As you might already notice from the name of this place, this museum is not only shows latest scientific breakthrough, but also masterpiece of art as well. It would be a shame if you come to Singapore without visiting this place.

When you see it from the outside, the building resembles a giant lotus flower. The unique design of this tourist area makes it as one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. When you enter the building, you will be welcomed by series of famous artworks.

The paintings, woodcuts, and lithographs of M.C. Escher are exhibited in this place. The exhibition will change every few months. You will be surprised by how many exhibition objects they can fit in this building.

3. Helix Bridge

Talking about interesting places to visit and fun things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, you need to consider visiting one of its popular landmarks. The Helix Bridge of Singapore is not only an ordinary landmark. It draws tourist attention who wants to see the architectural ingenuity applied on its construction.

For those of you who have not been come to this place, it will be worth your trip. Visiting a bridge might sound boring for some people. However, once you visit the Helix Bridge, you will want to visit it for the second time. Walking down the bridge along with someone special in your live is one of few recommended things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The concept of this place is simply something you cannot find anywhere else. Moreover, it has beautiful lighting setting that will illuminate the walkway until the other end of the bridge. Due to the beautiful illumination at night, this spot is good for getting a perfect vacation photo.

4. Flower Dome

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If you have not decided where to go on your vacation, visiting Flower Dome will be one of the best things to do near Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This place is actually a botanical garden. The inside of its gigantic dome is filled with thousands of flower species. The Flower Dome is located side by side with the Cloud Dome.

The interior is featuring bench and seating area. It is a good environment for those of you who appreciate the natural beauty. Aside from flowers, modern art sculptures and statues also decorate the interior. The dome is not only protecting the atmosphere inside it, but also a part of its unique architectural design. After doing several exciting things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, you can end your trip in this place.

5. Supertree Grove

Most visitors who have visit the place mention that Supertree Grove is spectacular. If you want to feel the same excitement, you might as well put it on your list of things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Before entering the site, you can already see gigantic artificial tree from afar. As you come closer, you can see how majestic the trees are. It is not only recommended for couple who want to get romantic vacation, but also for families as well.

The best thing to mention about this spot is that you can enjoy it in both day and night. During the day, you can walk on the park and take a seat on the benches provided. During the night, they will light the artificial trees. It is designed so that the lights configuration gives magical impression. Visiting the grove will not be the last things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. As you enjoying the light show, you can also order food from the restaurant on the site.

6. Spectra Light and Water Show

Spectra Light and Water Show is probably one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore that comes with no fee at all. This attraction is actually located in the complex of Marina Bay Sands along with other attractions.

In this place, you will be enchanted with the mesmerizing symphony packaged with beautiful music, water fountain choreography, and the light. In order for you to watch the light and water show, you can come here at 8PM and 9.30PM on Sunday to Thursday and 8PM, 9.30PM, and 11PM on Friday and Saturday. Note the schedule and see this magnificent light show.

7. Riding on Sampan at Marina Bay Sands

If you ever dream of Venice like activities in Singapore, you are not dreaming since you can make it come true with sampan rides at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center. Yes, as you might have guessed, this attraction is located inside the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, well-known for the reputation as one of the most luxurious shopping malls.

In addition, instead of walking on foot, you will be taken to have sightseeing on this mall on sampan as the one you find in Venice, Italy. What can be better than having mall sightseeing on a sampan?

8. Playing Golf on Luxurious Marina Bay Sands Golf Course

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If you want to play golf in Singapore, then the choice falls to Marina Bay Sands Golf Course as the best option for you. Well, this course is actually situated in the very heart of Singapore. It is right in the middle of Marina Bay Sands complex.

There, you will find 18 holes sprawling the field which has been specifically designed to be on part with the world class golf tournament as you always watch on TV. Moreover, if you want to play in this course, you will have to set Singapore itinerary 3 days for better experience on playing.

9. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands for Best Shopping Spot

If you happen to have a Singapore itinerary for 4 days, then you have to set yourself with the itinerary on shopping in Singapore. Thanks to all inclusive market Singapore has to offer, it comes with many good spots to shop at. One of it, with the worldwide reputation as the best shopping spot in Singapore, is the Shoppes.

This place has been the center of gravity for those who have equipped themselves with money and limitless credit card. In this place, you will have many choices on the high class branded store you can opt for in your itinerary.

10. Singapore Observatory Deck for Full View of Singapore

If you have decided to extend your trip with Singapore itinerary for 5 days, then you need to come to the Singapore Observatory Deck. As you might have guessed, this observatory deck is located on topmost point of Marina Bay Sands with 360 degree view on the city.

There, you will be able to have full view on the blue river of Clarke Quay and the night lights of the cityscape. At night, you will also be able to have a full view of Spectra light and water shows dancing with beauty and grace. Well, it is the perfect place for romantic holiday.

11. Singapore Esplanade for the Best Performance Art Shows

If you are craving for performance arts and you are running low on money to watch the show in Singapore, then you will find the answer and solution to your problem in Esplanade. It has been considered as one of the best destinations in Asia to visit.

It provides the best performance arts to see. Every day, you will be provided with hundreds of performance arts that juxtapose the best show you have watched elsewhere. Another good thing about this show is that every show performed on Esplanade is free, so just come here and watch the world class show.

12. Merlion Park as the Singapore Landmark

If you are on Singapore holidays, the one attraction you cannot miss out on is Merlion Park. Yes, it is actually quite mainstreamed since everyone in Singapore crowds this park every day. However, every vacation in Singapore will not be enough without a short visit to this park.

It is located in Singapore Central Business District, quite close to any attractions on the city. The main landmark of the place is definitely the Merlion statue which has been the national identity of Singapore itself, taking form of lion and fish gushing water out of its mouth standing on the pedestal.

13. Singapore Flyer

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Singapore Flyer is one of the best places to visit in Singapore with family. Well, it is actually the attraction in the form of Ferris wheel just like the one you find in the United Kingdom, London Eye. However, compared to London Eye Singapore Flyer does get much higher, which offers something that is similar to adrenaline rush.

Inside the attraction, you will be taken inside a transparent glass capsule to go clockwise. You will see the whole view of Singapore from all sides, thanks to the material it comes with. Do not worry since the attraction is definitely safe.

14. Singapore River Cruise

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If you are on a honeymoon with your couple in Singapore, then you need to go to Singapore River and have a cruise trip on the river. It is actually one of the perfect places to visit in Singapore for couples to have a honeymoon.

In this attraction, you will be taken to have a cruise on an electric indoor or semi-outdoor boat to go around the Quays; Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Marina Bays Sands. All of them offer great and different sights from the water, making it such a good spot for honeymoon if cruising at the nighttime.

15. Singapore Maritime Gallery

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Another place for things to do in Singapore for couples is Singapore Maritime Gallery. It is not necessarily the best spot to have a romantic honeymoon for any lovebirds. However, it is such a good spot for them to have a little bit of vacation full of knowledge and something new for them.

In this gallery, you will learn the first hand information on anything that pertains to maritime industry. You will see that Singapore is actually a country that’s rich of source on technology; being manifested in this maritime gallery and all showcases it comes with in the first place.

16. Marina Bay Skating Rink for Indoor Activity

Just like any tropical countries, Singapore will rain a lot in the period of September to April. If that is the case on your vacation, then you will need to visit Marina Bay Skating Rink in your plan. It is such a good place to be in as things to do in Singapore when it rains.

Yes, as you might have guessed, this attraction relies on indoor attraction. You will be able to do outdoor activity in the form of ice skating inside the room without having to worry about weather changes. Either way, it is a good place to skate on.

17. Discover Various Cuisines at Marina Bay Sands Restaurants

Marina Bay Sands is surely one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. There are over 80 restaurants which offer various best cuisines from both local and international. They are Modern Asian cuisine at CÉ La Vi Restaurant and Skybar, American cuisine at the Wolfgang Spuck’s Spago Dining Room and Steakhouse CUT, Chinese cuisine at Din Tai Fung with its famous Steamed Pork Dumplings and Steamed Chicken Soup, and Italian cuisine at Pizzeria Mozza.

If you are a Moslem, Marina Bay Sands also has Halal certified restaurants, such as the 1983 – Taste of Nanyang. Well, it offers local Halal cuisine. Moreover, Fika Swedish Café also serves Halal foods, or you can discover various Arab and Turkish foods in Arab Quarter.

18. Watching Formula One Night Race in Singapore

There are a lot of activities in Singapore that you can do and one of them is watching Formula One. If you want to watch it live, you have two options. First, you can watch the race from your hotel room because the circuit is located across Singapore streets from CBD to famous landmarks in the country.

Second, just watch it live from the circuit itself. Of course, you have to order the ticket first. Once you have your ticket, you can have limited access to the race and entertainment venues. The race venue also provides poncho, in case it’s raining. Moreover, if you are hungry, there are a lot of food and drink outlets in the area.

19. The Award-winning Banyan Tree Spa in Marina Bay Sands

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Marina Bay Sands offers so many spots as the best destinations in Asia. One of them is Banyan Tree Spa that’s located on level 55 in hotel tower 1. The Spa has the award-winning selection of massage and beauty treatments. You have to make a reservation beforehand because this spa has a lot of customers and incredibly busy.

As an award-winning and luxurious spa, it may cost you an expensive price. However, it is worth it as the services are incredible. It has skilled massage therapists with fairly large and comfortable rooms. While you are waiting for the room to be ready, you will be served a cup of tea and a brief comfortable foot massage.

20. Visiting Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

If you book Singapore holidays, you should include Marina Bay Cruise Centre as one of the destinations. The cruise center is located next to Marina South Pier. It is one of the largest cruise terminals in Asia. Therefore, you can expect to see the largest cruises around the world berthing at the terminal.

It has a size of three times football field and spacious areas around it. You might see families come to the cruise center for a picnic or people come for jogging or riding a bike. You can use MRT or cabs to come here. However, expect to be charged if you come by cabs.

Most people come to Marina Bay Sands Singapore not only due to its tourist attractions, but also for the city skyline view. Fortunately, you will not run out of things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore since the place is full of popular place that you can visit.


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