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33 Best Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore


Sentosa Island – In this article, we are going to create a list about best tourist attractions and things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore. Clusters of smaller islands surround Singapore. Bridges connect most of those manmade islands to the main island. The Singapore alone has been popular tourist destination.

In order to attract more visitors, the smaller islands located around it are equipped with unique attraction. The Resort World Sentosa Island gains more popularity each year due to what it has to offer. Here are some tourist destinations that can be found in Sentosa Island, presented by Serbi Serbi.

List of the Best Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore

1. Universal Studios

One of the most recommended things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore is visiting Universal Studios. If you like to go for a ride, it is the perfect place to go. The place is separated into several sections. Each section has their respective rides that you can enjoy with your family.

The Lost World section that is inspired from Waterworld and Jurassic Park movie can be found next to the Far, Far Away section inspired from Shrek Movie. Aside from the movie sections, Universal Studios is also loaded with fun rides like roller coaster and merry go round.

If you do not have any idea on things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore, just come to this place. You will spend your days enjoying what it has to offer. If you feel hungry, you can go to the restaurant on the same area. If you feel tired, you can take advantage of accommodations located nearby the site. Before you enjoy the ride, make sure you bring spare clothes. Most of the attraction here will make you wet.

2. Sentosa Beach

Beach in Sentosa Island Singapore (Photo by Marco Verch)

Other things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore are visiting the beaches and enjoying its jaw dropping scenery. A beautiful island like Sentosa Island will not complete without stunning beaches. Despite being manmade island, the scenic panorama of beaches in it is comparable to natural beaches.

Most of its beaches have white sands. The white sands are imported from nearby countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia. The compilation of those sands makes beautiful beaches better than beaches where the sands are coming from. Aside from international visitors, the beaches on this island are also packed with local visitors who want to escape their routine in the main island.

Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach are two popular beaches with a number of fun things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore. Aside from swimming, you can do other activities such as sunbathing or going to each club. Palawan Beach is well known for its suspension bridge. Meanwhile, Tanjong Beach is full of beach clubs.

3. Singapore Butterfly and Insect Kingdom

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Singapore Butterfly and Insect Kingdom are the unique tourist attractions in Singapore. It offers nature in enclosed and fully controlled area. The place focuses on the metamorphosis of butterfly and several species of insects. Despite being a giant insectarium, this tourist object also has numerous collections of plants and flowers.

The lush environment and refreshing waterfall inside the place offer memorable vacation experience. Besides suitable for couple who want to go for a vacation together, it is also children friendly. Visitors are able to interact with its collections from up close.

You will not confuse to find out the best things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore. This insect kingdom has nature section called Pupa House. Visitors can see how caterpillar metamorphoses into beautiful butterfly.

The cocoon exhibit is well preserve to maintain the balance of its enclosure environment. Other popular attraction of this place is insect cave that allows visitors to walk down the tunnel filled with insect collections. Aside from butterfly, unique species of insects such as millipedes, scorpions, and beetles are also parts of their collections as well.

4. Sentosa Nature Discovery

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If you appreciate the beauty offered by nature, you should consider visiting Sentosa Nature Beauty as part on your list of things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore. This place is located on Imbiah Lookout. It is accessible by blue or green line of Mass Rapid Transit buses.

This tourist attraction opens every day from 9 in the morning up to 5 pm. It is highly recommended for parents who want to introduce natural beauty to their children at young age.

In order to enter this place, you should go through bridge connecting the access path to the actual place. The area is filled with exhibitions and galleries. Green environment such as bushes and big trees are filling the area.

As the name of this attraction suggest, they let you discover the nature wonder by yourself. Visitors will have the chance to identify insects and birds roaming in the site. Discovering and enjoying nature is part of exciting things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore.

5. Fantastic Waterpark in Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

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If you and your family happen to have a thing for water related attraction, then you need to put Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore in your itinerary. It is actually one the best marine tourist attractions in Singapore you can find in the city.

In this attraction, you will be taken to have a taste of all water related attractions, such as lazy river inside the water aquarium tunnel from which you can see all marine life, wave pool, long and winding waterslides, and many other related activities. With everything you can find here, you will have much fun with water.

6. AJ Hackett Sentosa for Adrenaline Rushing Activities

When you are looking for some activities that induce adrenaline rush in Singapore, AJ Hackett Sentosa is definitely the choice for you. It is actually one of the top things to do in Singapore if you are adrenaline junkie. You do not need to go all the way to the New Zealand just to have an excitement it offers.

In this attraction, you will be able to do anything heart pumping, such as swinging on giant swinging, bungee jumping off the tower, walking across the transparent Skybridge on the height with full view of the surroundings and many other things.

7. Animal & Bird Encounters Sentosa for Animal Circus

If you are craving for a circus with bunch of animals doing tricks and all, then Animal & Bird Encounters in Singapore is the place you need to visit. It is considered one of the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days with family.

In this attraction, you will see many animals and birds you can name, such as macaques, parrots, and many other animals, doing smart tricks you have never seen elsewhere. Well, no worries about animal abuse since the animals and birds are taken care of, so they live in healthy conditions in the first place.

8. Crane Dance as Crane-Like Light and Water Show in Sentosa

Other good things and places to visit in Singapore in 4 days are the Crane Dance light and water shows. Yes, you will never get enough of watching such shows you can find in the Marina Bay Sands. But in this free attraction, you will see a spectacular show made of light and water that takes form of two cranes doing courtship and mating.

On top of such performance, you will see a good combination of choreography and symphony of the orchestra going along with the spectacular show. The show begins at 8m every night so spare yourself some time.

9. Dolphin Island as the Top Marine Attraction

Singapore has many tourism attractions, especially in Resort World Sentosa. It is one of top tourism in the world. In this location, you find resort, hotel, casino, and other attractions including Dolphin Island. If you need the list for places to visit in Singapore in 5 days, Dolphin Island has to be on the top list. It is big venue to enjoy marine creatures, particularly dolphin.

The attraction is available for tourist with many variations. As you know, five days are too short to stay in Singapore. However, having dolphin in this place is enough to feel excitement. You can take the tour around this area for nearby attraction.

10. Fort Siloso with Attractive Scenery and Historical Background

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Southeast Asia has many countries with attractive tourism. You cannot ignore Singapore tourism when creating a list of traveling plan. This country is small, but highly advanced in term of technology. You may expect to see some high tech tourism.

However, tourists should visit Fort Siloso to see the relic of World War II in Asia. It is small fortress with several gun batteries. In past times, this area had crucial role to defend Singapore and surrounding countries. Today, these batteries are no longer active. Singapore turns this location into museum for tourism. You may try to enjoy aerial view using skywalk.

11. Fort Siloso Skywalk for Expanding Scenery from Aerial Location

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Singapore is leading country in technology, especially in Asia region. This country may not have much natural resources, but tourists come every year to enjoy many attractions. One of top destinations in Asia is in Singapore. You should visit old fortress called Fort Siloso. It is museum consists of gun batteries from World War II.

Today, this attraction has Fort Siloso Skywalk as eleven storey paths to enjoy aerial view. From this path, you can go around and see impressive scenery. This skywalk helps to explore surrounding area when you visit the museum. Besides using skywalk, you can do exploring gun batteries one by one on regular path.

12. Gogreen Cycle for Friendly and Green Tourism

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Singapore offers many attractions from simple to high tech places. You can visit Resort World Sentosa to enjoy them. Each attraction has different rule and regulation. When looking for the best places to visit in Singapore with family, Gogreen Cycle is good choice.

In this place, you can come with kids to enjoy cycling and other outdoor activities. The area is safe and suitable for children. Use bicycle to go around in green environment while getting the fresh air. Kids like this place and parents do not have to worry about surrounding situation. Gogreen Cycle is dedicated tourism for every tourist in Singapore.

13. Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure for Eco-Friendly Ride

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Singapore for couples, one of the alternatives you have is the Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure. Yes, as you might have guessed, the attraction includes Segway ride around the neighborhood in Sentosa Island.

You will be taken to do sightseeing around the island without having to tire yourself down by walking or taking public transportation. All you have to do is just stand on the pedestal and have a ride around. Besides, this means of moving does not require any energy, so it is the best choice on Singapore eco-tourism.

14. iFly Singapore for Indoor Skydiving

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If you are torn in adrenaline inducing activities and fear at the same time, then you need to put iFly Singapore in your itinerary. In this attraction, you will be taken to have a taste of skydiving in the first place. However, you will not jump off the plane just to have a taste of it.

Instead, you will be taken inside glass capsule in which the rapid wind is blown from the ground to juxtapose the sensation. It is also one of the good things to do in Singapore for couples at night with the starry nighttime sky around.

15. Images of Singapore LIVE for Spectacular Indoor Museum

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If you are craving for a new style of museum with the same knowledge and sophisticated packaging, then Images of Singapore LIVE is the best bet for you. It is considered as one of the best things to do in Singapore when it rains since the attraction itself does take place indoors.

In this attraction, you will be taken to have a firsthand sightseeing on the display of the history of Singapore packaged in boat theme ride and magnificent effect. Along the ride, you will see all parts of the history which are packaged with such good and amazing effect.

16. KidZania Singapore for Activities Based Attraction for Kids

Kidzania Singapore is the best place you can go to you with your kids in Sentosa Island. It is one the best tourist attractions in Singapore to date for kids, so everything inside this attraction will accommodate kids.

In this attraction, you can take your kids to have real live experience on working as many of the occupations you can ask for. They can play as the firefighter trying to put off the fire on fire truck or even chase down the criminals by driving on police car down the road. Whatever it is, your kids will have fun here.

17. Lake of Dreams, the Real Attraction of Singapore

Visiting Lake of Dreams is one of top things to do in Singapore. For some people, it is the most favorite tourist spot in Singapore. Located in World Sentosa Resort, it provides a beautiful view of big fountain. This place is suitable for children. It is also one of the best photography spots.

If you come here at night, you can watch attractive fire, water, and light choreography. The extravagant music is incredible and unique. If you come to Singapore, it wouldn’t be complete without visiting Lake of Dreams in World Sentosa Resort. This place is totally amazing and recommended to visit.

18. Attractive Madame Tussauds Singapore

If you are looking references about places to visit in Singapore in 3 days, Madam Tussauds Singapore should be in the list. This is a museum where there are a lot of wax sculptures of famous people in the world, from international actress, famous world leaders, to the international athletes.

The ticket price always changes and when you buy it online, you may get it cheaper than buy it on the spot. Once you get there, you will see a beautiful view of Singapore city. Madam Tussauds itself places white building with colonial style. Before entering the museum area, you can see some attractions with old-fashioned setting that leads visitors to feel each period of Singapore history.

19. Mega Adventure Park as the Great Place to Visit with Family

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Mega Adventure Park is one of places to visit in Singapore in 4 days. Well, the most popular spot of this place is Megazip. It provides a variety of extreme rides. One of rides you can try is flying fox with 450 length and 75 meters height. Not only “surfing” in the air, this flying fox allows you to enjoy great panorama around it. It is like flying in the air with 60 km/hour speed. Isn’t it awesome?

Besides flying fox, there are many other height rides you can, enjoy such as NortFace and ParaJump. The view around Mega Adventure Park is awesome, so when you try one of the rides, you will not be focused on your fear because the beautiful view diverts it.

20. MOSH! The First Digital Family Edutainment Park in Singapore

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If you are looking for recommended places to visit in Singapore in five days, MOSH! might be one of them. Located in Palawan Kidz City, MOSH! is a digital edutainment media for families. It is the first of its kind in Singapore. As an edutainment media, it provides a play-to-learn activity for your children. Using Japanese technology multimedia, the park helps your children to create their imaginary world in a unique virtual environment.

It aims to help your children to increase their creativity, from interacting with virtual characters in a widescreen, playing paper planes through the interactive touchscreen, introducing your children to various virtual cartoon seas biotitic, to exploring the space and witness huge fireworks via the interactive touchscreen. Well, MOSH! is definitely the best place to spend the time with your family.

21. Experience the Hawaiian Beach in Singapore’s Ola Beach Club

Singapore may be an urban jungle full of skyscrapers, but this country never seizes to amaze you with its “Singapore Tourism”. Located in Siloso beach, Singapore brings you a Hawaiian themed beach club. Ola that means “life” in Hawaiian, the beach club takes you closer to Hawaiian inspired menu with its beach activities and full of various exciting facilities.

The beach club managed to balance its facilities. There’s family-friendly pool for your kid’s water activities; a water-propelled jetpack watersport for adrenaline junkies. Moreover, there’s nightlife venue for you who likes to party on the beach. Ola Beach Club is definitely worth to check out for you who want to experience Hawaiian themed beach in a modern city.

22. Palawan Pirate Ship, a Pirate-Themed Water Park for Your Children

Singapore is one of the top destinations in Asia with tourism destinations designated for children. One of them is the Palawan Pirate Ship which is designed for children aged three to ten years old. Located in Palawan Beach, Sentosa, the pirate-themed park has various facilities to entertain your children, ranging from gushing fountains, splashing water, slippery slides to swinging pirate-head with a safety bucket pours loads of water.

There are also rest shelters, shower rooms, nursing rooms and paid locker facilities available. If you want to hold a party, the theme park also offers party packages. Palawan Pirate Ship has free admission and opens between 10 am to 6 pm.

23. Sailing with Your Family on the Royal Albatross at Resort World Sentosa

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The Royal Albatross at Resort World Sentosa is a unique tall ship which is one of the 150 of its kinds in the world. It gives you the throwback to the golden age of sailing and definitely the best attraction in South-East Asia.

The tall ship is not only the best place for Romantic couples or parties. It is also one of the best places to visit with family in Singapore. Your family will enjoy slow and gentle luxurious sailing with British Roast menu under the beautiful sunset view in Singapore’s skyline. Well, it is absolutely a great place to spend your quality time with family.

24. Enjoying Great Adventure in Sentosa 4D Adventure Land

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Get unlimited access to the most unique and great adventure in Sentosa 4D Adventure Land! This place is challenging; one of the best places to visit in Singapore for couples and family. Enjoy great adventure in 4D cinema and continue with Journey 2 which is the mysterious Island.

You can really feel the projection of sophisticated video featuring the wind, water, and the other surprising effects. Everything is like real. In the Extreme Log Ride, which is a thrilling 4D roller coaster, you will have to hold when flying between cliffs, flying passing waterfall and diving to the water that’s full of crocodile. Everything is awesome and it will trigger your adrenaline.

25. S.E.A Aquarium as the Largest Aquarium in the World

If you are looking for references about the best things to do in Singapore for couples at night, S.E.A Aquarium should be in your list. S.E.A aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world that consists of up to 100 thousand marine biota. You can see a plenty of cute sea creatures, a variety types of sharks and many more.

This aquarium is located right next to Universal Studio. So, if you have ever visited Universal Studio, this aquarium is easy to find. Once you entered the museum, you will be greeted by amazing landscape. Then, the hallway will be your favorite spot.

26. Sentosa Merlion as Must-Visit Spot in Singapore

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If you visit Singapore, taking pictures with Merlion, the icon of this country is a must. Merlion as the icon of prosperity, can be also seen in Sentosa Island. This is a popular tourism island because it has a lot of great spots to visit. It is also popular for the most sophisticated amusement parks in Singapore. One of them is Merlion.

In Sentosa Island, the Merlion is at 37 meter tall and located nearby the Imbiah station. Here, you can see the whole view of Sentosa Island in 360 degree. It will be amazing to enjoy a cool panorama from the peak of Sentosa Merlion. This is one of the best things to do in Singapore when it rains.

27. Take Your Time to Visit Singapore Cable Car Sky Network

There are a plenty of tourist attractions in Singapore to visit in holiday. If you travel by ferry, you might see a kind of capsule crossing on the cable. It is a Singapore cable car sky network. There are two lines to get to the cable car. First is Mount Fiber Line around the Faber Peak and the second line is Sentosa Island.

If you get to the cable car from Mount Faber Line, you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Faber Park around the station. You will also see Bell of Happiness, Merlion, Rain Tree, Golden Bell Mansion, and many more.

28. Holiday with Family in Skyline Luge Sentosa (Imbiah)

Visiting Skyline Luge Sentosa is one of the top things to do in Singapore. This place is full of loads of fun, suitable for children and adult. It is really worth to try. The price is really affordable, and purchasing packages is more recommended since the package includes the exciting Luge ride down and chairlift up (once will never enough).

On the other hand, you will see beautiful and unique view with ships anchored off Singapore coast. Overall, you will get good experience you will never forget. Well, this is really a flexible spot to visit for family and couples.

29. Southernmost Point of Continental Asia for Exciting Singapore Tourism

Singapore tourism is very exciting. Southernmost Point of Continental Asia is one of must-visit places to go when you are in this country. Located at the edge of continental Asia, this place is easy to reach via a suspension bridge. It offers unique spots for special and unforgettable occasions.

Southernmost of Asia is an ideal destination for all people that love to enjoy race-style activities to beach party. You can also enjoy more casual experience here. Just have a walk to the Southernmost Point of Asia while enjoying sea view and breeze. The scenery is really gorgeous. Well, being in Singapore without visiting this area is not a complete vacation.

30. Great Experience of Visiting Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower is one of top destinations in Asia you should visit when you are in Singapore. Enjoy the view of Singapore from the highest spot in Asia. This sky tower offers 360 degree city scenery from the height of 131 meter over sea level.

You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Sentosa and Southern Island on a sunny day. This spot is equipped with AC to support comfort. When you get to the cabin, it can spin slowly. Tiger Sky Tower is an iconic attraction of Singapore that consists of 36 floors. If you are not afraid of height, don’t hesitate to visit this spot.

31. Ride the Never–Ending Waves in Wave House Sentosa in Singapore

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Since Wave House in Resort World Sentosa opened, Singapore has become the only country in Asia who has an archipelago of global Wave Houses installed. Therefore, it makes Singapore as one of global surfer destinations with the famous “The Flow Barrel”.

Aside from its waves and sands, this place also has a cozy venue for foods and drinks which makes it as a perfect venue for various gatherings like birthday parties and school trip. The venue also has Billabong surf shop. With beach, sand, never-ending surfing, cozy food and drink venue as well as a Billabong shop, the Wave House Sentosa has become one of the best places to visit in Singapore with family.

32. Let Your Imagination Run Wild in Trick Eye Museum Singapore

There are so many places to visit in Singapore in 3 days. One of them is the Trick Eye Museum. The museum offers an optical illusions interactive 4D art on the wall and floor. Moreover, there are various art categories in the museum. In the Mystery zone, you can pose with the optical illusion art like a giant baby that holds people.

In the Excitement zone, just take a pose with a giant snake and fishes which look like attacking you. Moreover in the Supernatural zone, people can pose like they are flying in the thin air and there are many other zones, such as Fairy Tale, Fantasy, and Trick World.

33. Witness the Mesmerizing Presentation of Wings of Time in Singapore

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Singapore is never stopped to host a magnificent show. One of them is the award-winning outdoor night show that set in an open sea which called The Wings of Time. Located in Sentosa, The show replaced the famous Song of the Sea. It has the lighter story and less dialogue than Song of the Sea.

Wings of Time’s creator wants the audience to witness 3D plays combined with video mapping, water fountain, artful lasers, pyro techniques and the entertaining background sound. This combination makes this show become very special and suitable to be one of the places to visit in Singapore in 4 days.

Most of the things to do in Resort World Sentosa Island Singapore are not only fun, but also entertaining and educating. One day trip to Sentosa Island Singapore seems not enough to enjoy what it has to offer. After your trip to this resort, you might want to come here again.


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