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37 Best Tourist Attractions in Indonesia You Must Visit


Indonesia Tourist Attractions – Have you plan your summer vacations this year? You might need to consider visiting the best tourist attractions in Indonesia that are suitable for family as well as single traveler. Indonesia is known for Bali and Raja Ampat since both of them are considered as the most visited holiday destination, but actually Indonesia is not only promoting those two places as their main tourism destinations.

The governments are currently improving their support in promoting other tourism destination to boost international visitor. At least there are 37 places to see whenever you come to Indonesia. Several points of interest in Indonesia are worth visiting for vacation. They offer natural beauty that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Its untainted beauty makes those spots become the best holiday destinations in the world.

List of the Best Tourist Attractions in Indonesia You Must Visit

1. Kaolin Lake

Kaolin Lake is located in Bangka Belitung Island. The main attraction of Kaolin Lake is its beautiful natural surrounding where you will be mesmerizing by clear blue water in a white sand land. This place is suitable for those who enjoy sightseeing or those who love to take pictures.

The lake was formed from the former site of the abandoned mining Kaolin. After years of kaolinite mining, 2 to 10 meters holes form. The hole is then covered by rainwater, and a unique lake is formed. The best time to visit this lake is during the dry season, which is from April to September.

2. Tanjung Kelayang Beach

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Tanjung Kelayang Beach should also be visited when you come to Bangka Belitung. Its main attraction is beaches, granites, and its white sand. The white sand beach decorated by granite rocks makes Tanjung Kelayang look wonderful. You can also do your exercise by swimming to the near island; the wave is quite calm which make swimming less dangerous.

3. Kandui Resort

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Kandui Resort which is placed in Mentawai Island is suitable for those who want to run away from a busy city life. As people around this area still lives next to the nature where they keep tradition alive, besides you can also meet native people of the island and learn their culture.

Accommodations are available on the island. Since it is quite far from Sumatra Island, but if you want to have solitude vacation, Mentawai Island might be your best choice. It is also recommended to those who love to surf, since Mentaway is described as best indonesia surf spots.

4. Lagoi Bay, Bintan Island

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Lagoi Bay is located in Lagoi in the region of Bintan Island. Where is Bintan Island? Bintan, the largest island in Riau Islands, Indonesia, is close to the borders of Singapore and Malaysia. The island has an area of 1,140 square kilometres and a coastline of about 105 kilometres.

The island has a population of roughly 300,000 inhabitants, comprising major ethnic groups from across Indonesia such as Malays, Javanese, Bataks, Sudanese, Bugis and Madura as well as Chinese and Indians.

Lagoi Bay is said to be one of the best places to see in Indonesia that must be visited. It has world top accommodations and facilities to accomplice the natural beauty which surround the island. You can spend your whole day walking on the beaches and enjoying the resort facilities which are available for tourist.

5. Peucang Island

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Peucang island are located in the area Pandeglang district, Banten province, Indonesia, and part of the Ujung Kulon National Park which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. With an area of 450 hectares, soft white shores and turquoise-colored water can be a place to relieve your fatigue, a true Untouched Natural Heaven.

Traveling to Peucang Island is a good decision if you stay close to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. There are travel guides that provide exploration package for backpacker budget, those who want to dive but can’t leave Jakarta might need to consider this location as an alternative best diving in indonesia.

6. Tebing Keraton

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Tebing Keraton can be simply interpreted as “The Royal (Palace) Cliff”. The name perfectly illustrates the majestic vista of north Bandung’s fascinating natural landscapes as ones stands on the cliff. The location is surrounded by Ir. H Juanda forest park; you need to bring your boots and jackets when you plan to visit this place as the weather is quite cold.

As one of the popular destination in Bandung, Tebing Keraton surely provides a majestic natural setting which needs to be praised. As a sightseeing destination, Tebing Keraton provides pure natural environment which can’t be experienced somewhere else. At the main area, there is a rock that bulges over the edge of the cliff which makes it a perfect place to observe over the incredible natural surroundings.

Here, one will be presented with the truly dramatic view of green hills, a winding river, thick forests, rice paddies, as well as the looming mountains on the horizon. The amazing landscape is part of the canyon that is formed by the Lembang Hill on its opposite side. The cliff present its finest vista at sunset and sunrise, when the sky is painted with mesmerizing colors that perfectly fuse with the green surroundings.

7. Kawah Putih (White Crater)

Kawah Putih is another tourist spot that you can visit when you stay in Bandung; it takes less than one hour to reach the destination. It might looks similar with Kaolin Lake, but the sulfur contamination in this area is higher than Kaolin. Sometimes the color of the sulfur water might change depend on the concentration.

Kawah Putih is natural places to travel with beautiful scenery. In Kawah Putih, you are able to enjoy volcanic lake with strong sulfur odor. To reach this site, visitors should pass area which consists of deep forest and mountain slope. People called this site as Kawah Putih because of the white color on surface combined with deep blue water.

It is part of Mount Patuha and tourists can enjoy wild animals when walking on track alongside the forest. They may find owls, eagles, moose deer, wild monkeys, and snake. Several rare animals such as panthers and leopards sometimes appear.

This place is famous for couples to take wedding picture, you might meet some of them next time you come to Kawah Putih. Bandung tourist attractions is not completed without Kawah Putih.

8. Trans Studio in Bandung and Makassar

Aside from natural itinerary, you can also visit modern things to see in Indonesia. Amusement park like Trans Studio Bandung is highly recommended if you visit Bandung. Enjoying the ride of this tourist destination is part of things to do in Bandung. The best part of this amusement park is the easy access to the place. Several transportation modes will accommodate your trip here.

Trans Studio is a popular spot for young people, at it provides top attractions and best facilities. You don’t have to go to Bandung if you want to enjoy the modern games, movies and attractions, as it is also available in Makassar. The entertainment center is not only family friendly but it also sets kids activities to complete its purposes as entertainment center.

9. Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesia Safari Park)

For those who want to hang out with the family while teaching the children about animals, Taman Safari is the best choice that you can have. In this area, Animals are not caged; instead you take the buses to see how animals interact with each other.

Taman safari is built in three different places including Bogor, Prigen, and Bali, please pay a visit whenever you stay around those three region. This Park is one of the the most visited places in Indonesia for holiday. If you want a quieter atmosphere, come on a weekday.

10. Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh)

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Based on Sunda language, Cukang Taneuh means Soil Bridge. This place is built by the nature to be enjoyed by people who love water sports, but coming to Cukang Taneuh is not only about boating and rafting. You also need to explore the canyon, cave and the water streams that run alongside two cliffs.

Green Canyon is located at the Kertayasa Village, in the Ciamis Regency, West Java Province, about 31 km or 45 minutes drive from Pangandaran Beach. If you think you have never heard about this place, it is only because Green Canyon is the interesting kept Secret of Pangandaran.

11. Museum in Indonesia

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Indonesia also has a lot of museum, each of them is designed for specific purposes and they can mostly be found in Jakarta. Monas is the famous monument which is also the symbol of Jakarta. There are a lot of things to see when you visit to museum, as you can learn Indonesian culture, history, and arts.

If you want to visit modern museum, you can come to Museum of Angkut in Batu Malang, DMZ Bali, or Amazing Art World Bandung. Here, you can take pictures with various styles, every corner available in this museum is very instagramable.

12. Jomblang Cave

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Longing for natural tourist attraction? Come to Goa Jomblang which is only one hour drive from downtown Yogyakarta. This cave is located 60 meters underground and appears as sinkhole from the top. Maybe, this is the only cave in Asia that is vertical type.

Jomblang Cave is surrounded by dense forest, which means that the destination can only be reached by foot. Once you step your foot inside the cave, you will see a hidden forest and offers breathtaking view. The main attraction here is the heaven’s light at Luweng Grubug. To see it, you have to walk down the dark alley 300 meters to the gubrug cave.

Unfortunately, this tourist destination is not suitable for everyone; you must master single rope technique in order to complete the exploration. You also need to have fit performance as the explorations may take time with difficult routes and slippery floor.

13. Prambanan Temple

As a religious temple, Prambanan also becomes one of the major tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. It is not only treated as a religious site, but also historical places as the relives are often used as the reference for historical document by researchers.

In Prambanan, you can also watch Wayang Orang (Human Puppet) that tells Indonesian folklore stories. It might not as big as Borobudur, but its popularity cannot be underestimated, as the number of visitors who come to Prambanan has increased every year.

14. Borobudur Temple

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Borobudur is the largest religious temple in Indonesia which is often visited by domestic and abroad visitors. It is open almost every day, but you might need to avoid coming to Borobudur during religious celebration. It is said to be one of the biggest temple in Asia, and it is only made by natural stones.

UNESCO grants Borobudur temple as World Heritage Site. Most tourists who visit it are mostly due to its historical reasons. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Borobudur temple is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Asia.

This magical place is actually a Buddhist temple. People still visit this place for religious ceremonies. If you consider choosing holiday destinations in Indonesia, make sure this temple is on your list. It is located on the Magelang, Central Java.

The place is accessible by any transportation modes. Borobudur is not far from Yogyakarta International Airport, but you can choose to stay in Magelang if you want to enjoy the magnificent evening sunset at the top of Borobudur. Several accommodations are also available near this tourist spot. The architectural design of the temple is simply astonishing. It is still surprising that ancient people able to construct such temple.

The temple constructed by Syailendra Dynasty at 9th century consists of three levels. Relief panels decorate two of its bottom level. The panels tell about the journey of Buddha himself. Meanwhile, statues of Buddha inside stone structure designed to protect the statue decorate the top layer. Indonesia tourism department promotes this temple along with other temples nearby.

15. Mount Prau

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Mount Prau is often called as Dieng or the mountain of God by the local people; it is one of the main hiking destinations in Indonesia even though it is an active volcanic mountain. People come to Dieng to enjoy sunrise, it is the reason why tourist need to hike the mountain day before the event.

The weather in the surrounding area is changeable, it might range from 15 to 20 degree Celcius; but sometimes it might reach 0 degree Celcius during the rainy season.

16. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is said to be Indonesia’s Niagara which is placed in Lumajang. People also call it as Coban Sewu or Grojogan Sewu. It takes around 2 hour and 30 minutes by motorcycle to reach Tumpak Sewu if you drove from Malang to Pronojiwo.

Unfortunately, the destination can’t be reached by transportation; tourist needs to walk for 200 meters before arriving at the waterfall. Unfortunately, this destination is not suitable for children and those who are not familiar with exercise; since the location is slippery and dangerous.

The government has recorded several incidents that occur near the water fall, it is the reason why people who want to visit this place need to fit physically.

17. Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is another place to travel for those who love to hike and explore the virgin forest, it is said that Ijen crater is the biggest composite volcanoes around the world. In climbing the Ijen crater, you need to make sure that you come at the right time; so you can watch how the local people held cultural events. If you are lucky, you might be able to participate in Tour de Ijen or to watch Jazz Ijen.

18. Plataran L’harmonie Bali

Bali can be said as the best indonesian islands. It is declared as the most beautiful places in Indonesia. Bali is also considered as romantic place for honeymoon since they provide cheaper accommodation, easy transportation, arts exhibition, and many more.

Plataran L’harmonie Bali which currently becomes the new world destination is national parks where you can see Jalak Bali live on their habitat. It is located in West Bali National Park. Here, you can find a best place to stay that is Plataran Resort.

Plataran L’harmonieis tour package is designed as an eco-tourism, since all facilities and activities are designed to support sustainability development program. It is not only the home for Jalak Bali but also mangroves flower, deer, monkey, and pheasant.

19. Three Gili Islands

Gili means “island” in Lombok. So, Three Gili Islands mean three islands located side by side. They are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Of all those three, Gili Trawangan is the most popular yet densely populated. It doesn’t only offer scenic nature and beach but also never ending nightlife.

At daytime, you can do snorkeling, swimming, diving, or just walking around the island and feeling peaceful. White sandy beaches are all around you. No wonder it’s known to be one of the best places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon. At night, there are numerous local pubs and bars ready to rock your night.

20. Mount Rinjani

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Rinjani is said as the second tallest volcanic mountain in Indonesia, you can see a large lake which is the main attraction of Rinjani Mountain named as Danau Segera Anak. It doesn’t means that hiking is the only attraction in Rinjani Mountain, as you can also explore the caves where local people meditate.

You can also watch some cultural rituals such as the cleansing rituals for sacreds tools or weapons. The shortest ways to climb Rinjani is on the western foot which takes place around 2 to 4 hours, or you can also hike for 7 hours from Plawangan Senaru.

Of many things to do in Lombok, climbing Rinjani Mountain should be on your list. It’s the most famous mountains in Lombok. Situated on northern Lombok, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It offers picturesque view and breathtaking crater.

This mountain has special meaning and considered as the home of gods. Up until now, locals make pilgrimages and offer it to the mountain. It also holds the Rinjani National Park offering eco-tourism. You will find challenging jungle trekking, magnificent waterfalls and traditional villages.

Rinjani soars high around 3726m above the sea level. Yet you can climb it easily because locals offer services to bring your bags or carrier and climb together with you. Around the volcano, hot water springs are located for you to enjoy.

21. Mandalika Lombok

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Located on Lombok, Mandalika is now being developed as world class destination, facilities such as resorts are currently being building. Since Mandalika is a new destination in Lombok, you might not see the detail information about the local attraction trough search engine.

The name of Mandalika came from the folklore about a princess who are too beautiful that many men want to marry her, but then she choose to jump into the sea to avoid conflict which is caused by her beauty.

22. Pink Beach in Komodo National Park & Lombok

White sands is common, almost all beaches in Indonesia has white sands and deep blue sea. How if the sand on the beaches turns up pink? You can find this phenomenon in both Komodo National Park and Lombok. The pink color on the sand doesn’t mean that the beaches is contaminated by certain chemical, it is actually part of natural phenomenon that occur around those islands.

The pink color on the sand is the result of pink coral and Foraminifera, since the location of the pink beaches in Komodo Island is isolated from the people; you need to book the boat as well as the guide tour before comming the Island. But if don’t think that you can afford private tour to Komodo Island, you might need to consider coming to Lombok where better transportation and accommodation are available.

23. Salt Water Lake (Satonda Lake)

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Salt Water Lake (Satonda Lake) is located in Dompu regency, West Nusa Tenggara. It is famous among tourist because it contains more alkaline than any other sea water. It is considered as a rare phenomenon; even some researchers come to Nusa Tenggara to see the phenomenon with their own eyes. Basically the island is close to Sumbawa Island, the island is formed as the result of volcanic eruption on the sea floor.

24. Mata Jitu Waterfall

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Even international figure like Lady Diana had come to Mata Jitu Waterfall; it is also called as Queen Waterfall. The name of Mata Jitu comes from the fact that the waterfall has 4 steps and 7 pools that collect the water. At least you need to sail for 2 hours from Sumbawa to reach the island, because the waterfall is placed in an isolated area surrounded by virgin forest.

You also need to ride motorcycle for 30 minutes from Air Bari to the waterfall; it might be far from the capital city but the wonderful sight that please your eyes will pay it all. Waterfall is not only the main attraction in Mata Jitu, as you can also enjoy the stalactites and stalagmites which compliment the surrounding scenery.

25. Komodo & Rinca Island

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If you prefer to spend your vacation in isolated area, Komodo and Rinca Island might be the best choices among all. Komodo Island is close to Flores, but the natural character of the surrounding area is more like pre-human history. Komodo Island is named based on the ancient species that live on that island; it is believed that Komodo is older than the human itself.

Rinca Island is just next to Komodo Island, it is also part of Komodo national part. Both komodo and Rinca Island are dominated by Komodo. Rangers are needed if you plan to travel in this island not only because the animals are aggressive but also because they need to protect the natural habitat of the animals. If you are lucky, you might be able to observe how komodo hunt their prey.

26. Padar Island

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Unlike komodo and Rinca which are dominated by Komodo, Padar Island is an empty island which only consists of small animals. The island is not a livable island, although it is said as the third largest island in komodo national park.

Exploring the island might lead you to wondering the pre-history life where Dinosaurs and other ancients animals lives next to each other, this might be the reason why people said that Padar island looks similar with Jurassic Park setting.

27. Weekuri Lake

Clear water and beautiful surrounding makes Weekury Lake as the popular tourist spots Indonesia destinations. Even though the lake is placed deep down the forest, but people keep coming and choose Weekuri as their destination. It is one of Indonesian brackish lake, as it is formed by the sea water that came to the land trough the stone gap.

Weekuri is famous because the water has varied color degradations from clear blue to turquoise blue, the temperature is also vary as it range from warm to cold. Since the lake is not too deep, people came to this lake for water sport especially swimming.

Unfortunately, the location has lack facilities which make your travel a little bit inconvenient as they don’t have restaurant and accommodations for those who want to stay, so you have to bring your own food and stay in the closest town.

28. Bair (Baer) Island

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Bair Island in Maluku is a main destination for those who prefer to spend their vacation by exploring the sea life or enjoying the beaches. It is said that the beauty of Bair Island can also be compared with Raja Ampat which is famous for its beautiful Coral Sea life exploration.

Beach and blue sea water become the main tourism aspect; you can also explore the mangroves and cliffs which surround the area. What makes Bair island as a must visited island is because less people know this place, so you can enjoy your solitude vacation as you like it.

29. Ngurtafur Beach / Ngurtavur Beach

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Ngurtafur Beach is another destination that you must visit when you come to Maluku, not only because it has beautiful beaches but you can also walk 2km along the sand embossed. A lot of activities can be done in Ngurtafur Beach, inducing paragliding, visiting Tabob the oldest turtle or observing the pelicans.

30. Bunaken

Located on North Sulawesi, Bunaken National Marine Park offers magnificent beaches and underwater beauty. Bunaken in famous as diving destination, it is said as the second beautiful diving spot after Raja Ampat where the sea life is preserved to maintain the natural surroundings. This trip is suitable for those who have diving lesson or travelers who only want to snorkel.

For professional divers, guide and instructor are available to support your sea life exploration. At least 20,000 local inhabitants live under the sea water which encourage researcher all over the world to explore the beauty. Accommodation and facilities are well organized in the surrounding area, you can choose your type of accommodation based on your personal expense.

31. Sombori Island

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Sombori is another destination for diving mania, this new tourism destination is well known among local people but not many foreign people come to this island. However, people believe that the beauty of Sombori Island is similar with Bunaken dan Raja Ampat.

Two mains area in Sombori Island which becomes the main diving destinations are Koko and Dua laut islands. Both of them have clear water, so you can see the sea creature even without equipment. Sombori island is located in Morowali district, Central Sulawesi. However, the nearest access can be made through Kendari, Southeast Sulwaesi.

You can also visit the local caves such as diamond and skull cave, diamond cave is named bases on the glittering stalactites which decorate the caves. As for the skull caves, it is actually named because there are a lot of human skulls that are found inside the caves.

32. Taka Bonerate National Park

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Taka Bonerate national Park is a marine park which locate near Makassar, this place has got a protection status from the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves for marine and bird conservation. The main activities in this area are including diving and snorkeling, but you can also experience the life of Bajau people who works as fishermen.

33. Labengki Island

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Labengki Island is a suitable destination for both family and single traveler, as they provide facilities to support both of them. Accommodation and transportation are well prepared, as some hotels are willing to pick you up from the closest airport to your destination.

Most of the accommodation in Labengki Island is private pavilions which are built in front of your beach; so you can see the sea right after you open the door. Young people visitor might enjoy diving and snorkeling in Labengki Island, as it has beautiful coral and sea life, while children may play along the beach or swim.

34. Pianemo Island Raja Ampat

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Pianemo Island Raja Ampat is one of the famous destinations in Indonesia, especially for its sea exploration. It is not only the underwater attraction that makes the island becomes the main destination, but it is also supported by the beautiful cliff and hill that make the island become outstanding. It takes around 3 hours to go to Painemo Island if you take the boat from Raja Ampat, the price for the boat rent is around Rp.300.000.

Morning tour is recommended, because the weather is not too hot, besides you can also enjoy sun rises since the speedboat is available since early morning. To enjoy the beauty of the island, you need to conquer the 336 steps before reaching the top, but it is worth.

35. Wayag Island Raja Ampat

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Wayag Island is the main icon of Raja Ampat, this area is the main diving destination in eastern Indonesia. As the main diving destination, the facilities to support underwater exploration are available. You don’t have to bring your own tank and diving suit when you want to dive in Wayag Island, as some travel agents provide the entire necessities.

Accommodation and restaurant are also available, so even though you are far from the capital city it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a place to say and eat during your trip. Careful plan is needed when you want to go around Wayag Island, especially for the place where you want to stay because sometimes the hotels and accommodations are fully booked so it will be difficult to find place to stay.

You can also plan your trip trough Liveaboard packages if you can spend more money on luxurious trip. Some of the trips to Raja Ampat are expensive but you can still find one that suit to your pocket.

36. Arborek Tourism Village of Raja Ampat

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Arborek Tourism Village is also an icon in Papua, where 18 villages live next to each other and the population of the area is less than 200 people. Sea water sport is not only the main attraction in this village, as you can also watch traditional handmade craft and explore the Papua culture while staying in this area. Since the area is quite small, transportation is not available but you can walk by foot.

37. Jayawijaya Mountains

Jayawijaya is the highest mountain in Indonesia which is also called as Orange Range. People hike Jayawijaya because it is the only mountain in Indonesia which has snow at the top of it. It is also included as one of the seven phenomenal summits, as the result; a lot of professional hikers went to Jayawijaya to explore its beauty and challenge.

There are a lot tourism destinations that are available in Indonesia, some of them might be away from the capital city especially if you want to visit some of Indonesia small islands. However, the government has begun to improve both transportation and accommodation to support the tourism industry.

You can also specify the destination based on the activity that you like or your point of interest; the attractions that are available in each area are also varied. The best things to do in Indonesia may range from diving, snorkeling, and hiking, exploring, and observing the nature.

Even though the natural beauty becomes Indonesia main tourism aspect, it doesn’t means that you can’t enjoy modern entertainment as they are available in best cities such as Jakarta, Yogyakart, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar and Medan.

There are a lot of tourist information and holiday ideas in Indonesia that spread on the internet. You can find it from cheap to luxurious. You can also come up with educational vacation if you come to Indonesia with your children.

Visiting museum and zoo are the best possible choices, however children can also take part on outdoor activities as some tourism package are available to support young travelers. I hope that you can use these 37 best tourist attractions in Indonesia as your reference. Have a nice long vacation!


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