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What to do in Bali for 2 Days for the Unforgettable Holiday


Bali, the Island of God, is a must place to visit for everyone at least once in a lifetime. Like a one stop vacation destination, you have plenty of places to visit and fun things to try in Bali. Seems like it will need more than a week to explore the whole tourist attractions in Bali, but what if you have limited time like what to do in Bali for 2 days?

What to Do in Bali for 2 Days : The Best Attractions You should Try Once in a Lifetime

What to Do in Bali for 2 Days

This island presents strong traditional atmosphere that gets along well with the modern culture. It will make your holiday more special. What to do in Bali for 2 days to make sure that you spent the time for worth? Here are the best choices of the most attractive things and places in Bali to include in your itinerary.

1. Enjoy the calming Sanur Beach

Far away from the center of Bali, Sanur beach gives calming vibes for your tired minds and souls. This beach is popular for having no waves that is not possible surfing, therefore this beach is not as crowded as the other beaches with many surfers. However, the calm ocean of Sanur Beach supports various water sports such as paragliding, kiting surfing, etc. What to do in Bali for 2 days? Make sure you try one of the water sports available here!

In contrary, you can choose to spend time for yoga or just walk on the long paved shore line while enjoying the sea breeze to relax mind then stop to satisfy your taste buds with famous smoky flavor of grilled seafood in the evening. Perfect!

2. Feel the sacred beauty of Tanah Lot

Besides a tourism destination, Tanah Lot is functioned as a worship place for the locals. This distinguishes it from the other beaches and makes it as one of the suggested places to visit in Bali. Featuring a beautiful view of a Hindu temple on top of a reef that indented to the ocean, this place brings a sacred atmosphere that attracts so many tourists.

Among what to do in Bali for 2 days, try to go inside the big Cave of Holy Water. The unique thing is to get yourself blessed before you enter it and women who wear shorts have to cover their legs with traditional cloth prepared by the cave guardian. Right in the opposite, find the Cave of Holy Snakes which keeps the guardian snakes of the temple. The sound of Tanah Lot’s ocean wave hitting the reefs will remain strong in your mind and invites you to come back here.

3. Get lost in the charm of Kuta

Kuta has a strong charm among the tourists that sets it like to be the heart of Bali. Strolling along Kuta beach shore, moreover when the dusk comes, is the best of Bali activities everyone should try. Waiting for the sunset in Kuta Beach while seeing the surfers playing with the waves worth a lot the hours to spend there.

The crowd in Kuta streets makes this place livelier. Enjoy food and drinks in unique cafes, shopping in the mall of Kuta Square then witness the beautiful Kuta night life. 2 days in Kuta might be not enough for you, but make sure to include this place as one of the agenda to answer the question of what to do in Bali for 2 days!

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4. Do not miss Kecak dance performances

Experience the real Balinese culture through watching Kecak dance performances. More than 50 male dancers forming a big circle chanting ‘cak cak cak’ during the whole dance around one beautiful main dancer with distinguish eyes gesture is really interesting and unique to watch. You can easily find many scheduled Kecak dance shows like in Uluwatu temple, GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park, Batu Bulan village, Agung Rai Museum of Art, etc.

5. Romantic Dinner in Jimbaran

One of romantic places in Bali is Jimbaran with many beachside seafood restaurants to have a dinner accompanied with the night sea breeze. Feel the sensation of sitting on fluffy couches on golden beach sands and romantic warm traditional light while having delightful food with your family, friends, or beloved one.

What to do in Bali for 2 days? Spare your time to visit Jimbaran where you can pick fresh seafood on your own then have the restaurant to grill or to cook them for you. The music played and fun crowd will make you feel like you can spend the whole night there!

6. Explore Bali Safari and Marine Park

Experience a wild side of Bali life in Bali Safari and Marine Park. More than 60 species of flora and fauna are kept well here; such a good educational holiday for kids and even for adults. Do you want to know more what to do in Bali for 2 days? Guess what, you can stay in Mara River Safari Lodge inside this zoo for a night and woken up by a lion roar in the morning. Also, try to toss carrots across the river separated your room from the animals to feed their hungry morning tummy.

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7. Buy souvenirs in Sukowati traditional market

One thing you should not forget when visiting a place for holiday is buying souvenirs. Sukowati is a famous market among the local and international tourists. There, you can buy souvenirs with lower price than buying in modern souvenir centers; with a note: as long as you bargain.

Among the most popular Balinese souvenirs are traditional clothes, aromatherapy and soaps, unique bags, key chains, dream catchers, beach hats, and so many Balinese snacks. Save your wallet by shopping in Sukowati.

Many more interesting places and activities you can do in Bali, but we have discussed the best for what to do in Bali for 2 days to help you in planning itinerary if you have limited time for vacation. Which activity do you want to try first? Arrange your best and have a wonderful unforgettable trip in Bali.


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